The Americas

November 29, 2020

 Fifteen years ago, I asked my mentor what role Canada might have played in all this Holy Grail stuff. His answer was that it did not have a role to play for the simple reason that, at the time, Canada was covered in mile high glaciers from the last ice age; and that the bible’s Old Testament took place entirely during the last ice age. Not really wanting to accept that, I kind of stumbled on to a tenuous part for Canada, of which we are still playing.

Back in grade 10 geography class, I had asked Mr. Black, the teacher, if it was possible for the earth’s crust under the glaciers to rebound from the weight of the glaciers after they melted. He said honestly that he did not know, and I accepted that. Only the question stayed in the back of my head somewhere, and only in the last 6 years did I get an answer. Having lived on the shores of the Great Lakes my entire life, I find myself paying attention to their health, which of course means their water levels too. I had been hearing reports that the lower lakes had higher levels than normal, and that Lake Superior, the largest and most northern had lower levels than normal; and that the Lakers (10,000 + ton) commercial vessels were having difficulty docking because of the low water levels. Both the Canadian and American Geologic Survey people began to look in to it, they found after placing GPS units around the Great Lakes basin that the earth’s crust under Lake Superior was rising or still rebounding from the weight of the glaciers melting! This was causing Lake Superior to act like a giant teakettle for the rest of the lakes.

Okay that is interesting, but what’s the tenuous connection you are asking. Bear with me, I am getting there. Now as stated elsewhere throughout these articles, as the Annunaki home world Nibiru approaches our neck of the woods, its gravity wreaks havoc on Gaia. There is always an uptick in earthquakes and other natural phenomenon, which we may already be feeling. The last time that Nibiru was in the area, it caused the abrupt end of the last ice age by causing an enormous chunk of ice to slide off of Antarctica. The resulting Tsunamis and the melting of those ice sheets and glaciers caused the great flood.

The bible’s great flood was caused by abrupt climate change.

In another article, we will clarify who the real Noah was, and what the Ark really was; and how they got two of everything on to it, and why the animals did not fight amongst themselves, something the Nanny would surely like to know!

The Great Flood, it does not matter where you are in the world, the indigenous people have a legend about it that almost precisely matches the details in the bible, how can that be? Especially since there was no contact between east and west. But it is not just the flood; they have creation stories that are startlingly familiar as well. The Maya had extensive paper libraries, formed from barks laminated with white lime to form a base for inked glyphs. Unfortunately, the Mayan hieroglyphic language is still a long way from being translated completely. One of the greatest ironies of the Spanish conquest of Mesoamerica is, in the Roman church’s zeal to destroy Mayan history and their libraries, most notably by Bishop Landa; this same Bishop ended up preserving much of the Mayan writings in his own writings!

A catholic Bishop whose unholy zeal has caused tremendous trouble for future historians,

Probably the most famous event of Diego de Landa’s career happened on July 12, 1561, when he ordered a pyre to be prepared on the main square of the town of Maní, just outside the Franciscan church, and burnt several thousand objects worshiped by the Maya and believed by the Spaniard to be the work the devil. Among these objects, collected by him and other friars from the nearby villages, there were several codices, precious folding books where the Maya recorded their history, beliefs, and astronomy.

In his own words De Landa said, “We found many books with these letters, and because they contained nothing that was free from superstition and the devil’s trickery, we burnt them, which the Indians greatly lamented”.

Because of his rigid and harsh conduct against the Yucatec Maya, De Landa was forced to return to Spain in 1563 where he faced trial. In 1566, to explain his actions while waiting for the trial, he wrote the Relacíon de las Cosas de Yucatan (Relation on the incidents of Yucatan).

In 1573, cleared from every accusation, De Landa returned to Yucatan and was made a bishop, a position he held until his death in 1579.

One of the most important parts of De Landa’s Relación de las Cosas de Yucatan is the so-called “alphabet”, which became fundamental in the understanding and deciphering of Maya writing system.

Thanks to Maya scribes, who were taught and forced to write their language in Latin letters, De Landa recorded a list of Maya glyphs and their corresponding alphabet letters. De Landa was convinced that each glyph corresponded to a letter, like in the Latin alphabet, whereas the scribe was actually representing with Maya signs (glyphs) the sound is pronounced. Only in the 1950s after the phonetic and syllabic component of Maya script was understood by the Russian scholar Yuri Knorozov, and accepted by the Maya scholarly community, did it become clear that De Landa’s discovery had paved the way toward the decipherment of the Mayan writing system.

By the grace of god, thankfully Landa left us something.

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