Star Seed

February 16, 2020

We left our last article with a look at possible basic life lessons, their true basis, and our true natures. We also had a look at the very likely basis for the Big Bang, and we have taken mythology out of the picture. Science and spiritualism are two peas in the same pod.

The Big Bang, what a subject, we know that as it took place, the numbers are chaotic and as we go forward the numbers smooth out. We can overly simplify that by saying that they mature, oddly almost as a human infant does. We know that as the first explosion cooled stars then formed, lasted a few brief 100 million years then went nova themselves only to spread out and form galaxies and new stars which went nova in an endless succession which would eventually form the elements conducive to the formation of life.

The universe is 13.8 billion years old, though some say 14.2 but who is counting? Our Milky Way galaxy is just 4.7 billion years old, still a bit of a baby. And just as a young child will leave their toys lying around, so has our galaxy in the way of planets wondering around not attached to a star.  However, we will come back to this, and spend quite some time with it.

In LOTR or, Lord of the Rings, specifically, The Fellowship of the Ring. When Frodo and Gandalf are talking quietly while in the mines of Moria, at the top of the almost vertical stairs, the group is paused as Gandalf is trying to figure out which way to go, Gandalf talks to Frodo about how the ring was meant to be found by Bilbo, and equally so by Frodo. The point here is not about the ring, nor is it about how somehow J.R.R Tolkien turned his trilogy in to the perfect representation of the Grail; the point is how the universe brings people and events to us to move us forward. The very same way that all those early stars exploded to form the elements that made us.

 As we explore the Grail and all of its many aspects, we will delve in to anthropology and try to determine what hominid(s) we evolved from, and just exactly how GOLD plays in to it. Yeah gold, that funny wonderful luxurious almost useless metal. Except it is not almost useless at all. We know that gold forms in the last seconds before a star goes nova; we know that it has a profound effect on our pineal gland; we know that it cures cancer, HIV, type 1 diabetes, and has a markedly profound effect on some neurological disorders such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers, but only in its single atom state referred to as MFKZT, or manna. That is right the biblical manna.  I am intensely curious but I doubt I will ever find out if and how it may have affected our hominid selves before Enki and his sister started tinkering with our DNA. The thing that pisses me off the most is, if MFKZT can cure so many things, why isn’t it available wholesale to you and me? The answer is ugly. The American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) can only classify a drug as a vitamin or mineral, manna in its monatomic state is neither, it’s a whole brand new branch of physics that we have not even began to scratch the surface of.

March 13, 2020

Manna was originally given to our early grail priests and priestesses as a supplement; it supplemented the female Annunaki’s menstrual hormonal extract, which enabled our ancestors to clearly, and intuitively understand our overlords will and commands. To in a way, be better slaves, and why not? That is what we were created to be, to wear the yoke of the god most high, Enlil. To labour naked in the mines, fields, and courts of the Annunaki. Gold, having a profound effect on our pineal gland, helping in the production of serotonin, and melatonin, which both aides in our creativity.  

If you take a look at the Old Testament, you will find that the early patriarchs, and their seers, were very accurate in their predictions, because they had direct access, to the menstrual extract; whereas the later kings had MFKZT, which was helpful but obviously not nearly as effective; {evidenced by the reference by the prophet Isaiah who, in 735 BC proclaimed to King Ahaz that Jesus would be born}. (Unfortunately, for King Ahaz, that information was not much help). MFKZT was not the only weapon in a seer’s arsenal; he too would use a wide selection of psychedelics such as magic mushrooms, marijuana, as well as opium or opioids.  We can clearly see that these alternative substances had nowhere near the same potency as the original hormonal extract, and we should keep in mind that, as time progressed, there would undoubtedly have been some diluting of the Annunaki genes in the bloodlines of both kings and their priests. This in turn, would have a proportionate effect on an alternate substances ability to be used to its desired effect. It makes one wonder, if the seer in question felt like he was disappointing his king, and if like an addict, he kept ingesting more of whatever substance in search of better clarity, to better serve his king.

I would think that there had been quite a bit of pressure on a seer, because he was not only answering to his king, he was also trying to prove that his gift of seeing was real. He would also have been quite cognizant of the fact that his king answered to an Annunaki overlord, who were noted for being quite unforgiving in their punishments.

I have counted at least 88 times in the Torah, where god says, “Don’t be afraid”; there may be more in the New Testament, considering the many varied interpretations of Christ’s parables. Moreover, He/they would be correct in saying that, because no matter what happens to us in this realm, whether we die from disease, mis-adventure, or a host of other things, our souls are immortal. Krsna at length explains this to his friend Arjuna that this is indeed the case. The night my mother suicided, the night I turned 17, my birthday, I believe my mother’s spirit came to me, and it was an unfortunate experience. Why? Whatever it truly was that descended upon me that night as I walked along Ellesmere Rd in Scarborough, it was black, stygian black, there was no visible light or auric presence, only a phenomenal sense of dead weight, that strove to be near me, which I totally rejected with every fiber of my being. Why? Because it felt evil, and at that particular time, I had suspended belief in all things, whether spiritual or corporal. So whatever, or whoever this thing was, for me, it did not exist. There was no repeat performance 11 months later when dad suicided, nor did I hope for or expect it.

The only thing that this experience did was, open up the tiniest shred of almost impossible possibility that the church was wrong. But was it? I mean the thing had been black, which had to be evil right? Maybe? I mean the church has always said that suicides went to hell, so had my parents gone to hell? Fucked if I could figure it out.  

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