They Found The Bible Was Wrong

August 21, 2020

Cordoba, Spain can be considered an Alexandria of the west, (as opposed to Alexandria, Egypt), for over 300 years, its influence on western learning was enormous. This was at that time the largest city in Europe, it boasted 80 thousand market stalls, 900 bath houses – remember that the rest of Europe was festering in personal filth and disease, and close to 1000 mosques, add to that many Christian churches, and Jewish synagogues. All these functioned normally under the Islamic hierarchy, something that could not be said for the rest of Europe. Cordoba was a place of learning with a couple of libraries housing over 400,000 books.

Cordoba led the world in mysticism, science, and technology, most people think that these came to us through Jewish practices; they really came to us through Islam with a hint of Judaic philosophy. Thanks to this place the west was opened to medicine, astrology, geography, agriculture, pure mathematics, the fact that planetary orbits are not circular but ovoid, thus beating Johannes Kepler by centuries. Unlike the Christian Church, Islam, in its infancy, never rejected the ancient knowledge of the territories they took over, it simply took that information and translated it into Arabic and disseminated it throughout the empire. Hmm, what did the Roman Catholic Church do to north, central, South America, Africa, Japan, and everywhere else it went? Crushed the local belief systems is what they did.

It’s thanks to Islam that we have the three-course meal – soup, meat, desert was introduced to Europe. So was Sugar Cane. Up until then Europe sweetened itself with honey. Most Christian rulers insisted on having Muslim doctors. These doctors kept themselves clean, performed Cesarean sections, and sterilized surgical instruments. They translated Hippocrates, and Galen into Arabic, and even found correctly that Galen could often be wrong. So what do all these things have in common? In a word, SERVICE.  Cordoba also boasted a standing army of at least 100,000 men, and it took the GDP of one-third of the country to maintain it. Many of the governmental departments that we have today are based on Cordoba’s model, trade, finance, justice, diplomacy and defense. They had a fine court system as well that protected commercial interests and personal ones with equality.

Shifting focus now a little, we know how the church in general and the Roman Catholic Church in particular feels about women in the clergy, we here at kristuzac find this position to be incredibly foolish. In the tenth century AD the Papacy was led by a women dubbed Pope Joan, she disguised herself as a man and gave birth in a street during a procession going back to Rome. Pope John X – 914 – 928 AD was an adulterous S.O.B. because the woman named Theadora was married to Theophilact, a Greek patrician. She married her daughter Marozia to Pope Sergius III 904 – 911 AD, and their son became Pope John XI 931 – 935 AD. Marozia’s grandson by her second marriage became Pope John XII 955 – 964 AD. HMM adultery, divorce, cross-dressing, not to mention pedophilia, at least in today’s world has caused the catholic church to have wandered far from its “Holy Purpose”. We are not quite finished with Marozia though, after the death of Sylvester II her two great grandsons became Popes Benedict VIII 1012 – 1024 AD and Pope John XIX. Benedict was pope three times, 1012 – 1024, then again in 1045, and then finally in 1047 – 1048, he died in 1049. Having sold the office to Gregorius VI and Damasus II. It may interest you to know that Sylvester II was Jewish, and was closely related to the Grail bloodline. Sylvester II in many small ways began to set seeds growing that would ultimately lead to the first crusade.

There has been a lot written about the crusades, most of it gets tied up in how it was a Christian thing fighting against the unholy Muslim tides. In many respects, this is simply inaccurate. In 1096 when the first crusade began, we must remember that Cordoba had been and still was a major learning center for the European nobility and, that these families were still heavily influenced by their Judaic/essene/grail family nobility. When Hugues de Vermandois, Godfroid de Bouillon – Duke of Lower Lorraine, and his brother Baudouin, Bohemund and Tancred of Sicily, Raymond de Toulouse, Robert de Flanders, Robert de Normandie, Etienne de Blois – Count of Boulogne, and Adhemar, papal legate and bishop of Puy, all closely related to one another decided to embark on this first crusade, the conspiracy was huge. They wanted to do no less than put a Grail king back on his rightful throne in Palestine and have him rule an empire the size of King Solomon’s’. This effort was never conceived by a pope; in fact, the last thing these guys wanted was papal interference.

This is the true extent of King David’s empire

Yes, there was unquestionably a religious aspect to the crusade but not in the way, you may think. As stated previously when Islam invaded a territory they would guarantee the safety of the inhabitants of the area, and indeed, they did. The problem was when the Byzantines – Turks turned to Islam and invaded new areas; they would burn, rape, and pillage often leaving nothing but wonton destruction in their wake. This type of behavior was of course against the tenets of Islam and provided reason enough alone for someone to stage an intervention. Remember that these guys had been taught by mostly Muslim scholars where they had been steeped in Islamic poetry where the grail romances and legends had programmed them towards chivalry and service.

Jerusalem was eventually reached on June 7, 1099 and fell on July 15, 1099 AD,

The fall of Jerusalem in 1099 was accompanied by a blood bath. The crusader army ran amok and killed wantonly so that the streets ran red with the blood of innocents.

there has been a lot written about how the Templars excavated under the Temple of Solomon, to some extent this is true, however, having dug down to the level of the first temple, they could find no evidence of its foundation. So the obvious question was where was it?

To help answer that we must delve into somewhat strange territory, in almost everything written about the Templars, the Templars being a Christian order. When we learned how Islam felt about the Roman Catholic Church, it seems utterly impossible that a Muslim leader would make a treaty with an Roman Catholic one. Seeing as how the founding members of the Knight Templar were schooled by Muslims, and that their families were inter-married with the Islamic hierarchy in Cordoba, and that lineage takes them back to Muhammad, and on back through time to Jesus; and the ancient grail kings of old, is it not possible that the Templars were actually Muslim instead of Christian? There is a story of a Frankish knight finding a Muslim praying towards Mecca under the Dome of the Rock, losing his temper the knight told this fellow that he was praying in the wrong direction. Later this knight was read the riot act by his fellow knights and told that he should not again enter the place until he had learned some manners and tolerance. While this is far from conclusive evidence, it does indicate the sympathetic leanings of the majority of the Templars.

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