We Have It All Wrong

September 7, 2020

As we continue our endeavor to learn about the dragon, grail, gold, freemasonry, and its connection to Islam, we left our last article with a question. Where is the foundation to the first Temple of Solomon?

The Templars were to find thanks to their affiliation with the Islamic Order of Assassins that there was more to know about Mecca and Arabia than met the eye. That the Order of Assassins was a deadly force to be reckoned with cannot be argued. However, when we take the root of the word assassin, assas, the name of the order now becomes the guardians of knowledge. Wow two gnostic (from the Greek Knosis -to know) orders doing business together for the betterment of humanity, it is no wonder the Templars reached the incredible success that they did.

In other articles, we have proposed the idea that Israel is somewhat mis-located. We believe that part of the reason for this is from the switch in language.  The Jews before the Babylonian captivity spoke Hebrew, during the captivity they learned and spoke, Akkadian. When Cyrus the Great released the Jews circa 538 B.C., geographical knowledge was lost as the Jews learned a new language, Aramaic.  To their amazement, the Templars were to find physical proof in the  northwestern deserts of Saudi Arabia. Most historians except Graham Hancock, and Tim Wallace-Murphy, would agree that the Templars didn’t make it as far south as Ethiopia, and if they didn’t, why might I ask is there Templar architecture in Ethiopian archeological sites? Again, I think it’s a case of science being fooled by preconception. Not to go into too much detail, what we mean is, we are so used to thinking in the way that we’ve been taught to, and in doing so we continually trip ourselves up by it when we encounter new and radical ideas. So in short, when the new idea stares us in the face and makes terrifically good sense, we refuse to acknowledge it because it doesn’t conform to our learned expectation. Yet the new idea was precisely what we were looking for. While travelling south the Templars found near identical names of Jewish cities

Right, now with that cleared up, so in our endeavor to understand why the foundation to the Temple of Solomon isn’t where it’s supposed to be we need to understand a little more about Mecca. You’ll recall the stone that was taken by Adam when he and Eve were kicked out of Eden, he then gave it to his son Seth, it was then passed on down through time and landed up in the hands of Noah. As we know, he made it into an altar on Mount Ararat, which is in Turkey after the flood. His descendent Abraham got hold of it and his grandson Jacob set it in the pillar to represent the ladder. Moses – Pharaoh Akhenaten carried it out of Egypt during the exodus in 1364 BC. Later Solomon discovered it during excavations for the temple in Jerusalem. This stone is a perfect cube

The foundation stone of the Temple of Solomon

And engraved upon it is the name of God, Kybela. The Hebrews forgot this word during the Babylonian captivity.

This stone is supposed to be the cornerstone of the temple, so what’s it doing in Mecca? What became incredibly clear to the Templars through their excavations was the Old Testament place names could not be found in Palestine and that something was seriously amiss. Babylon sacked Jerusalem in 586 BC and took the population of Judah to Babylon. There for some say 50 and others 70 years, the Jewish people lived and became familiar with the religions of the area, and indeed even adopted many aspects of them. In 1999 AD professor Zeev Herzog of Tel Aviv University said that after 70 years of intense archeological research there is no evidence of Moses wandering for 40 years in the desert, no battles, and no proof that the Jewish kingdoms of David and Solomon were ever there.

The stunning truth of the Templar discovery.

The logical question the Templars were asking themselves was, are we in the wrong place? While traveling south the Templars found remnants of Jewish cities of the Old Testament in western Arabia, stretching from the port of Jidda to Jizzan. The discovery of these place names was documented by Lebanese professor Kamal Salibi in 1985 AD. Israel has scoffed at this major discovery and refuses to believe that they might have it all wrong throughout the last 2,500 years.

So what do we think? We know that the mass resettlement of people is nothing new, the Americans did it in Vietnam, Hitler did it during the holocaust, the British in South Africa, so is it not entirely possible that the Persian King Cyrus simply told the Judean people in 539 BC where to settle after their release from Babylon? The obvious answer to that is, of course.

In essence what we have happening is, we have many people on the move, they’ve got no real connection to Israel except those of their grandparents. They’ve been held by the Persian King, they’re used to his government and are equally used to doing what they are told to do. Adopting a new place-name is nothing special; we have Nova Scotia CA or New Scotland, Halifax NS, York Ontario. The Judean king at the time Zerubbabel, his name actually means born in Babel.

In a stunning twist, the Templars actually found the original Jerusalem, just a tiny village yes, but in the surrounding areas they found all the Biblical mentions of gates as we find in the Torah as well; Jeremiah 37:13, 38:7, Zechariah 14:10, 2 Kings 14:13, 11:6 Chronicles 25:23, and the list goes on. Now that the Templars knew where the right Jerusalem was, the answer to this and many other vexing old testament vs. Palestine questions could properly be answered, including the location of Sodom and Gomorrah, which of course still hasn’t been located in Palestine/ Israel.

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