Not My Favorite Topic

Someone once asked me if I believe in UFOs, I replied had he ever read the Bible? He said no, I recommended that he did because the bible is about people who came to earth in UFOs and proceeded to create humans.

The main reason for our creation was to act as slaves for these aliens and mine PGMs. After several Ill informed attempts to destroy their creation – us (floods, plagues) they did something far more unforgivable to us.

These Annunaki – who from heaven to earth came these guys were continually squabbling amongst themselves and one of these squabbles ended with the use of atomic weapons. They blew Sodom in the land of Gomorah to hell. Afterward, with great sorrow and contrition the sons of King Anu, the ruler of Nibiru signed a pact of non- interference amongst themselves. Which meant that they would never again involve us – their creation in their troubles.

Seems like a good thing does it not? Tens of millions of us had died in wars fought at their behest. So sure the wholesale slaughter of us stopped but, it did not stop their involvement with us completely.

They then set up layers of obfuscation, to both distance themselves from us and to maintain the fear factor. One of those layers of obfuscation was the creation of biomechanical creatures that the UFO community calls Greys. These “Greys” are supposedly responsible for what is commonly referred to as alien abductions.

Right, alien abduction, looney tune stuff. But maybe not. 350,000 years ago Enki and his sister Ninkharsag tinkered with the DNA of a bipedal, semi intelligent hominid that existed already on earth; and they added just 3% of their own DNA to the mix to get us. It may be possible, if not extremely likely, that they are continuing those medical experiments.

There is a great deal of fear and confusion around this idea, conspiracy theories and talk of alien hybrids. We are already alien hybrids so get used to it. Enki and Ninkharsag knew boundless sorrow as we died by the millions in the Great Flood, they mean us no further harm.

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