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 April 5, 2020

Well, here I am, it is 2:30 in the early morning of Sunday, April 5, 2020, and I cannot sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I get that truly rocking Rush song, Xanadu, raging through my head. And what is worse; I am strumming the guitar part on the Nanny’s arm while she sleeps, lucky girl

All weekend I have not been able to decompress from this Covid 19 business. I am a truck driver, and therefore considered an essential worker. Which makes things a bit easier on the pocketbook, but it also puts me in harm’s way, so if you are eating tomorrow, I am one of the people helping to make sure you and your family can eat. I and all of my family would appreciate a big sincere thank you from you, the public, for continuing to risk mine and my family’s life while continuing to serve you. If you have anything negative to say about that, you can fuck off and get off this website because, I believe that you are an extremely selfish person to not take this Covid 19 very seriously indeed.

 Right, with that out of my system, I really do not feel any better. So really, what about plague? What do we really know about it? Well we know it has been with us since pretty well the beginning of human recorded history. The bible talks about it in both the old and new testaments. The book of Revelations talks about it, but we will mostly ignore that reference because that is the church’s written contribution to the bible. The book of Revelations means only what its root word means, revealed, or to be revealed. In its original form, revelations was only meant to explain to those with eyes to see and ears to hear with, Jesus’ and his band of rebel Essenes  meticulously planned rebellion against Israel’s oppressors, the Romans. 1700 years ago, when the church realized what it had in this document, they snapped it up like hotcakes and understood immediately the power of it. They left its prophesies deliberately vague so that they could at will, smush current events in to look like end time events so that they could scare the uneducated masses back in to line any time they wanted. Don’t believe me? Go to church and see how often the pastor, priest, minister, elder actually talks about revelations, or better yet, listen to Christian FM radio.

The Old Testament on the other hand, talks about plague, pestilence, and infestations throughout. We know that all of the Old Testament takes place during the last ice age, and that all of the droughts, famines, and natural disasters were brought on by abrupt climate change. Sorry god, you’re off the hook for that stuff. We also know that before the great flood, which was brought on by an enormous ice sheet sliding off the continent of Antarctica, brought about the end of the last ice age thereby precipitating abrupt climate change. But before that cataclysmic event, we know that our overlords, the Annunaki, maintained all administrative and financial reins of control. We humans, the Adama, the primitive worker, had no real responsibilities except to act as slaves for them under extremely harsh conditions. Some of us who showed above average intelligence, and were directly descended from the original 14 Annunaki birth mothers, were given positions of some prominence. These individuals were then trained in astronomy, and other math related areas to become timekeepers and would eventually become the Zadokite priests of Jesus’s time.  

So what does all of this have to do with Dragon $? To answer that, everything. When the Annunaki decided to go ahead with “project earth” to save Nibiru, they obviously knew it was going to be an extremely expensive endeavor. Just the cost of research and development of space flight alone, not to mention the myriad things those flights must bring to and from Nibiru to Earth, plus the cost of those flights being manned, plus the million and one things that I cannot conceive that they would need. The logistics alone must have been/be nightmarish. What they did have in their favour was that many of the things they would need could be constructed by engineers on earth from diagrams sent from Nibiru. Plus, what do you pay a skilled engineer to build from scratch on an alien world to save his/her home world? Then multiply that by 600 times for all the other members of that team relative to their skill set. Whatever that number is in whatever extra-planetary denomination, it had/has to be mind- bogglingly huge.

April 9, 2020

               So there they are, the Annunaki, those from heaven to earth came, committed to a huge financial effort and those efforts were frustrated by their own people’s fatigue, and why not? They had had a crew of 600 individuals building pyramids at Giza, building a worldwide energy-harnessing network on earth’s ley lines, being farmers and herdsmen, and most importantly, miners. Damned right those 600 were pooped. This fatigue cut in a few different directions, one, it added to the cost of space flight because crews had to be rotated on and off earth, two, there was the cost of safety, were the miners/heroes protected from harmful radiation from space travel? In addition, what of the Igiggi, the astronauts who operated the satellites in earth’s orbit, and piloted the space shuttles between Gaia, Mars (and operated a way station near the face on Mars), and Nibiru. Thirdly the miners certainly thought that things could be done differently, Prince Enlil the second born son of King Anu, but Prince de Juere because of his birthright, being born of King Anu and his half- sister, was an ass who wanted to execute the miner’s foreman for treason! But without this act of “treason”, the most astonishing thing might never have happened; Prince Enki never would have announced that he knew of a bipedal earth born hominid of which it may be possible to bind their image upon to create a primitive worker.

Lucy began it all

This of course incurred further expense, the development of CRISPR research to splice together their DNA with ours. And here once again, we see that we are recreating now in the 21st century, what they could do 350,000 years ago. With our creation, they entered a completely new world of prosperity; they now had slaves who did not know they were slaves. Interestingly after the American civil war, it was determined that the slave trade in adjusted dollars, was worth trillions of dollars, so yeah, there is big money in human trafficking, a practice that I find abhorrent. Astoundingly Great Britain actually took out a huge loan to pay off not the slaves, but the slave owners when they abolished the slave trade. They have only recently finished paying off that debt. So when the U.K. gets all high and mighty about its record on slavery, it is not that great.

                As we began to breed under our overlord’s watchful eye, (the bible’s go forth and multiply) they were extremely impatient with our slow maturing process, they needed us to build their temples, dykes, plow their fields, and a thousand other purposes including waiting on them  naked.  The problem they now had was twofold, they had to feed us and provide medical care. Feeding us was no problem, Abel did the labour in the fields, and Cain looked after the stock pens, and our medical care was awesome as well, it scaled from balms and bandages all the way to brain surgery.

              Ah Cain, more on him later. The real issue was, especially for us humans was the climate, the earth was deep into an ice age and the growing seasons varied in length, rainfall was inconsistent, temperatures could and did vary wildly. You have no doubt heard about the plague of locusts infesting east Africa this year, those same conditions that set up this infestation would have existed only far more often-in Adam’s day. The Annunaki had their hands full, we would starve, might be buried, but would that take place before disease set in? Not always, and it certainly didn’t help our cause that Prince Enlil did not care for us humans very much, he considered plague among us as culling the herd. Told you he was an ass. But the great flood was still a hundred thousand years in the future where he would learn to think very differently. I find it odd that he would think that way considering the loss of potential productivity. But then again, now in the 20th  and 21st centuries,  productivity is all an employer wants from you. Money before people, it is ignorant!

               The human race either as an enzyme in a mud puddle, or a tiny rodent like critter that suffered dinosaurs,

The brain in that little head, enabled him to evade dinosaurs and could reason. if not for that ability we would not be here.

or as Ardipithecus

, or as a genetically modified hybrid has suffered plague and a lot of adversity, and we survived it all. Covid19 is a pain but we will get through it and thrive. Remember to keep two meters away from everyone, wash your hands frequently, and wear a mask if you can make one.

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