Greater Understandings

June 23, 2020

I keep harping on the number 450,000 or 432,000 years ago as the date of the ANUNNAKI’s arrival date on earth. What confuses me is why there are depictions of dinosaurs on ruins attributed to them. I mean it could be as simple as they found these giant serpents as interesting and as noble as we do, on the other hand, we might have the dates of their arrival all wrong.

I mean ENKI was a great scientist, and he no doubt studied earth’s history with great interest to see how well it matched Nibiru’s. I have no information that there were dinosaurs on Nibiru, but we do know that ENKI said that our development was almost as theirs was. So does that mean during Nibiru’s evolution that they too suffered dinosaurs? Or just earth? All right that’s food for thought, perhaps when they show up next time someone will remember to ask them. No matter how we look at it, human evolution is something of a mystery. We know that and this may surprise you, the science in the bible and evolution agree; except for the fact that the bible’s 24 hour days weren’t 24 hour days, but were actually millions or billions of years. Whether you are a creationist or an evolutionist, we can agree that the last act of creation was us. We began our journey to what we are today as one of these little guys

or something very similar. During our journey we became Lucy, the pretty girl directly below,

and then Ardi, then what? Perhaps Neanderthals, then us? Worry not we’ll figure it out.

Professor of Anthropology C. Owen Lovejoy of Kent State University unveils Ardipithecus, a female hominid who lived 4.4 million years ago. Her fossil remains were found in Ethiopia, during the last decade

teams of scientists have studied her remains in-depth, incredibly she’s bipedal (walks on two feet) thereby pushing that boundary back several million years.

Ardi isn’t an ape; she’s clearly on the same evolutionary tree branch as we are, though her kind has never been seen before. She had five fingers per hand and five toes per foot, fascinatingly she seems to have had let’s call it an extra knuckle about mid foot so that her feet bent a little further forward than ours thereby giving her an edge in speed. This extra “knuckle” also allowed her to climb and grasp with her feet which is unheard of on our evolutionary branch. This of course would help her evade predators. Ardi wasn’t the smartest kid on the block, her brain was only the size of a modern-day chimpanzees’. But that’s okay we won’t hold that against her, I mean after all, she did manage to die in a spot that protected her remains for 4.4 million years.


Ardipithecus ramidus—”Ardi”—appears to have many features more primitive than both humans and chimps, reinforcing the idea that our last common ancestor was not like modern chimpanzees after all. The 110 pieces of her skeleton that researchers found allowed them to piece together a better picture of how early hominids evolved and started to walk upright. “This was like discovering a time capsule,” one of the senior authors, Tim White, said in a press briefing Thursday

As incredible as this discovery is, it doesn’t really shed any light on our dragons; however, it does present an opportunity to open a discussion: Since pictures of Stegosaurus have been found on ruins in Cambodia, does Ardi’s presence 4.4 million years ago push back the date of the ANNUNAKI’s arrival to 40.5 million years ago instead of 450,000 years?

This image clearly depicting a stegosaurus is surrounded by the image of the serpent/dragon. Oddly this temple is in Cambodia, where it’s thought that the ANNUNAKI were only active there between 500 BC and 1000 AD before heading for south/central America.

ENKI said “the creature you named it exists”. He was clearly referring to a type of creature that was semi-intelligent and that wouldn’t be too hard to imprint the god’s image on. Could this have been Ardi or one of her descendants?

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