Understanding Looniness

July 12, 2021

The church has lied to us for 1,721 years, it’s time to wake up to our true reality.

Reincarnation. It is a big subject with a lot of controversy around it. The Judean/Christian tradition does not allow for this as a possible end of life outcome. For that matter, neither does Islam. Islam too, is a created religion that was meant to sanitize religion and take the confusion out of it. When Islam was created circa 600 A.D., the Middle East was in religious chaos, there were still factions of Jesus’s Church of Jerusalem being practiced by many and, the relatively new 300-year-old Pauline Christian church was desperately trying to assert control as well. In addition, of course, geographically speaking, Israel was no more having been erased off the map by the Romans.

As we have discovered, Christianity is a created religion made up of a hodgepodge of misunderstood Christine/Pauline teachings, Sun God worship and, the Israelite God El Shaddai. The Israelis of course worshipping El Shaddai who is really the Annunaki god Enlil. Therefore, what we have in fact is, three world religions worshipping a shit head from another planet because all three religions have their base in the Jewish Torah. And you wonder why you are sat in a pew listening and none of it making sense.

Reincarnation is the idea that, when we die we come back and begin a new life, in a new human body or, some other form, maybe a fish, dog, perhaps a tree. According to the Akashic Record, we are known by our first name and family name from our first incarnation, which means that it is very unlikely that we reincarnate as a lower life form. Krsna assures us that during the course of our immortality, we will inhabit limitless dimensions and experience many different forms; all with ascension as the primary purpose. This of course means that we and the dog, tree, or fish can only go forwards and cannot regress. Beginning in the year 1391, the Dalai Lama has reincarnated here on Earth 13 times, over the course of those 630 years he has doubtlessly attained great wisdom. His stated purpose for these incarnations is to fulfil previous lives tasks/lessons. A child before the age of seven is capable of recalling his/her previous life, language and, the reason why they have chosen to be in this realm. King James Stewart II (16 October 1430 – 3 August 1460) had an experiment performed. His question was, is language inherent to us or, is it learned? He placed several young uneducated women with very young children on a private island and waited to see what language the children would speak. Unfortunately, the experiment was flawed because obviously the children would learn the language that their mothers spoke. What he should have done instead is place several toddlers on that island with no adult influence, and then waited to see what language they spoke. Ethically, this though, then, just as now, is just wrong on every level.

The information here is stunning and offers incredible proof that things are not always as they seem, but we know better.

Even though all the children in the video are all different ages, from different families, they all make the same sounds to express the same needs. The only difference is their tone of voice, mood and timbre of voice. So yes, King James II was correct, even if his experiment was flawed; language is inherent to us, we are born speaking the language of where we come from before it is “educated” out of us.

Where we come from, how do we answer that? The bible says the Hall of Souls. Science says that we started out as bacteria and we learned to think. Spiritualists meanwhile, say that we come from the Kundalini, and that we are attached to some kind of silver cord. Human eyesight can only detect visible light from 380 – 700 nanometers.

Christ is always portrayed with a halo, which according to the church represents his innocent “perfection”, what it truly represents is, his crown chakra being attached to the Kundalini.

The EM spectrum

Electromagnetic waves are categorized according to their frequency F or, equivalently, according to their wavelength λ = C/F.  Visible light has a wavelength range from ~400 nm to ~700 nm.  Violet light has a wavelength of ~400 nm, and a frequency of ~7.5*1014 Hz.  Red light has a wavelength of ~700 nm, and a frequency of ~4.3*1014 Hz.

Visible light makes up just a small part of the full electromagnetic spectrum.  Electromagnetic waves with shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies include ultraviolet light, X-rays, and gamma rays.  Electromagnetic waves with longer wavelengths and lower frequencies include infrared light, microwaves, and radio and television waves. Type of Radiation Frequency Range (Hz) Wavelength Rangegamma-rays1020 – 1024< 10-12 mx-rays1017 – 10201 nm – 1 pmultraviolet1015 – 1017400 nm – 1 nmvisible4 – 7.5*1014750 nm – 400 nmnear-infrared1*1014 – 4*10142.5 μm – 750 nminfrared1013 – 101425 μm – 2.5 μmmicrowaves3*1011 – 10131 mm – 25 μmradio waves< 3*1011> 1 mm


What can we learn by analyzing EM spectrum emitted by a source?

The velocities of particles with thermal energy are changing almost all the time.  The particles are accelerating.  Accelerating charged particles produce electromagnetic radiation.  The power radiated is proportional to the square of the acceleration.  Higher rates of velocity change result in higher frequency (shorter wavelength) radiation.  The observed intensity of thermal radiation emitted by as a function of wavelength can be described by the Planck Radiation Law 

The Planck Radiation Law gives the intensity of radiation as a function of wavelength for a fixed temperature.  The Planck law gives a continuous distribution, which peaks at some wavelength.  The peak shifts to shorter wavelengths for higher temperatures, and the area under the curve grows rapidly with increasing temperature.  The diagram below shows the intensity distribution predicted by the Plank law in J/ (m2s) for blackbodies at various temperature.  By observing the continuous distribution of the thermal radiation emitted by an object, we can learn its temperature.

When light passes through, reflects, or scatters of matter, it interacts with the atoms and molecules.  Atoms and molecules have characteristic resonance frequencies.  The preferentially interact with light waves of exactly those frequencies.   When excited in collisions, atoms and molecules emit light with a set of characteristic frequencies.  This results in a line spectrum.  Only light with a discrete set of wavelengths is produced and the spectrum is not continuous, but consist of a set of emission lines.  That set characterizes the atoms and molecules that produced it and can be used to identify those atoms and molecules and their environment.

When light with a continuous distribution of wavelengths passes through a low-density material, the atoms and molecules of the material absorb light waves with the same set of characteristic frequencies that appear in their emission spectrum.  This produces an absorption spectrum, a nearly continuous spectrum with missing lines.  The absorption spectrum can also be used to identify those atoms and molecules and their environment.

What becomes clear from all the science is that there are many frequencies that are out of our visual range, why would that be though? Is life a form of energy? In life, the human body comprises matter and energy. … Mostly, we get it through the consumption of food, which gives us chemical energy. That chemical energy is then transformed into kinetic energy that is ultimately used to power our muscles. Humans give off energy humans give off mostly infrared radiation, which is electromagnetic radiation with a frequency lower than visible light. … “Thermal radiation” is all the electromagnetic waves given off by an object because of its temperature, and includes radio waves, infrared waves, and even visible light.

What becomes clear is that we are made of energy, sure we are mostly just big bags of water heated to 37°C or 98.6°F and when these bags of water are done, we return to the Kundalini by way of those 21 grams of light.

This is the real you, this is what reincarnates.

Your soul is immortal, the concept of hell was introduced to us by the church, the first real graphic descriptions of hell and its torments come outside of the New Testament canon in the Christian apocryphal texts of the second century C.E. One of the most colorful visions of hell is recorded in the Apocalypse of Peter, which was widely known in Christian circles at the time

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