The Akasha

August 15, 2020

In my last article Finding Hope, I ask the questions, Why though? What is the point? As you will recall the article talks about domestic abuse, and how we exist in a separate realm called the Kundalini, and incredibly, how we arrive here, speaking that language. But why are we here in this realm? There is no question that things are extraordinarily harsh here. That harshness has been with us since the beginning; all the way back to 4 billion years ago, when we were but enzymes struggling for life in a volcanic mud pool. We were slaves to our stomachs, not that we had stomachs at that point but you know what I mean. We had no choice, we had to eat or die.

That concept of slaving to survive has followed us right through until today. The Bible from Exodus to Revelations talks about slavery, Exodus 21: 1-11 gives us a bunch of gobbly gook about what we can do with female slaves, married slaves, and children. Our Annunaki overlords, of course gave these rules and regulations, to us. And, it was these Annunaki who created us to be slaves to them. They began the practice of human trafficking, a practice that we find abhorrent, and in my eyes, makes the individuals who do it, no more than filthy parasites.

My opinion of human traffickers

So, what does slavery, domestic violence, and our purposes here in this realm have to do with each other? As a slave, every imaginable indignity will be done to that individual with the sole purpose of breaking that individual mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in order to make him/her as pliable as possible. The same can be said in cases of domestic abuse, this is where the abuser will assert absolute control over his/her victim(s).  

Lord Krsna assures us that there exists an infinite amount of dimensions that we can, do, and will live in during our immortality. In every one of those dimensions, our primary purpose is to learn, and teach for the sole benefit of our sacred selves, our light beings, those 21 grams that leave our dead corpses when these suits of meat and water no longer serve us.

Those 21 grams are the real you. You are star seed and are immortal

Whether or not we are the abused, or the abuser, we have harsh lessons to both teach, and learn from the experience. It may be that in previous incarnations, we have done equally shitty things to them or, because we, or they, have chosen to learn a new viewpoint, we have been thrown together in this realm to either hate, love, or just know them and whatever lesson is on the board. Now some of this information is available to us through the Akashic records. The question then becomes, will the guardians of that wondrous library share all of the necessary information with us? They always have our best interest in mind, so it is possible that they may feel that our light being has not attained enough maturity to be given the full story. That being said, they will share some stuff with us to help further our journey no matter what. The nice part about those guardians and that library is, we can access them, as many times as we need to in any incarnation. When we are in discussion with them our questions should not be yes or no questions or even when, a better line of questioning is how, and why. And no, do not confuse the Akashic records with ghosts and goblins and Ouija boards. That type of nonsense will do naught but lead you astray and confuse you. Another good practice in regards to the Akashic records is, when accessing them, make sure you are sober, no drugs or alcohol because both substances make your auric field wobbly. The stronger and more stable your aura is, the stronger your connection is to the Akashic records, which will help in your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing

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