Martian Dragons

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Martian Dragons. This image  was taken back in 1976 by Mars explorer Viking 1, from an altitude of about 1800 km. For the last 38 years this image has thrilled me, NASA has worked hard to say that it’s not a face, at least that’s what the video says.

It’s hard to dispute the “experts”, they’ve got all the money and equipment, whereas the rest of us have what; a brain, a computer, and the Sumerian record.

The Sumerians left us records that were quite literally written in stone, they recorded what they saw, heard, and were taught. In instance after instance we’ve only begun to rediscover what they knew then. The Sumerian’s left us clear evidence that a ruling prince of house ANU died on Mars and a monument was left there to him.

What we have here are the Peruvian Nazca Lines, most common “scholars” say that the lines were built by the Nazca themselves; and that they viewed them using home-made hot air balloons. Pure rubbish if you ask me, my point is that we didn’t know the lines were there until we had achieved air travel, those lines weren’t meant to be viewed from the ground, and so it makes it a likely possibility that the creators of the lines might have felt the same about a royal monument on Mars.

Yes over the decades, there has been some blurring of the image of the face, but when we consider the fact that, over the centuries here on earth, many of the great monuments of Egypt, Iraq, south, and central America have been buried by sand, or covered in jungle growth. Therefore, on that basis, it is only logical to say that a monument on an all but dead planet is going to suffer from neglect as well.

In our discussion Dragon $ we talk about the need for manned flight instead of robotics, regarding the face I can’t think of a better reason to get boots on the ground and find out if Martian Dragons were really there.

The above image of the face is from 2001, I have other images from 1976, and 1998, that show the face being progressively covered by dust.

February 3, 2020

 I have never put a lot of stock in to conspiracy theory; people like William Cooper and his book Behold a Pale Horse, do nothing but blur the truth. Yes, there are odd things that take place, but we must remember that our universe is part of the multiverse where anything does and can happen. In the case of Mars, we are given example after example that it was once populated, colonized is a better word for it. In the Sumerian record, both Enki, and his son Marduk (Ra being his Egyptian name), state clearly that the Annunaki used Mars as a way station between Earth, and Nibiru. To what end you may ask, Nibiru has a vast elliptical orbit of 3,600 years. Its orbit is between Mars, and Jupiter, in that area is also the asteroid belt, which their astronauts must navigate through. When Nibiru’s deposed King Alalu first transited between Earth and Nibiru, he used the equivalent of nuclear weapons to blast a path through, which did nothing except make the area exponentially more dangerous and chaotic. When his both nephew and son in-law Enki followed shortly thereafter, he used water cannons to push those tumbling city-sized rocks out of the way. Mars at the time, some 500,000 years ago, had liquid water on its surface. As operation Earth got in to full swing, they used Mars as both a safe haven and refueling station.

Fine, but what does that have to do with the face on Mars? you ask. To answer that we must understand something about their politics. For millions of years Nibiru was locked in a planetary wide civil war, which was finally ended by a guy from the northern hemisphere marrying a girl from the southern hemisphere. They made this couple king and queen of a singular planetary government, which ruled fairly and wisely using the Grail concepts of service unto the people.

Throughout the next several hundred million years as a long line of kings brought peace and stability to the people, a new and incredibly dangerous problem arose, crops were dying and the planet was cooling. Their climate was changing and it took them some time to understand why.

Life on Nibiru had been nurtured and protected by a thick canopy of volcanic cloud, and for reasons unknown volcanic activity was slowing. This enormous problem had landed in the lap of King Alalu, he was an educated man, but was frozen in place by uncertainty especially after the foolish failure of trying to restart the planets volcanos by dropping nuclear weapons in them. Enter Prince Anu, Enki and Enlil’s father. Anu had been Alalu’s cupbearer, and had been present if silent during all of Alalu’s consultations with his savants.

Anu out of fear and desperation usurped Alalu. Alalu in fear of execution then stole a space shuttle and fled to Earth. While Alalu had still been in power, it had been determined that gold may have the properties needed to solve Nibiru’s problem. The problem with that was, Nibiru did not possess the mineral in sufficient  amounts to deal with the problem, so the question then became, from where do we obtain it? Nibiru’s new ruler Anu, believed that the asteroid belt was a possible answer as well as perhaps was Earth, the 3rd planet from the sun.

Alalu having somehow landed safely on earth, found that earth’s air, water, and gravity could and would support life. He also found that there was indeed gold on earth in vast amounts. He then tried to negotiate a deal with King Anu that with his discovery of gold, he Alalu would abdicate to Anu after the commencement of mining operations began. Anu who was no one’s fool, knew he would be executed if he accepted those terms, so instead, Anu challenged Alalu to a grappling match. Apparently, the custom was to wrestle while naked, during the ferocious match, Alalu bit off Anu’s penis.

For the crime of assaulting a ruling monarch, Alalu was banished to Mars with only one-man servant and the very limited supplies on board  his spacecraft. Shortly thereafter Alalu did die while on Mars, and his manservant too. Meanwhile on earth, mission earth was proceeding apace, the appropriation of duties had been determined and Marduk, ever the troublemaker, was sent to Mars to oversee the development of their way station. While there, Marduk in a sort of surprising way, out of sentimentality designed and built the monument to his grandfather.

Right, so now we know the origins of the face on Mars, we know why and who built it. As I said above, I do not hold with conspiracy theories. Is NASA hiding something about the face? No I don’t think so, I believe it’s more a case of they have no empirical evidence either way, and therefore their position is simply put, that we don’t know. As we carry on and look forward to manned flight to Mars in the 2030s, it will be then that we will find real answers to the face and the mysteries of Cyadonia.  

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