Why The Covenant (Part 3)

July 31, 2021

 There were fourteen generations – 490 years between Abraham and King David, the Israeli who can be seen as the one who received the reward promised by the covenant. That seems an awfully long time to wait. The thing that we must remember though is this, we are not dealing with human timescales, nor are we dealing with supernatural ones either. We are dealing with the Annunaki, the Annage where 3,600 years pass on Earth while Nibiru completes just one orbit.  Therefore, if you divide 3,600 by 12 (twelve representing our calendar year) you get 300. From there, it would be approximately 100 days on Earth to equate with one day on Nibiru. Again, this is a very basic and simplified equation to give an idea of the time differential between both planets. It is the complexity of these equations that caused the construction of monuments like Stonehenge, and others. The observation of the equinoxes helped break time up in to larger chunks to make it easier to manage.  The conflict that Abraham and Marduk found themselves in ended in nuclear disaster, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We know from Marduk’s autobiography

Marduk’s autobiography

that he was in Harran, and it was a logical place to be. It was a major center, lying between Akkad and Sumer itself. It was an additional area from which Marduk was raising an army. Marduk arrived in Harran in 2048 B.C., Abraham was born in 2123 B.C., and it was in the precise year of 2048 that El Shaddai told Abe to get him and family gone from Harran. For Abe it was a triple departure, his country (Sumer), his birthplace (Nippur), and sadly, his father’s residence (Harran). Abe was unaware of where Canaan was and El Shaddai had to show him where it was. He eventually reached the Negev (The Dryness) and Egypt. While in Egypt, he spoke with Pharaoh (Unnamed) who fitted him out with feed animals and interestingly, camels who were trained for war. Clearly, Abe was no simple Sheppard, he treated with Pharaohs, and other kings like King Melchizedek of Jerusalem as an equal. Melchizedek gave Manna to Abraham;

inside that chalice is a square cut that represents the sacred bread, MFKZT. That statue is located at Reims Cathedral France.   Abe was descended from a line of priests, and when you consider the names of his and his brother’s wives, Sarai (princess) or Milcah (queenly), they indicate a connection with Sumerian royalty.

The book of Genesis 14 deals with the invasion of Canaan by a league of kings of the east, from Sumer. They did well in capturing cities along the King’s Road, detoured around the Dead Sea, then headed straight for Sinai, during all of this they took Abram’s nephew Lot prisoner. It was a refugee from Sodom who told Abe that Lot was a prisoner; Abe then took a small force of men, 318 to be exact and pursued the invaders all the way back to Damascus.  At this point, we must ask, what were the invaders from the east after? In addition, why was El Shaddai so pleased that Abe had stopped them? It is obvious at this point, that Abe was no sheepherder, and that he was actually a superb military leader and the only thing in the Sinai Peninsula worth fighting over was the Annage Space Port.  

Abraham’s entire journey from Ur to Egypt had been about forging alliances and, having a large powerful army capable of blocking or slowing a sudden strike by Marduk for the spaceport. Marduk made a tactical error, instead of taking the spaceport and cutting off incoming supplies, he chose to go after Enlil, choosing to cut the head off the Hydra so to speak. Marduk had gathered great forces and was applying tremendous pressure on Enlil and clan, so great in fact, that most of the city-states of Sumer had withdrawn their forces from the field and deployed them for close in local defense. Finally, in 2024 B.C. the pressure had become so unbearable that with permission from the great council, the sons of both, Enlil and Enki, Nergal and Ninurta deployed atomic weapons and blew the spaceport to hell as well as Sodom and Gomorrah to keep them from Marduk. That puts a new light on what Sodom and Gomorrah really were, as opposed to the drivel the church doles out.

So The Covenant, what was it? It was a long delayed reward for Abraham’s exemplary military service. But why was it delayed for so long? Firstly, recall that Enlil did not particularly like us. His first priority as commander mission earth was to restore smooth operation to the Dur-an-ki, bond heaven earth.  

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