What If (Part 2)

March 6, 2021

The Canadian Indian Act is something so horrid, so incredibly unfair that it has led to genocide plain and simple. The Ministry of Northern Affairs is the federal department of our government that is charged with supporting indigenous peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) and Northerners in their efforts to: improve social well-being and economic prosperity; develop healthier, more sustainable communities. What we have in this office and document cannot be the way!

This document makes me so incredibly angry that I can find no words to properly describe exactly how I feel.  The present Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised reconciliation with the indigenous peoples of this country, this “promise” is nothing but a farce as long as this document remains an active piece of legislation. This nightmare legislation needs to be repealed immediately and an apology needs to be publically made. Moreover, every employee and every member of their families of those employees of the ministry since its inception needs to be forced to live under the conditions of the present Indian Act for the same period of time in to the future as the Act stretches back in to history. Only in this way can a modicum of true justice be served. I firmly believe that genocide merits some good old Old Testament biblical eye for an eye justice.  We of course find this concept put in to practice in Freemasonry, with the story of Hiram Abif, and King Solomon, allowing Hiram’s three killers to choose their own manners of death

Hiram was murdered because he had been sworn to secrecy in regards to new skills he had learned and was demonstrating while building Solomon’s temple. The first one.

 My own outrage aside, as a ten year old boy I spent a lot of time reading in an attempt to escape the loneliness and isolation that I experienced at school. I read many of Farley Mowat’s books on the north, the arctic and the Inuit to be precise. In many of these books, he detailed how the Canadian government had forcibly moved these isolated and close-knit communities away from their traditional hunting/fishing grounds to places arbitrarily chosen by the government. In too many cases, these moves caused these communities to starve to death because of the lack of game. Many of these communities were wiped out. In many instances these “new” settlements were placed on small lakes where there was no entry or exit points for rivers or streams so if these lakes had fish in them, there was no way to replenish its stock naturally. That is correct; our Canadian government was literally starving its citizens to death. Not only was our indigenous population suffering these types of indignities, they were also suffering what is commonly referred to as the scoops. These “scoops” are more properly referred to as state sponsored kidnappings. These children were taken from their homes and placed in to residential schools where they suffered all manner of abuse. There is no way to quantify what type of abuse is worse; the only thing that matters here is this, that there is now several generations of indigenous parents who are/were emotionally crippled by their experiences at these residential schools.  Their communities continue to be haunted by the legacy of the residential schools, most notably by high rates of drug and alcohol abuse, which has led to further “scoops” in Labrador and Newfoundland fairly recently.

In some ways, our two societies begin to converge here. From the time of Noah and the great flood when kingship was lowered from heaven, the white man has enjoyed a sense of superiority. In some ways deserved, but in almost all others not. From the Annunaki we learned how to use technology to bulldoze our way through everything, most notably nature. As a result, we have created a world of incredible wealth and, great disparity. We live in a world where families must live and work together; parents must work two or three part time jobs to pay the rent but maybe not the utilities.  Our indigenous populations live in morbid poverty. Both populations and especially our youth struggle with hope for tomorrow, the youth of our indigenous peoples are in an epidemic of suicidal hopelessness.

So, is there hope? Can we fix any of it? I believe there is hope, if we take a two-pronged approach. What if the indigenous populations around the world, led the way? What if we the white man and our unbelievably stupid undeserved arrogance actually shut the fuck up and, truly asked the native populations for help. What if the indigenous populations came together to serve a common cause and taught us, the white man, how to be stewards of the land? What if?

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