Why The Covenant (Part 1)

July 27, 2021

Our former overlords, the Annunaki – who from heaven to earth came, theirs is a story, that is so inextricably linked to ours that we cannot see the forest for the trees. It is thanks to them that we have four major world religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. The latter remembering them the most accurately. For tens of thousands of years the population of the mid – east, and the Indus Valley, worshiped a plethora of “gods”; either by their Sumerian proper name or, by any number of epithets.

Christianity has its base in the Jewish Torah, and as we have learned, has been twisted beyond any recognizable form. The Jewish Torah did not really begin to take shape until after the Babylonian captivity circa 560 B.C. The period of captivity did some odd things to what the Israelites believed, it undoubtedly provided some insight in to their own history, and it too shaped El Shaddai in to the Israelite God of today. The Israelites amalgamated the Annunaki gods in to one god.

El Shaddai received his authority on earth from his father, King Anu of Nibiru. That authority was contested from the start by his brother Enki, and then more ominously, by his nephew Marduk. All that followed happened because of the complicated rules of succession. On Nibiru, primogeniture was determined by the son who was born to a half-sister wife instead of who was born first. Enki was the first-born but, he was born by a concubine to King Anu whereas, Enlil the second born, was born to King Anu’s half-sister, thereby he was first in line to the throne. Marduk ever ambitious contested this bitterly. In an attempt to keep Marduk occupied and reasonably happy, Enki and Enlil determined that Marduk should bear the weighty responsibility of managing their resupply facilities on Mars.

This he did and did it well, while stationed there he also built a monument in honor of his grandfather, the usurped King Alalu. This we know as The Face on Mars.

This image was taken back in 1976 by NASA’s Viking 1, which was orbiting Mars surveying it for it’s sister ship Viking 2

While the responsibility suited him well, it also gave him the opportunity to ferment rebellion. When operations on Mars were suspended due to the increasing inability of the planet to support the effort, most of the astronauts who had been based on Mars came to Earth. While here, they created chaos, taking human wives and siring children on them, and in the process, creating a race of giants. There is some controversy about this, were they truly giants as in the story of David and Goliath or, were they just common people of renown? The latter makes a lot more sense.

Marduk was clearly an intelligent individual; he was schooled in all that Enki, his father, could teach him. All except genetics, Marduk’s interest in this area of research worried Enki, and when Marduk pressed his father about it, Enki is quoted as saying, “my son, what more can I teach you or show you that you do not already know? ” Clearly, Enki was reticent about giving the keys of CRSPR to his first-born son. To some extent, Enki and Ninkharsag had already discussed some of the questions surrounding ethics regarding CRSPR. It would seem that they, just as we are today, were worried about in their case Marduk, as in 2021, back alley labs creating a race of super beings.

King Anu, soon after the commencement of Operation Earth, had divided earth in to three distinct regions, the Mid – East he gave to El Shaddai, Africa to Enki, and the Indus Valley to Inanna. Enki made Egypt his center of operations, there becoming known as Ptah, his son Marduk, becoming Ra the Sun God. Egyptian history gives us a convoluted view of Ra, angry and restless, yet good to his most loyal followers. Ra was banished after the first pyramid war, which was started by the inadvertent death of Marduk’s younger brother Thoth. He was drowned when attempting to escape from Ra’s security personnel when Ra sent them to locate Thoth and bring him back home so as he would be prevented from marrying Enlil’s granddaughter Inanna. Marduk swore before the great council that his brother’s death was truly a tragic accident, and that he had intended no violence towards his brother. In this case, Marduk was hard done by, yet his punishment was fitting. Though he was not directly responsible for his brother’s death, the mis – adventure was incited by Marduk’s interference in Thoth’s’ and Inanna’s affairs. For Marduk, this would have been a tough life lesson in humility.

Enki and his clan were almost entirely responsible for our education, Enlil too, had his favorite humans and they were taught math, science, and astronomy. Marduk did his part as well, Thoth bringing us Hermetics. As we know from teaching our children, this type of life can be most satisfying however, Marduk wanted more. He had never forgotten, or gave up his ambition to be in charge of Mission Earth. Marduk was sneaky in how he applied pressure on his uncle Enlil, and how he began his coup. The incident at the Tower of Babel being just one example. Some scholars say that the biblical version is wrong. That instead of El Shaddai being pissed, and forcing us to learn new languages, it was really military invasions from the north and west that caused the confusion of language. Either way, Sumerian was no longer the earth’s only spoken tongue.

Over the course of our last few articles, we have paid some attention to Abraham of Ur

Most of the events of the Old Testament took place in Shinar, today’s Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

Abe was contemporaneous with Marduk, and it is very likely that he was actually the King of Ur. The bible gives us a dissembling view of Abraham, something along the lines of, he is elderly, that he is surrounded by children, the women are beautiful but dressed conservatively, and, there are goats, sheep, chickens, and maybe a donkey or two running around, not to mention a few children. The church has done this very deliberately, why? To hide any hint of the Grail and its associated Code of Service. But more on this in another article.

Abe was 75 years old when the events that led to the nuclear destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah took place, it would be a 24-year journey that would begin in Ur.

A 24 year journey because of a royal challenge to the throne.

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