Dedragonized Dragon

February 23, 2020

So really, what is a dragon? Where did a fire breathing, smoke belching, well-spoken, scaly, giant super intelligent reptile enter our consciousness? You know someone like Smaug, from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Moreover, why, is this mythological beast seen as either a hero, or villain? Did they really exist? Are they in the fossil record? In answer, no, they never really existed, and no, we will not find them in the fossil record. To figure it out, come with me several million years in to the past and let us visit another planet. As I have said before, there is much, much more to the Grail than just a cup.  

You would be right in thinking that physics, tradition, and mythology do not have anything to do with each other, or do they; here those lines are a little blurry, ok, a lot blurry. All right let me explain, to an individual who is illiterate (cannot read) words in a book are just marks on paper (now a days a screen) but to someone who is literate (can read) those marks on paper or screen form words, and those words open up the wonders of the universe to that individual. Some of our ancient ancestors like Adam, yes that Adam, the one who hooked up with Eve, were educated, Enki had made sure of it. Adam could read, write, knew all about astronomy, and knew a serious form of math known as sexgesimal (base 60). However, what he was not educated in was aeronautics, and space flight. All Adam and his peers could do was make reference to what they already knew and were familiar with. The fire and smoke of a shuttle launch became the coils of a snake, hence the biblical reference. They too used the word dragon, why?

These Annunaki, those who from heaven to earth came, these royals who descended from a royal dynasty that extended back millions of years on Nibiru, anointed their kings with oil from what they called a dragon, a type of lizard that existed on Nibiru but not on earth. Was it an actual dragon? Or was it something more like a Komodo dragon? Good question and I am working on it. In the event, they did not have access to this dragon oil on earth, so they substituted it with crocodile oil. All of our Grail kings and pharaohs too, were then anointed with crocodile oil right up to the time of Christ, some 200,000 years later. In the early naughts of the first millennium A.D., you will recall the pen-dragon kings of Arthurian times; they too were anointed with crocodile oil when it could be obtained. It was the Annunaki themselves who introduced the word “dragon” in to our lexicon, by referring to themselves as dragons. Ok, are you still with me? You are doing great!

So physics, tradition, and mythology do actually go together, without science, there would never have been shuttle launches to witness, without knowing the Annunaki, and how they anointed kings, we would never have known and continued the tradition, and finally, without the Christian church’s brutal suppression of all Grail knowledge, the above and so much more would never have become myth.

So what about myths and conspiracies, do they really take place? In answer they do, mostly in simpler ways. But sometimes, these “conspiracies” are huge, look at the Manhattan Project, the American development of the atomic bomb. And sometimes to people too, like how the English deposed bonnie Prince Charlie, and how the English establishment has continued its persecution of the royal house of Stewart to this day. Then there are people like William Cooper and his book “Behold a Pale Horse”, which describes a host of ideas that can be seen as actual conspiracies. Cooper had been a U.S. naval intelligence officer, and he was killed under somewhat strange circumstances, that sort of lends credence to his ideas. Then there is the utter foolishness of the Illuminati, a supposed grand cabal of rich and powerful men and women, who plan and control earth’s populace. If we look at the word “illuminati”, it of course only means to be illuminated, nothing more. So what happens when something or someone is illuminated? They move from darkness to enlightenment, a major principle of Freemasonry. The Freemasons of course are the descendent organization of the Knight Templar, who were what? The Templars were of course the original guardians of the Holy Grail.  

The Holy Grail, the supposed cup from the last supper, the chalice that allegedly once held the blood of Christ, in a way, that part is true, but it was not his blood that the chalice held, it was his seed that she held in her womb. That’s right the Grail’s chalice is nothing more, or less, than a woman’s reproductive system.  How? Simple, a woman’s reproductive system is shaped like a chalice.  

But what made this chalice, this womb so important? The answer is in two parts, part one involves vilifying a woman, the second, deifying a mortal man.  One of the things that the Christian bible doesn’t do is provide an accurate picture of Israel during Christ’s childhood. In fact, it says almost nothing about it at all, why for instance, doesn’t it tell warm endearing stories of a little god having a temper tantrum and how he did something harmless, like levitating mom or dad? When I’ve asked church ministers or my parents that question, I got “Well God is perfect and he couldn’t misbehave”. Uhm well no, he’s not perfect; he essentially suicided by allowing himself to be crucified, and he committed genocide by killing millions of us during the great flood as well as, demanding human child sacrifices. If that is perfection, we truly need to look elsewhere for a better god.

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