Where is Clarity?

February 9, 2020

Right, we left our previous article with a brutally honest, very raw examination of just part of the process that was intelligently designed to carve out, and, break down key components of what my true-life lesson was.  Although during the experience, I was convinced that the universe was a cold uncaring place, little did I realize that it was really setting me up for something that I’d dreamt of my entire life.

Have you ever wanted something, or someone so badly that you’d do almost anything to obtain it? And having achieved it, you felt like a god? That moment for me would have to wait for 35 years, and at times, that amount of time seems crushing. However, when we take in to account that we are star seed, and have existed for billions of years, 35 years is no more than an eye blink. Moreover, even those billions of years, we are yet still wet behind the ears. How? Well when we take in to account the second law of thermal dynamics, Dr Brian Cox assures us that all nuclear activity will end in 10,000 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years’ time, so even the present age of the universe, 13.8 billion years, is but a drop in the bucket. We are beings of light and energy, and we are immortal. As you follow along, you will discover how and why that is fact.

So if life lessons are designed to take place over the course of a human life span of roughly 115 years, what would a life lesson be for someone whose life span stretched for millions of years? I wonder if for Enlil, the lesson was humility. Who the fuck is Enlil? And, what the fuck do you mean by life spans of millions of years? Okay, Enlil was the Annunaki “god” who ordered our abandonment during the great flood, you know, the one in the bible.

As you may have figured out by now, I drive a truck for a living. I have been fortunate enough to have trucked across North America, and it is likely that there is not a town or village that I have at least not been through. Shortly after my separation from the snake (cow), I was out in Newfoundland, Canada’s most eastern province, and arguably, has Canada’s most beautiful scenery. In geologic terms, it is fascinating that the western 1/3 of the island is part of the North American tectonic plate and the eastern 2/3 of the island was once part of Africa. The place has a tough history, from ice ages, to the incredibly tough economic hardships experienced by the sparse population. One of the benefits of the harshness of their lives has been that they helped to create very tightly knit families, who support each other through thick and thin.  One of these families had a member who was rather mentally challenged, in likeness this individual reminds me of Hodor, the gentle giant from Game of Thrones. His family would cater to what as best as I can describe, a delusion where he would chase a full moon to obtain moon milk in a gallon pail secured to a long rod. As wondrous as the idea of moon milk is, it makes one wonder what the life lesson is for all the individuals involved. Most people see the disabled as something to mock, or pity, not realizing that both the mocker, and the mocked, are hard in to their own individual Grail paths. Moreover, while on those roller coaster paths, we have lessons to learn, and teach each other. Our physical and spiritual worlds are far more inter-connected than we realize, a concept very different than church dogma, or worse, when you believe in nothing.

All right, here is where you learn to suspend belief; you’ll need to stop believing everything you thought you knew about creationism, and evolution. Why? Because our truth is a combination of both. We’re going to learn about royalty, incest, a noble cause, rape, extraordinary arrogance, and loss. You’ll be saddened, angry, perhaps even feel hopeless, then it’ll all begin to make sense; you’ll find hope, joy, and a new way to see both corporeal life and most importantly, a new way to see your true spiritual self. But first, we must separate the lie from truth. The problem with that is, the truth has been so obscured that it’s almost impossible to find. To understand it, we must travel back in time 500,000 years and more.  To truly appreciate the depth of the deception that’s been committed against us, we’ll closely examine the formation of our solar system 4.7 billion years ago.

You may be asking yourself why events from so long ago should concern you, well, have you ever experienced an earthquake? Lived through a volcanic eruption? Wondered why Hawaii popped out of the Pacific Ocean? Or even why the earth’s crust under the Pacific Ocean is so much thinner than anywhere else on earth? By carefully examining our galactic, geologic, evolutionary and, spiritual histories, we will find clarity. We must see these seemingly disparate subjects as a whole, or they will continue to cause us to ask more than we understand.  

Ok, let’s start at the beginning. The “Big Bang”. Let’s presume that there is intelligence behind that, that there was/is a very good reason that it took place, we’ll call that intelligence *Krsna, and it exists in a place called the Kundalini. Let us further presume, that we are beings also of the Kundalini, that we strive for the perfection of Krsna. And no, Krsna is not “God”, at least not by standard definition. The Kundalini exists  as a separate state, a different dimension. We have lived in that dimension, and many others for billions of years, and we can obtain those memories from the akashic record. Let us liken the Kundalini to a high school or university hallway, each dimension is a room that branches off of that hallway. As we strive for the perfection of Krsna, or the highest possible vibrational frequency, we commit transgressions. These incidents land us up in places like this here realm, so that while we’re in remedial school we don’t lower the combined vibrational perfection of Krsna.   

Let us further liken the  Big Bang to the breaking of ground, you know, to build a new home or office tower or whatever. In our case, we find ourselves in an extremely harsh environment.   The length of our time here varies greatly, as it does in every dimension. This is likely due to simple physics like gravity, and how it affects the photons of our light beings. Or it could be far more sinister in that we are given sentences and incarcerated. In either case the result is the same, we are stuck here.

The above gives us an idea of why we’re here, of why we experience the harshness of corporal life. As we continue to explore the Grail, we’ll discuss alien life, the ideals of service, evolution, and some gut wrenching mind-bending truths about the church and its relationship with Jesus Christ.

*Krsna is an East Indian term.

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