The Holy Grail

June 27,2020

The Holy Grail, so what is it? To many it is the cup Jesus Christ drank from at the last supper, or held his blood from his crucifixion.  To millions of others it is just a legend, something unobtainable, lost to history. That said, many people use the phrase commonly, a Hail Mary during the Super Bowl would be the Holy Grail for American football, or winning the Stanley Cup in hockey, or finding a cure for Cancer would be the Holy Grail for medicine.

For me, sure all the above would be cool, but the Grail is so very much more real than you might expect.  When I was in my late twenties and I had just divorced the snake, and had lost my (probably not) daughter and the Nanny, I entered a period of such sadness and depression that can barely be described.  This combined with the way that I was from my upbringing, left me in a place where I was all but dead.   Food, drugs, sex provided no succor.

As I searched for the grail though, I felt a great deal of excitement as patterns began to coalesce into viable fibers,  then threads, string to rope, then finally, to unbreakable chains.  Having approached the grail from a historical point of view, I kept coming back to Shinar, ancient Sumer, the land of the bible’s Old Testament. Having discovered Shinar, it was impossible to not notice how this advanced society had sprung up out of nowhere. They had advanced mathematics, based on the number 60, laws, courts, and more impressively still, a direct one on one relationship with their gods. Gods. But wait, the Christian religion was based on a monotheistic belief system having one god only.  So what was going on here?

As I examined the Sumerian record, it quickly became clear that Sumerian was the language of the Old Testament, not Aramaic or Latin, and certainly not English, as I have had some very uninformed people try to tell me.  So the language was Sumerian, and it was written in stone, okay on baked clay tablets, and the script was called cuneiform. But where had it developed? There were no precursor languages, no earlier societies, there was just shinar, and their pantheon of 12 gods and a whole host of what seemed to be children and grandchildren, where some if not all seemed to be the product of incest.  All right that seems to make sense, the Old Testament is full of it, the early patriarchs marrying half-sisters. And what was more incredible still, was the fact that these Sumerians pre-dated the bible by hundreds of thousands of years! B ut why?

As I began to understand who these Sumerian gods were, it became necessary to work from the point of view that the people who wrote on these hundreds of thousands of clay tablets were telling us exactly what they witnessed; just as a reporter would today.  That meant that the descriptions of flying machines and, incredibly modern sounding technologies were real, not myth. But how could that be? According to modern science, we went from hunter gatherers to basic farming, and it happened almost overnight, as well as in the relative same area.

But flying machines and grain production matching Canadas’ during the 1990s, how could that possibly be for folks who had no greater technology than horse and plow? Furthermore, why was it that human advancement was in cycles of 3,500 years? What or who was holding us back?

Further research said that these gods had come from a planet called Nibiru, and that it had a vast orbit that took 3,600 years to complete.  That these Annunaki, (the word means, from heaven to earth came), had come to earth to harvest it’s pgm’s (platinum group metals). Their prediluvial history states clearly that they laboured alone on earth for about 100,000 years.  Then, because of a labor dispute problem, it was decided that a primitive worker would be created, to work the mines, fields, and mind the livestock. This created being would have strength to do the physical work and, intelligence so that it could work independently. 

Now, during the council meeting where it was agreed that a primitive worker was to be created, Enki, the second person to set foot on earth, exclaimed that the being that was needed already existed on earth.  All that was needed was to imprint their likeness on it.

The universe is 14.2 billion years old, our solar system is 4.5 billion years old, if it took even 1% of the difference between those times for life to have developed on Nibiru, its easily conceivable that 300,000 years ago, the Annunaki had both space shuttle, and crispr technologies available to them. Enki, who was a great scientist, and his half-sister Ninharsag, went to work to create their primitive worker, along the way they experimented with different types of hybrids, in the process creating the creatures of Greek mythology. In the end they settled on us, using a, at this point, an unknown hominid.  Which is why we are studying paleontology, we are trying to find the missing species that helped create you and I.  They had some initial success, however the first Adama, (Adam is not a name, it means only workman) could not reproduce, so back to the lab they went and successfully created the Adama (workman) 2.0 This guy could reproduce, and it’s why there are two creation stories in the bible.  They were and continued to be frustrated by the length of time it took us to develop from infancy.  They took both Cain and Able as toddlers and educated Cain in the sciences and Able as a farmer.

This circle and dot is seen as a representation of the 3rd eye, as the mark of Cain, it denotes that the individual who has it, has great education and just as importantly, great spiritual wisdom. Funny that, coming from a murderer.  But think on how the Knight Templars allowed criminals in to the order, and how the initiate rose from darkness to light.  This belief system was no different in Cain’s day.

Now, do you begin to see that the Holy Grail is not just about a cup; it is all about alchemy, the transformation of the soul.  Each incarnation takes us a bit further towards the perfection of Krsna. The Kabbalah practiced by the ancients is but one doorway to understand our own Akashic record. So, are you seeing the pattern here? What do you think I’m really talking about here? I’m talking about the sacred feminine.

It’s only the awesome power of a woman who can navigate our souls from the kundalini to this realm.  In her exists the chalice of life, the blood that fills the cup. Her reproductive system is the Holy Grail, it’s by her hand that we learn service, by her steadfast example do we live. It’s in her that we receive service.

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