A brief summary

 Sunday, 7 February 2016

Over the course of these articles, we have learned that without alien visitors called the ANNUNAKI, we would never have met the dragon. We have learned that they were here to mine gold and other PGMs or platinum group metals. The primary goal of their mission was to mine our planet for PGMs to transmute them into their monatomic or single atom states, to suspend in their failing atmosphere. Nibiru/ Marduk was in serious trouble, due to the slowing of volcanic activity. This volcanism produced thick clouds, which helped to keep the warmth of the planet’s thermal heating inside the cloud base. This of course protected the planet’s life from the cold of empty space.

They arrived here some 450,000 years ago, and for about 100,000 years worked tirelessly to maintain their spaceport, energy and communications grid, and their mines. They set up shop in ancient Sumer, todays’ Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or what will become the lands of the bible. Their activities would eventually spread around the Earth, mostly around the 30th degree north latitude. I suspect that it was around 1500 A.D that Enki, half-brother to Enlil, the royal sons of Anu, the ruler of Nibiru, finally agreed to a non-interference pact regarding us, their creation.

During those first hundred thousand years they were here, their own labour force grew tired and essentially went on strike, Enki answered their call for a primitive worker to be created by saying that what they asked for existed already; it only needed their imprint to be put on it. By mixing their DNA with ours they eventually created us; the adama, the workman. The word adama is not a name, it means only workman.

For several hundred thousand years, we laboured for them as slaves, and as we laboured naked for them, we were treated very harshly. As we reach the time of the great flood, we find that our ANNUNAKI overlords had retreated to their orbiting spacecraft/station(s) to sit out the disaster; when they return to Earth’s surface, they find their civilization in ruins and that it had been a major mistake not to have tried to save the human populace from the deluge.

It is at this point that kingship is lowered from heaven. It is at this point, where our real possibilities begin. Our priest kings are taught reading, writing, math, astronomy, medicine, earth sciences, tax and trade records are kept, our nobles are granted land and they have the right to divvy up that land as they please, and we given laws.

Was it all good? Well no, we still laboured for them but now we had a human overseer to intercede for us, here begins the Grail’s long tradition of service. The Grail serves those who serve. Even though the ANNUNAKI were on a new world, they brought their warlike nature with them; our ancient ancestors were made to fight many a war at the bequest of an ANNUNAKI squabbling with each other. This begs two questions, are we as humans naturally warlike? Or were we taught to be? If you listen to this year’s (2016) Massey Lectures, there is compelling evidence to suggest that as time progresses we are becoming less and less violent.

The Christian bible is full of begats, and we know that all that begetting leads up to the birth of Jesus Christ. When we accept as fact that we were created by extraterrestrials, we must also accept as fact that Christ is descended from blood royal that is alien by historic fact. We know that JC was no simple carpenter, and in fact was a master mason. We also know that he did not die on the cross and did in fact die somewhere in Kashmir (Northern India/Pakistan) in some circles its speculated that he may have been seeking help from active ANNUNAKI against the Romans. As blood royal, he may have thought that it was his birthright as did Alexander the Great.

In accepting JCS’ royal lineage we also must accept that he would have by birthright had to have married another royal or at the least high nobility. Being of high noble birth JC and his wife Mary would have to produce an heir, and children they did produce. During the Jewish rebellion, around 60 A.D. the Romans destroyed Israel and the great Jewish Diaspora began, Mary and the kids landed up in the south of France and so began a long line of French and Celtic kings. (The c in Celtic is pronounced as a hard c so it sounds Keltic)

Right then, so JC was married and had kids and those kids grew up and had kids of their own, all under the nose of the expanding Roman empire of which would have dearly loved to have caught and killed the remnants of the Christine family. That they did not is in part thanks to the fact that Rome never really got its hooks into Ireland and Scotland. Yes, they were there and they killed far too many druids – that times version of the Essenes or Freemasons, and yes, they made life miserable for many folks in mainland Britain. But as powerful as Rome seemed it was also on its way out in the early hundreds A.D. The empire ends up splitting in two one capital in Rome in the west and in the east Constantinople or present day Istanbul – Turkey.

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