Mfkzt the Jesus Connection

July 18, 2020

The nature of modern Freemasonry is concerned with the gathering and eventual understanding of esoteric knowledge; those who keep today’s secrets are referred to as “crafty” or “cunning” – kynning. To be totally honest I am not a Freemason, though I believe it would be a grand opportunity to be invited into the order, that being said, there is plenty of information in the public domain that explains the order’s origins, history, original purpose, symbolism, and it’s somewhat mis-understood purpose of today. The one thing that the order suffers from is the idea of conspiracy theories, in almost every instance a conspiracy theory breaks down under scrutiny, and when they don’t it’s usually after investigation turns out that one man, company, or groups thereof are responsible for criminal acts.

Entry into Freemasonry requires that a man – and yes mason lodges do now have women and children’s orders – be of good character, and good standing. In almost every instance where a mason has been involved in a criminal act, that individual has faced criminal prosecution, the order is not perfect and its members as in everyday “normal” life do make mistakes and every now and again a bad apple gets in.

The Scottish rite Freemasons of the 1600’s were very different to those of the 1700’s, due to a huge misunderstanding or refusal to believe what he was being taught, part of the reason for this “misunderstanding” was that the mason wasn’t being taught what the church had taught him, the resulting troubles resulted in the loss of thousands of years of known and accepted data being lost and now our present day mason is more than a little skeptical of the new-found data being revealed. I mean it’s impossible, space aliens don’t exist, the bible tells us so and the human race is only 5000 years old, so how can the order I belong to be tens of thousands of years old? Wake up mason; you have eyes with which to see.

Regardless of conspiracy theories and such, Freemasons do some pretty good work as far as fundraising and charity work goes, in many ways the order is kind of outdated and has lost its primary purpose of which was to protect the holy grail. I’ve recently known a disgruntled mason who sadly passed on a few years back to say that the order is now just a bunch of grown men getting together to eat and drink too much while talking about things they really didn’t understand. As I said he was disgruntled and had left the order some years previous to our meeting.

The New Testament tells us that Jesus’s father Joseph was a craftsman (Aramaic naggar, Greek ho-tecton); during the 17th century this was mis-translated to become carpenter. So yes Jesus and Joseph were Freemasons 2000 years ago, only then the order was known under a different name, the Essenes.

In reality, the “wine” Jesus created out of water here is not fermented grape juice. Vine and wine have gained a rich symbolism throughout history, in part with such scriptural accounts as the one depicted here. However, there is the simple fact that, when one drinks wine in a moderate way, a state of expansion and euphoria is induced. And so, wine is used here in an allegorical manner to describe the state resulting from rapid Consciousness expansions, both by practicing mind expanding spiritual techniques and/or consuming high frequency Healing Waters.

Mfkzt was known to be a giver of life, we know that when ingested it has properties that can significantly increase life expectancy; we know too that it’s not infallible because Kings/Queens did die from natural causes as well as in battle. As we continue along we’re going to see how this incredible powdery, stoney, metal does it.

So a) it begins as gold b) transmutes with fire into white powder c) can be made into bread d) is called a stone. In biblical terms it makes its first appearance about 600 years before Moses’ time, in Genesis 14:18. Here we have King of Salem Melchizedek and priest of the most high god (ENLIL) presenting Abraham with bread and wine.

An ancient Grail king

This picture of Melchizedek is from the northern gate of the Initiates at Chartres Cathedral in France. (The cathedral was designed and built by a guild of masons the Knights Templar called the Children of Solomon in 1194) Inside the chalice is a square-cut representation of the philosopher’s stone, or shem an na – bread.

This ritual act becomes the communion ceremony of today. Melchizedek as described in Genesis was king of the city of peace Salem – Jerusalem. Jerusalem 3000 years ago wasn’t the thriving metropolis of Jesus’ time; it was actually a tiny unknown village that contained the ANNUNAKI space center. You may think that’s odd but consider that Cape Canaveral and NASA’s Houston control are quite distant apart. People quite often don’t consider the fact that Salem has no monuments or shrines to make it “Holy”, most only consider that Jesus was there so it must be important, it’s critical importance was established long before Jews, Christians, and Muslims began fighting over it. The exact position of the space center was of course right where the “Holy of Holies” is today,

Okay back to bread, it’s incredible that when we say the lord’s prayer: Give us this day our daily bread, what we’re actually asking for is shew bread – show bread – mfkzt. If you’re in doubt as to the nobility of Christ, the word Beth – le – hem actually translates to House of Bread – gold. The lord’s prayer is actually translated from Egyptian and starts Amen Amen who art in heaven, ANUNAKI from heaven to earth came, Amen – King. In this case interchangeably Ptah – Enki or Ra – Marduk

Here we have Anubis being served Mfkzt in conical cake form

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