The Cardinal Rule

June 26, 2021

The Nanny, as I have made clear in previous discussions plays an incredibly important role in my life. She is an incredible woman, smart, sexy, kind, and perceptive as all get out. If she had received the proper support as a young woman, she would have excelled in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) fields. She is without question, one of the most intelligent people that it has been my pleasure to ever know. She is fascinated with all this Holy Grail stuff but she is not a history buff like myself, so some of the information herein goes right over her head.

My interest in history has always been spiritually centered, as I have related elsewhere, I have out of place memories, memories that can only be of previous incarnations in other dimensional realms. From the age of five or six years of age, I have sought answers to these memories and the search began in my children’s bible. Unsurprisingly there were no correct answers to be found in Christianity. As my Grail quest began back in the late 1990s, I thought I may have found hope, and indeed, as that hope grew from hope to certitude, the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. For those pieces to fit together though, the information had to be accurate, logical, with little or no speculation. One of the advantages of being an empath with an open 3rd eye is, the truth cannot be hidden from you. We are natural truthsayers. That being said, I have a responsibility to both myself, my friends, and to you the reader, to report facts as honestly and accurately as possible, my cardinal rule. That is why the following discussion breaks that rule, and, it is why the Nanny’s roving intelligence pleases me so much.

If you can’t poke fun at yourself, what’s the point?

Last week I was at a customer not far from Ottawa On, and typically, I was talking to the Nanny while waiting to get unloaded. I was casting about looking for ideas about what my next article should be about, and I asked the Nanny, is there anything that she wanted me to talk about. Without much hesitation, she says Nibiru. Then, she defines what it is about Nibiru she wants to know more about. What is it like on Nibiru? Well there is THE question. The following is mostly speculation, if anyone has better information I would love to hear from you about it. We are certain that Nibiru formed inside the Milky Way, and that it was expelled from its original solar system by its star going nova. We know that Nibiru was a rogue planet that drifted in to our region, and was captured by the gravity of Uranus and Neptune. What followed was the collision with Tiamat (Earth) when our planet’s orbit was between Mars and Jupiter.

Our original orbital position, and the collision with Nibiru/Marduk

We are confident of the fact that life on Nibiru evolved on Nibiru in much the same way as on Earth, the only real difference being that they are about one million years ahead of us. It is possible that we would be equal in age if not for the planetary collision and the subsequent wounding of Tiamat. Some suggest that Nibiru seeded earth with life at the time of the collision in a process called panspermia.

These things the Nanny can accept reasonably easily because its logical, what she really wants to know is, what is life on Nibiru really like? Is their society similar to ours? These are far tougher questions to answer. The Annage refer to their world as the planet of millions of years, this appellation doubtlessly refers to their enormously long life spans. Some researchers doubt the veracity of their said life spans, thinking that there must be separate generations holding the same titles and duties. The problem with that is, nowhere is there records of those official transfers of office.  Here is the thing of it though, it is very easy to be caught in the trap of comparing our lives to theirs. Our planet hurtles itself around our star in 365 days, Nibiru takes 3,600 of our years to complete just one orbit. The life there just as here on Earth inextricably tied to that orbital pattern.

The average lifespan of a human being is around 100 years  give or take a few years either way, my grandmother lived until she was 99. If we were to take that same age range on Nibiru, 99 x 3,600 =  356,400 earth years. By anyone’s measure, that is a very long time but it is still not their complete life span. Ninkharsag  stated that there was something in their DNA and ours too that she switched off in us so that our lifespans were nowhere close to theirs.

Now, without being too mixed up in the idea of living for several million years, let us try to imagine a life of just 356,400 years. As we are discovering here on earth, physical resources are a growing concern. Soon we are going to have to make a hard switch from non – renewable to sustainable energy. It is not known if Nibiru has oil, oil of course was created by enormous heat and pressure on vegetable matter. It is thought that Earth’s oil deposits were created by tectonic activity, and those deposits are being depleted rapidly as our planetary population grows. If Nibiru has/had oil, you would think that those deposits were used up entirely millions of years ago as their population grew and, the longevity of their lives used precious resources. They soon in their development must have developed alternative technologies to deal with the planets limited ability to sustain the life on it. Earth has a power source that Nibiru does not, solar power. Nibiru is enveloped in extremely thick volcanic cloud, these clouds and volcanos protect the planet from the extreme cold of space, and provide a source of heat by way of geo-thermal heating.

As we have learned in the course of these discussions, the universe is not about the physical objects around us, the plastic of your phone, the material of the clothes you wear, the metal of the car you drive; instead, it is about energy. Everything around us is about vibration, frequency, and its energy. One of those sources of energy is something called ley lines. Almost every Annunaki installation on Earth sat on or very near a ley line. As a result, they and soon us hopefully, were able to harness this endlessly renewable energy source.  We see their harvesting technology on the capstones of the pyramids of Giza,

Our planet’s natural energy grid. Some call it electro-magnetic. It is far more powerful than that. The day will come when we plug in to it as a continually renewable energy source.
The material used as capstones on the pyramids and Egyptian obelisks is called Tcham. It is an alloy partially made from MFKZT

 and their associated obelisks. This incredible technology is enabled by the high ward firestone, manna, MFKZT – gold.

One of innumerable remaining mysteries about Nibiru is, how do they feed themselves? Here on Earth our plants thrive through a process known as photosynthesis, which of course uses sunlight. Nibiru as described lacks the power of the sun due to two factors, one, its distance from the sun and two, its volcanic clouds block out any light from the sky. Here on Earth there are deep sea creatures that use bioluminescence, it may be possible that plant and animal life on Nibiru have a symbiotic relationship where there is a process that they work together for light, warmth, and energy. Or, it could be as simple as everything is grown in green houses.

As a side-note, I would love to hear from my readers for their opinions, suggestions and perhaps subject requests. I know that the Nanny will continue to throw me a curve ball every now and then. I’m also waiting for another discussion paper from her, we have not heard from her since November 2020.

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