Super Ordinate Goals

November 28, 2020

Back in 2016, while struggling with a period of personal upheaval, I attempted to write an article that explained the startling connection between J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and the Holy Grail. The article fell flat, and I could not finish it nor could I delete it. It was not that I did not understand the connection, though I did have to read the trilogy a number of times to cement the multiple meanings in to my head. Not only is LOTR an incredible story, it is also an incredibly accurate allegory of everything that the Grail represents. If we include Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion” in to the LOTR story, we are given a far more complete idea of the story’s antagonist Sauron. In understanding Sauron’s role, and the equal role that the ring plays, we can understand how it is that the story’s fellowship of the ring develops and why it had to.

This Super Ordinate Goal is about service to human kind. There is no higher calling.

While at Rivendale, select citizens of Middle-earth discuss Sauron’s growing power and influence, and Frodo the Hobbit’s possession of the ring. The discussion talks about how the ring must be taken to Mordor and destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom. It is during this discussion that we learn something about Mordor, the character of its geography, climate, and citizenship. In essence, we learn that Mordor is hell on earth. The air is poisonous; the ground is barren and unable to support life, and the citizenry war-like and mutated.

 From “The Silmarillion” through to the conclusion of  ”The Return of the King”, we are made to realize that the climate of Mordor and really, all of middle earth is being forcibly changed by the noxious emissions of Mount Doom. This is accomplished by the growing population of Mordor, and the growing strength and influence of Sauron. The Hobbits, humans, elves, dwarves, and a wizard, whom I choose to call a savant, form the fellowship of the ring, and set themselves a super ordinate goal. Here we have a disparate group of races, form a united front to defeat Sauron.

Now, in too many ways we as inhabitants of Gaia are facing many of the same issues as the dwellers of Middle-earth. Sauron may well be a super natural imaginary figure, and Mount Doom an imaginary place, but they both symbolize real things in our real world. The causes of climate change are many and varied; some are even natural as is demonstrated by Mount Doom. As of September 17, 2020 there are 43 volcanoes erupting on earth. Science estimates that worldwide volcanoes emit 1.5 million tons of CO² in to the atmosphere daily, frighteningly; this is only a fraction (2%) of what human activity does.

Methane too is a huge contributor to green- house emissions; it is the main component of what natural gas is made of. Over a 20-year period, it is capable of trapping 70 times more heat than CO². In Canada, the oil and gas sector is the biggest methane polluter. Although the scale of industrial polluting is serious, I tend to believe that what we cannot properly track is scarier; that would be the entire arctic tundra where biomass locked up in the permafrost is now melting and decaying. I would imagine that at some point we will put a satellite up to monitor said emissions, but that in itself presents another problem, space junk. As of October 2020, there are 6,000 satellites in orbit, but only 40% of them are operational.

Earth’s orbit could become a no go zone leaving us trapped on a dying world, having caused our own extinction.

SpaceX plans to launch up to 42,000 Starlink satellites in to low earth orbit, satellites already in orbit are interfering with astronomers efforts to get clear images from earthbound telescopes.  This is not the only problem though, with more than 500,000 pieces of space debris in orbit, it is becoming more and more difficult for NASA, the Russians and SpaceX to find clear launch paths. The first piece of space junk was Sputnik 1; it escaped earth’s gravity on October 4, 1957, it remained in a distant orbit until January 4, 1958 when it reentered earth’s atmosphere and burned up. Its only occupant Laika was a dog and it died during reentry. I do not like to fear monger, but with 42,000 pieces of stuff in orbit, it at least statistically makes it likely that a scenario such as that presented in the Hollywood film “Gravity” a possibility. If such a thing was to take place involving 42,000 satellites, the resulting mess would make earth’s orbit a no-go zone unless, we were able to develop shield technology such as displayed by the Star Trek universe. This is not as far- fetched as it may seem, the unique properties of MFKZT may allow for the development of shielding technologies, as it has anti-gravity properties. The real problem is of course, speed. If you watch a video from the ISS docking, everything seems to happen in slow motion; however, the ISS is travelling at 7.66 km/s or, 17,500 mph, which is terrifically fast. The thing of it is, all that stuff up there is travelling just as fast. So if we were to try to clean up, we would need something able to better that speed, stop relative to the object’s speed, collect the object, then accelerate to locate the next object, then repeat; then how do we dispose of these fragments? SpaceX boosters are reusable, which is incredible but is doubtlessly phenomenally expensive ($57 million or $2,500 per pound to orbit), again, MFKZT may provide an answer because of its anti-gravity properties. MFKZT may actually allow us to reach faster than light travel, which will enable us to reach the stars.

 Certainly as it stands today, the environmental situation on earth or above seems bleak, the idea of runaway global warming turning our earth into another Venus is terrifying. The youth of today are scared, and they should be. Young Greta Thunberg, the Swedish activist is to be praised for her efforts to be both angry at the generations before her and, to try to enable the young of her generation to awareness and action on climate change. Donald Trump is an idiot, so is Vladimir Putin, Justin Trudeau is not far behind on the scale of idiocy, as are most world leaders.

If one good thing has happened during the Covid 19 pandemic it has been this, the world of medical science came together for a SUPER ORDINATE GOAL, we need to equally come together for a far more important SUPER ORDINATE GOAL, the saving of our planet. If the Annunaki could mount mission earth to save Nibiru, it should be easy for us to save earth.

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