The Split

July 3, 2020

She was King Anu’s favorite, his lover, his great granddaughter. She was Enlil’s granddaughter and by marriage to her cousin, Enki’s boy, Dumuzi, she may have stopped the pyramid wars. The two were in love, this was no marriage for duty.

Both clans were hopeful that the marriage would help seal the breach between the two, relations were souring by the hour. Ra, or Marduk if you prefer, did not want his younger brother marrying the Enlilite slut. He sent sheriffs out to locate his brother and peacefully bring him home.  Dumuzi fearing his older brother’s intentions, was tragically killed while attempting to escape when he fell in to the river Nile close to Lake Victoria and drowned.  

Marduk swore on all that he knew that his brother’s death was an extremely tragic accident ,but there was no consoling Inanna. The brokenhearted girl then went after Marduk with such hate, fury, and need for vengeance, that it resulted in Ra being sealed inside the great pyramid of Giza. 

It was only because Marduk’s aunt, Ninharsag, made a huge effort on her nephew’s behalf by interceding with Enlil,

Ninharsag gentles Enlil

who made Ninurta, the pyramid’s designer, and Enlil’s first-born, release Marduk before he died of dehydration.  

Inanna the vixen

Following this tragic tale, Inanna   traveled regularly between Shinar and the Indus valley. Where she complained loudly, that she could not properly develop her lands that had been gifted to her, by her very own great grandfather, and lover,   because uncle Enki, had possession of all the MEs. The descriptions that we have for a ME is a small hand held device or something that could be carried in a small bag like a star trek tricorder,  that would contain data, likely similar to a cell phone. 

Note the always present bag.

Enki, perhaps from feelings of bitterness from being passed over by his father to command mission earth, or sheer fury from being beaten so resoundingly in the resent war, continued to hold the MEs. Inanna, never known for patience, went to Enki in the Abzu (Africa), and plied him with a little tickle finger and much wine, where he passed out and Inanna made off with the sacred MEs. Enki when he awoke, and discovered the theft, sent security personnel to retrieve his stolen property.  

Inanna’s Indus valley has been accused of being an incomplete society. Perhaps because she spent so little time there, she complained that she missed the hustle and bustle of Shinar and its culture. I have a great deal of trouble seeing it that way. If anything there seems to be a richness and depth of culture in India, which was lacking in Shinar, Egypt, and Mesoamerica. 

The skills of her architects, Masons, and engineers were incredible.  

The similarity is striking

Her people were well versed in her family’s history, which is well documented in the Hindu Vedas. Food production was good, her gold smiths and  masons were sure and talented. Moreover, her people were taught her family’s history, which is well documented in the Hindu Vedas.  Her people were also taught true spirituality, and incredibly, how to master it and manipulate it; by feats of levitation, walking through fire, lying on beds of nails and so on. 

Impressively during the last 3,000 years, they have on the most part, been able to maintain the purity of the religion. Yes in today’s world, there are many millions of Christians in India, and Muslims too. And it is not a happy mix. 

So who is to blame for the problems between the different religions? Should blame be cast? Many say that Muslims are the problem, but they are not, the problem started 600 years before the blessed prophet Muhammad was born.  May Allah’s peace be upon him. To figure this out we need to go back to Jesus’s time, and an individual named Paul. Yes, you read that right, one man and his colleagues changed the world, which has caused horrible suffering for untold millions of people.  

Jesus was a Jew, he was not a Christian, nor was he the dewy-eyed sap that he is portrayed as.  Jesus was as human as you or I. And he had problems, he was the royal heir to the House of David, he was born out of turn, and, the politics of his day required him to combine the powers of the priesthood and kingship in to one. Thanks dude that set a horrible precedent. 

Jesus was an Essene, a sect of hard-core believers in Yahweh. Geographically Israel is located in Enlillite territory, therefore it only makes sense that Jesus was loyal to Enlil. So yes, Yahweh  is Enlil. The Lord’s Prayer  is actually a prayer to Enlil. “ENLIL, great is your name. Israel will become your kingdom. The requirements of holy living that you abide by will be instituted in Israel. Sustain us in the time before your kingdom is in place. Forgive us if we fall short of your holy requirements, as we forgive those that let us down. And do not make life too harsh for us to test our resolve, but help us to avoid errors in our own holy endeavors. Israel is yours, and the power to rule us and the splendor, for all time. Let it be so. Jesus was however, still an Essene, and they were heavily influenced by Egyptian culture. We are first introduced to the Essenes in the biblical book of Numbers 6:2-21 

 King Anu while on a state visit to earth from Nibiru had divided the earth in to 3 zones, the first being Shinar, which included Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, not to mention Israel as well. This was given to Crown Prince Enlil. The second region was the Abzu, or all of Africa.  This was given to Prince Enki. The third region was the Indus valley, or all of India.  This was given to Princess Inanna.  

Ptah’s (Enki) boy Thoth or Thothmes if you prefer, is credited with giving us the Kybalion, the principle book of Hermetics.  Hermetics teaches that all is one through vibration and frequency.  It too, just as Hinduism, teaches us how to open your third eye. So, what in fucks name does this have to do with Jesus Christ and his Essenes you ask?

In answer everything.  JC was an Essene, yes he was loyal to his nation’s principle deity Yahweh Enlil. But he also understood that Enlil was corporal (real) . More importantly he understood that hermetics was where our true spirituality lays.  If you read his parables in the New Testament, every one of them speaks of just how hard it is to open your third eye, and attain the vibrancy to see aural things. So, what we have is this, when JC talks about God, he is really talking about Krsna, and when he says I am the way and the light, he means that his teachings will enable you too, to see the light. Now Paul, the guy was entirely incapable of understanding that there exists an entire universe, that with our limited human faculties, that we cannot see. He perverted the purity of Krsna in to an omnipotent “God” that never existed. Christ himself is noted for being very angry with Paul, for preaching wrongly about him, and his true message.

It is stunning isn’t it? About how the church stopped being the Christine church, and became the Pauline church. As we continue on our Grail quest, we will learn more about the greatest power play ever seen in human history, about how it directly affects us all.

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