A 3,000 year old mystery

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

So we remember this guy, Mr. Hiram Abif,

the only reference I can find in the bible is Genesis 49:6, which talks about a killing of a Theban King. The book of Ezekiel talks about the prophet forcibly getting rid of all things Egyptian, and bringing the Israeli’s back to YHWH/ENLIL. I don’t know if Seqenenre Tao is Hiram Abif, but his death may help explain Ezekiel’s attempt to show God/ENLIL’s inability to protect his temple from his enemies. One thing is for sure though, we’re onto something here!

We know through the Dead Sea Scrolls that Jesus and his brothers were completely different characters than how the church portrays them. Jesus had little interest in things outside his little kingdom, when he said brothers and neighbors he was talking about people in his community at Qumran. With our new understanding of Jesus, the Lord’s Prayer turns into something uniquely Jewish and really goes like this “ENLIL, great is your name. Israel will become your kingdom. The requirements of holy living that you abide by will be instituted in Israel. Sustain us in the time before your kingdom is in place. Forgive us if we fall short of your holy requirements, as we forgive those that let us down. And do not make life too harsh for us to test our resolve, but help us to avoid errors in our own holy endeavors. Israel is yours, and the power to rule us and the splendor, for all time. Let it be so. If you look at Peakes Commentary on the Bible, it is an excellent source of further information.

 it becomes immediately clear that Jesus only had one thing on his mind, kicking Rome’s arse out of Israel forever.

As we’ve discovered Jesus was an aristocrat, and his family was quite wealthy. It was not uncommon for him to mingle with tax collectors, and high priests of the Pharisees, and Sadducees, most of these people were not admitted into the secrets of the Essenes, as a result they were called harlots, in Jesus’ day the word merely meant gentiles; it had nothing to do with sexuality. We’ve talked about how Jesus didn’t die, here’s what the Koran says in Sura 4:157” That they said in boast, “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah” – but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no certain knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of surety they killed him not”. 

The Star of David is generally recognized as being a historic symbol that reaches all the way back to Abraham, in a sense it does, but it’s not Judaic.

The top and bottom points of this star are the apex of two pyramids overlaid one upon the other. The upwards pointing pyramid is an ancient symbol for the power of a king, with its base resting on Earth and its summit reaching to Heaven. The downward pointing pyramid symbolizes the power of the priest, its base is in Heaven and it reaches down to Earth. Recall that after the great flood kingship was lowered from Heaven. This star also carries the extra meaning of being the bright star of David’s line, the planet of Nibiru.

We started this series on the dragon and we’ve seen its connection to Islam, the Templars, and these last few articles on the Templar’s descendent order, the Freemasons. In these articles we’ve tried to show as clearly as possible the biblical connection to Templarism and Freemasonry. There is still a lot to be learned in our quest for the Grail, and even know that the Masons won’t talk about it, it’s their ceremonies and disconnected lore that will provide the answers. On occasion I’ve spoken with Masons and tried to discuss various parts of the problem with them, and do you know what they’ve said? Firstly they’ve said you’re not a Mason, so I can’t talk to you. Okay fair enough, I’m not, but, by the same token in each case I could see that they desperately wanted to know and understand how it was that an outsider could understand at least as much as they didn’t. How do I know? I know because they were good enough to say so.

This isn’t meant as a criticism of our modern-day Templars, but what I do mean to say is, it would seem that their meetings are mainly used as a chance for fellowship, and not for discussion or research into their own history. To me this says that they are breaking the principles of which their order was founded on. When those original Rex Deus knights arrived in Palestine they were there to find the original Temple of Solomon, and as much information about their history as possible.

Of the probable five million Freemasons today, there are few that are from these Rex Deus families, and it’s those from these families that should be supplying the necessary historic information to their respective lodges/temples. In today’s world of religious fundamentalism we need the leadership from these families just as badly now as we did back in the dark ages.

So what are we to make of all this? Well clearly the problem was King Phillip IV and Clement V and the death of Master Jacques de Molay. Even though de Molay got his revenge after the death of the king and pope, the order still splintered into a dozen or more Templar like orders. People like Jehan Marc Larmenius of Jerusalem clouded the picture because he claimed that de Molay made him Grand Master in 1313, yes de Molay was alive in prison but the Templars didn’t have Grand Masters, they only had Masters. The only time a new Master could be elected was at the death of the preceding one. I believe the Larmenius order of Templars is fraudulent and only came into existence due to some opportunistic power seekers. The order eventually fell apart in the mid-1980s due to some kind of MI5 – (the UK”s internal security service) investigation. This order had nothing whatever to do with Freemasonry.

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