Templars, Cathars, and the Dove.

August 2, 2020

A lot has been written about the Knights Templar, it really was a spectacular institution, and its demise took place some 700 years ago, but just think about how its history is a continuation of the Grail’s history, and how that stretches back 450,000 years! No single other human organization can lay claim to such incredible roots. There is of course the idiotic idea that some churchy folk try to put out there that Jesus, Adam and Eve were Christians, and that our history only goes back 5,000 years because the bible tells us so. That particular theory is of course utter nonsense, archaeology and a totally literal reading of the King James Version of the bible knocks that theory out of the park.

But in our quest for the Grail, it’s not our intent to bash the bible or the folks who believe in it, our real intent is to better understand our creator(s), the history of the people who have played incredibly important roles in their, and our service. Historians tell us that the Templars were incredibly brave, talented, fighting men, and indeed they were. Just think of the strength and endurance that they must have had to wear all that iron amour under the desert sun while fighting in 100° temperatures. Being able to do that alone is truly remarkable. While some battles did take place in the summer months, most took place in the cooler spring, winter and fall months. The Templars too were great, perhaps the greatest humanists that the world has ever known.

Remember that while most of Europe suffered in a quagmire of poverty, and disease, these original Templar families were schooled in Muslim Spain, they knew, accepted, and acted so that not only could the Grail families reacquire their ancient kingdom, and knowledge, they set themselves up so that they could bring this better way of living back to long-suffering Europe as well

By the end of the 1200s the order was beginning to feel the pressure that the Roman Catholic Church was exerting on them, as early as 1020 a monk from Burgundy had accused the order of devil worship, secret sex orgies, and burning alive the children conceived at these alleged orgies and their ashes ingested. If you ask me this guy Raoul Glabber was one twisted SOB to even consider this privately in his own mind much less declare these horrible thoughts publicly!!! This from a catholic monk, I wonder, burning a child alive then eating its ashes, does this compare to today’s catholic priests sexually assaulting children and not so figuratively eating that child’s’ soul? I have to wonder if they teach this stuff at seminary school! Anyway, Glabber’s false accusation was just an indicator of what was to follow. With the fall of the Umayyad Empire in Cordoba pro catholic kings were making their presence felt.

It’s at this point we can introduce the Cathars, a powerful sect of the Essenes/Celtic church. They supposedly came out of the Baltic States and were noted for their protestation of the corruption and lack of toleration that the catholic church regularly engaged in towards Muslims and Jews. King Robert I of France – acting on orders from the papacy, started what can only be called genocide (One that lasted for centuries) by taking fourteen heads of the Cathar church and had them burned alive after a complete farce of a trial. Pope Innocent III (1198 – 1216) called the Cathars an infectious disease. So what was so wrong or bad about the Cathars? In essence the Cathars believed that the earth was/is a battlefield, and that our physical bodies are evil and our spiritual body is of light and energy, and in the end good trumps evil each and every time. That doesn’t sound so bad, or does it? To the catholic church this was pure heresy, why? Well because it takes god and fear out of the equation. The church has always used fear of Satan and everlasting hell as a fulcrum to cause folks to fear for their eternal souls, thus making it easier to control them and take influence away from the Cathars, and Celtic church. This Satan thing has always bugged me, in the beginning he tells Adam and Eve to eat the apple or else, yet in many other instances throughout the Old Testament Satan is shown to be god’s helper or messenger, an important guy when we consider that he was serving our ANNUNAKI overlords. Okay fine in every instance he may have delivered grim news but, that information ends up helping more than just a few good people. So how does that make Satan evil? The Cathars too had a two-part baptism which involved the perfect – the Cathar name for priest – saying a prayer called Pater for the initiate which talked about the individuals intention to reintegrate themselves back into their original spiritual world. The second part involved the perfect holding the book of the Gospels open above the initiates head open to the Gospel of St John. St John is one of the very few who interprets the true meaning of Jesus’ initiatory rites. The white dove was the symbol of both the Cathars and Celtic church; it was stolen by Rome to represent the Holy Spirit. It was also used by Muslims to represent the universal soul of mankind. The Cathars refer to Jesus as the helper of God or servant of God much the same way as the Koran does.

This is a map signifying the routes of the Cathar castles (Blue squares and lines) in the south of France around the turn of the 13th century
Pope Innocent III excommunicating the Albigensians on the left, Albigensians being slaughtered on the right, of who undoubtedly suffered genocide.
The Occitan Cross

This Occitan cross was a rallying symbol for the Cathars. Today nothing remains of the religion of the Cathars thanks to the catholic crusades against them, men, women, and children were slaughtered, burned alive, they were just as thorough in destroying books, scrolls, it was truly genocide on a massive scale.

These poor fellows are about to be burned alive at the stake

It’s a damned shame that such beauty and grandeur had to be destroyed in the name of religion. There are some caves near Ornolac where the Cathars carved some pentagons into the walls, if you walk backwards into it you can find yourself representing the symbol of Hermes Trismegistus. The Cathars called this the cross of life. It’s also the way they portray Christ on the cross and this is important, he’s not crucified. There seems to be over forty of these caves and all of them seem to be oriented towards the magnetic North Pole, where according to many ancient religious traditions claim that a King of Light had come from. There’s that word again – LIGHT -, recall that our ANNUNAKI overlords were called the Shinning Ones, and that the Templars through their archaeological work to some degree had rediscovered gold’s’ transmutable properties. In many instances they were able to capture the “light” that s created when gold turns from a vapour to its single atom state. In many of their cathedrals they were able to infuse this light into the stained glass windows.

This is from the Chartres Cathedral, it’s panel# 23

It represents the holy spirit descending from the celestial city. Huh, funny isn’t it? We know what and who the dove represents and, we know where they came from so, why wont the church recognize it too? I mean the truth of it is staring right at them in the window!

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