Real Roman Power

September 12, 2020

 The church did Jesus Christ an immense dis-service by deifying him.  Have you ever wondered what he was like as a child? Maybe asked yourself what type of music he listened to? Or wondered if he enjoyed sports or any type of competition? We know that he was in competition with his brother James… James too was eligible to be a Christ, (king). In some ways, James was more eligible than Jesus was. He had been born in the proper time, whereas Jesus had been born out of turn. James had the unquestioning support of the aristocracy, whereas Jesus did not, his birth date being the main source of irritation. The rules of dynastic matrimony were of course, quite different from those of Jewish marital norm of that time.  Rules around procreation were explicitly defined, and meant a celibate lifestyle. Sexual relations were allowed after 3 months of espousal, or the first marriage in September. Relations would be put on hold after that, until the first half of December. This to ensure that if, and when a Messianic birth occurred, it would take place in the atonement month of September. If the almah in general, and Mary in particular, did not conceive, they would have to wait until the following December to try again, and so on. The problem was, Jesus was born out of sequence, he was born on March 1, so he had to have been conceived in the previous either late June or early July, which means our Davidic Dad Joseph was a horny bugger, or our mother Mary was, hell maybe both, obviously they couldn’t keep their bits to themselves.

Joe is portrayed as an old man, that never made sense to me. Jesus had numerous brothers and sisters, Joe was evidently quite virile

 As I have stated elsewhere, Jesus was a descendant of the Grail bloodline, as such, he was privy to some pretty esoteric information, as were the entire essene community. From information garnered from the bible, and the dead sea scrolls, we find that Jesus or alternatively, Yahoshua ben Joseph – son of Joseph, was deeply unpopular in both Qumran and Jerusalem because he joined both the crown and priesthood together as one. These would become the twin pillars of Freemasonry.  Jesus and his closest colleagues used special words or phrases as metaphors, some of which included sinners, harlots, drunks, and prostitutes. These meant simply that they were people who associated with Romans. As we go forward on this Grail quest, we will investigate at length the Essene code, which allowed them to plan guerilla strikes against Rome. The Essenes used a simulated resurrection ceremony for initiates like Peter and Andrew. Before the ceremony they were thought to be spiritually dead, then they were raised or resurrected and were now among the living. The tale of Lazarus shows that that a person could be temporarily “dead”, and then raised again to life.

It’s thanks to Paul’s literal interpretation of Jesus’s parables, that today we have no understanding of the true teachings of Jesus’s Church of Jerusalem

After the death of Jesus, who really escaped to Srinagar India, his brother James returned to Qumran to figure out what to do next. He was now the Messiah, and he was a strong leader. The silliness that we read that he never bathed is utter nonsense. The killing of Christ created a lot of publicity throughout the empire; the news deeply affected a Jew from southern Turkey named Saul. He had been raised as a Jew, but nowhere near as disciplined as the Essene followers of YHWH Enlil. The Essenes followed a code of 613 commandments

Saul/Paul was without doubt, an agent of the Roman Empire; it was his job to put down any remaining vestiges of Jewish rebellion. It is very likely that Paul was purely responsible for the persecution of the Mandaens of southern Iraq, of whose migration from Israel is dated to 37 AD. Paul was the scourge of the Israeli freedom movement for the better part of 20 years. In Acts, 22:14 we find that he finally meets James Just. We know that he failed utterly to understand the Essene message, and immediately developed a Hellenistic fascination for the story of Christ’s death, and his role as a sacrificial lamb. Paul was never admitted in to the secrets of the Essene community.  It took a minimum of 3 years training to become a brother of the Qumran community.

It was Paul who invented the word or cult if you prefer, Christian, which was Greek for messiah. He admitted that he never knew Jesus. He was the first to apply literalism to Christ’s allegory. He also falsely claimed that he had the support of Simon Peter, who issued a warning against any other authority but the Nazorean leadership: “Wherefore observe the greatest caution, that you believe no teacher, unless he brings from Jerusalem the testimonial of James, the Lord’s brother”. Paul was the spouter of lies who led Israel astray without a way. Way being a typical Essene play on words, (the Sumerian language too is known for its complex play on words) relates to removing the boundary markers of the law.  Paul lied about his training as a Pharisee, about the mission of Christ, and taught that the law of the Jews was unimportant. Paul’s letters tell us that apostles from James’s Church of Jerusalem were sent to his chosen areas to contradict his teachings. In 1 Corinthians 9:20-25 he admits that he is an unscrupulous liar and, has utter disregard for the Church of Jerusalem. Unfortunately for humanity, Paul escaped the riot in Jerusalem, by sheltering in the roman fort, which abutted the temple.

Most Christians today, are ignorant of the fact that Jesus’s ministry lasted for just one year, and his brother James’s lasted for twenty. The Catholic Church works hard to suppress this information, because it has the potential to unravel their lie about the deification of Jesus.

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