The Mothman

October 24, 2020

We have lived in many different dimensions, and there are beings who escort us home.

Science has a problem called string theory. It is an idea that allows anything, anywhere, anytime to happen, or exist. The idea allows up to eleven different dimensions to exist simultaneously. The problem with that is, each dimension gets exponentially smaller. In and of itself, this is not a problem for you and I because; we exist as beings of light and energy. A light photon does not require a whole lot of space. Size here is not the issue, the real issue is the actual number of dimensions. Krsna assures Arjuna that there are limitless dimensions for us to occupy. Numbers do not lie, nor do they tell the complete truth. A number is an arbitrarily given value, logical, clean, and an incredibly awesome way to organize stuff, but it cannot account for concepts such as infinity. Yes, there are models and theorems for infinity but they are only ideas. We as humans, beings of light and energy, can account for infinity, the symbol being,  


  but more than just a simple symbol, we have the Akashic Record as proof of our enormously long and complex lives. It does not really matter whether you believe that our existence is inside a hologram, a matrix, or that there is no type of afterlife at all. We experience this life and its events are recorded, and, our previous lives are accessible to us. That is right, lives, plural.

In previous articles, I have alluded to how our present incarnation has a purpose. That purpose being to teach, learn, or simply be part of a lesson for another, this last bit is likely the role that friends and neighbours play. Major events of our lives be they good, bad, or horrendous, have our, if not permission, at least our unwilling consent. This consent is given while we are still in the kundalini, at a type of briefing given before we are incarcerated here in this realm. Incarcerated ,as you follow along on this grail quest, you will eventually understand why I choose that word very deliberately. When a human baby is born, there are expected milestones at certain ages that we expect it to hit so we can monitor its health. Similarly, during our incarceration, there too are milestones we must get to so that the purpose of our incarceration is being served. It makes no difference as to what the nature of that moment is, but we need to have it happen to us. Missing a bus, being shot, an incredibly savage act of violence, watching  a childbirth, bumping into someone on a subway platform and unknowingly preventing a suicide. The possibilities and permutations are endless, and I could not possibly note them all. Every major life interaction is influenced, and must take place to further the lesson either being taught to us, or being learned by another

These influencers are pan dimensional beings that are commonly referred to as

Our pan-dimensional escorts

Mothmen. You may be Unfamiliar with the term, and it is no wonder if you are. Our ancestors of 250,000 years ago were familiar with them, and, depictions of them have been found in prehistoric cave dwellings. The term was more or less popularized by the 2002 Hollywood film starring Richard Gere, The Mothman Prophesies. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about who and, what they are. Many believe that they are demonic in nature. This is blatantly untrue. They are doubtlessly a force to be wary of, but they are really no more than gatekeepers. The scene in the film where Gere seems to be overwhelmed by its omnipotence, can be easily explained by the fact that, it has our file to hand. Remember that these interactions were planned while we were still citizens of the kundalini. These odd-looking critters will likely appear more normally as angels to our unfettered light beings, where our eyes are not filtered by lenses that prevent us from seeing our real universe.

My former life partner had a not so subtle experience of its ability to directly influence our physical reality. At the time, we lived in a small community; it was February, cold, and sunny. The sidewalk in front of the pharmacy was dry; there was a two-foot high plow mark at the curb. The pharmacy out of courtesy had cut several walkways through the plow mark. The road in front of the pharmacy where she had parked was bone dry. She got out of the car normally, walked around the rear of the car approaching the cut through plow mark, as she reached the center of the car, she says that she felt a hard shove on her left shoulder, which caused her to fall forward doing a face plant in to the snow of the plow mark. The street had been deserted, the only witness to this event was a customer who was coming out of the pharmacy, who stated that it looked as if someone had been behind my partner, and had shoved her hard, which was ridiculous because the street had been deserted!

A similar incident

So what the fuck was that all about? Perhaps it was just a demon being mean? No, there was purpose to that incident. Here we learn about the subtleness of their influence on our lives. For the purpose of privacy, I will not go in to too many details. At the time, she had a serious medical condition that we had been monitoring for some years. The thing had been stable, however, after the incident there was abrupt acute worsening of the condition. So why would a Mothman want to change what had been a stable situation?

As stated above, we all contribute to each other’s grail journey, that certain events or nexus points must be reached. In changing my ex’s circumstance, it hurried the date of her eventual surgery, which allowed events that took place afterwards to match up simultaneously. At the same time, other people’s paths may have been moving along exactly as required or not, as was the case in my experience.   

My own experience of the Mothman was far more subtle and far more dangerous. As I have said I am a truck driver with 31 years of experience, so understand that when I say, that the equipment failures were uncommon, it is the voice of experience that knows. My story started down in Mississippi U.S.A, my load was headed for the Cami plant in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, about a 45-minute drive from home. I was picking up a load of tires; the trailer was practically brand new. As I did my pre-trip inspection, I discovered that the trailer was not holding its air supply and as I physically inspected it to discover where the air leak was coming from, I found that the air tank located above the tandems, (trailer axle tires) had a broken valve stem. This tank is mounted to the chassis of the trailer, and is fairly well protected, and a broken valve there is almost unknown. Not to mention that the broken part was lying on the ground not far from where it should have been securely part of the tank. If it had been blown off from too much air pressure, it is likely it would have been some considerable distance away. That repair delayed me some six hours, where normal repairs by mobile service units are closer to four-hour delays. My next delay was coming up through Kentucky, I blew the ROR (right outside rear) tire on my tractor, this delayed me again by six hours. My third and final mechanical delay was in Indiana, where it was my LIF (left inside front) tire that blew on my tractor. This delay again cost me a six hour delay, where once repaired, I had just enough time left on my HOS (hours of service) to get me across the border and to the Husky truckstop in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It is not uncommon for truck tires to blow but, it is very uncommon for it to happen when it is an almost brand new truck. My tractor had less than 5,000 miles on it. I went to bed, did my mandatory 10 hour break to stay within compliance for both Canadian and U.S. HOS regulations then started my day to deliver in Ingersoll. Forty minutes later, I was involved in a MVA (motor vehicle accident) that was life changing.

I believe that the mechanical delays were deliberate to delay me long enough so that mine and the car’s occupant time line converged exactly at that time and place, the 66-kilometer marker on highway 401 eastbound in Ontario, Canada.

So why what the?? Great fucking question. In our article, “Where Is Clarity?”, we talk about life lessons and purpose. The severity of the accident, my response to the aftermath, my eventual diagnosis of PTSD, and, the crushing effect that the diagnosis of PTSD had on my ego was the desired effect of the entire effort. Up until that point in my life, I had essentially waltzed through all the bad stuff that had happened to me. I had believed that I was impervious to injury, break me, and hurt me, like fuck! Never for an instant had it ever occurred to me to humble myself. The harder somebody made my life was the harder I pushed back, get the fuck off me cockroach!

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