A Moon Repurposed

August 8, 2021

Who am I to question NASA or the other experts on Mars? I do not, at least on matters of fundamental science. They say that Mars has been a dead planet for billions of years; I question that number. As far as I know, organic matter has never been discovered there, and if it had, that would certainly have made the news. My point is this though, with organic matter, it is possible to use Carbon 14 dating (The Carbon 14 (C-14) dating method is a radiometric dating method. Radiometric dating uses the known rate of decay of radioactive isotopes to date an object. Each radioactive isotope has a known, fixed rate of decay, which we call a half-life. The half-life is the amount of time it takes for a quantity to fall to half of the value that it started with. This means that if we know the isotope and its rate of decay, then we can calculate how old the substance is).

With this in mind, it makes it a bit hard to date the place accurately. We know from Mar’s geographical features that there was once water there, apparently in abundance, and we know that it is still there; though it is doubtful that it’s in useful quantities.

There are enough anomalies on Mars to convince me that Mars was once occupied, not colonized but occupied. There is the face on Mars,

The face on Mars, the usurped Annage King Alalu

And this very odd airport looking thing,

Nature can come in many shapes and contours, but this looks just a little too organized.

There too are pyramidal structures, terraced slopes like those that you see on Earth, clearly purposed for farming. Clearly, whoever had been there in the not so distant past had put some effort in to the place. It is easy to blame extraterrestrials for things we do not understand; however, in this case, we have written records to guide us to the truth.

 If you have followed these articles diligently, we know who the face is, why it was constructed, and who did it. We also know that the Annage were there for some time. We were created some 350,000 years ago, we also know that King Alalu was banished to Mars soon after the Annage arrived on earth between 432,000 and 450,000 years ago, and we reckon that operations on Mars were suspended about 100,000 years ago. Mars has not been a dead world for billions of years; it has only been dying for that length of time. The Annage used Mars as a resupply/refueling safe haven after their shuttles transited the asteroid belt. During King Alalu’s initial passage through the asteroid belt, he used the equivalent of atomic weapons to blast a clear path through; the following astronauts used water or its byproducts to push all that chaotic rock out of the way. Mars had potable surface water that they used on their return journey through the asteroid belt when returning to Nibiru.

Mars today is an airless waterless desert, incapable of supporting even the most primitive type of life. During the course of those 300,000 years that Marduk operated on Mars, he watched the planet deteriorate and doubtlessly tried to find either a planet wide solution or, a suitable replacement for at least the resupply for the return journey. As luck would have it, just 6,000 kms or 3,700 miles away was Phobos, the larger of Mars’ two moons, of whose core was water ice. It has a radius of 21 km or 13 miles, and orbits Mars every 7 hours and 39 minutes.

Phobos 2 was the last space probe designed by the former Soviet Union. It was designed to explore the moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos. It was launched on 12 July 1988, and entered orbit on 29 January 1989.

The intent to carry out a mission to Phobos as the target was first made public on 14 November 1984. Phobos was chosen as the target because the former Soviet Union wanted to avoid directly competing with previous American missions. In addition, they also wanted to do something just as, if not more ambitious than anything attempted by the Americans. Originally, a 1986 launch was planned but this was later moved to 1988. Phobos 2 operated nominally throughout its cruise and Mars orbital insertion phases on 29 January 1989, gathering data on the Sun, interplanetary medium, Mars, and Phobos. Phobos 2 investigated Mars surface and atmosphere and returned 37 images of Phobos with a resolution of up to 40 meters.

Shortly before the final phase of the mission, when the spacecraft was to approach within 50 m of Phobos’ surface and release two landers (One, a mobile hopper, the other, a stationary platform) contact with Phobos 2 was lost. The mission ended when the spacecraft signal failed to be successfully reacquired on 27 March 1989.

Suspected Annage space vessel casting it’s shadow on Mars
No part of the Soviet made probe is large enough to create shadows as large as those seen against the surface of Mars. These shadows extend for tens of miles.

The Russian probe weighed 6,220 KG or 13,684 lbs. with orbital hardware attached. The duration of the mission was 8 months 15 days. The mission comes to a “confused” end shortly after the above two images were taken by the Russian probe. So what happened March 27, 1989?  

  In our article “The Cardinal Rule”, I talk about how I really do not like speculation, and I really do not. However, in this case, there are similarities that cannot be missed. If you have ever read Arthur C Clarke’s “2001 A Space Odyssey”; and its sequel “2010 Odyssey Two”, much of the plot revolves around artificial intelligence and, almost equally, an alien presence warning us away from Jupiter’s moon Europa. Since the failure of the Phobos 2 mission, there has not been any effort by any nation to return to Phobos. Strangely, after the probe went in to its “spin”, a “garbled” message was received from it. Although the images from the probe’s telemetry and the final image received have never been released, highly credible sources say that the probe was struck by an “unknown object”. It is highly likely that whatever is casting that shadow in our image Anomaly 2 was/is the “unknown object”.  

The church tells us that we are alone in the universe because god made us because we are special to him. A literal reading of the bible tells us that we share at least this solar system with another intelligent race. The Hindu Vegas tell us that a race of “gods” once lived amongst us, the UFO community tells us that “aliens” are still among us; this odd incident in the vicinity of Mars indicates strongly that those ancient gods of both the bible and Hindu are still out there.

Some question whether the above incident was the impetus for U.S. President Reagan’s push for a “Star Wars” missile defense system; at first glance, it may seem a logical thought. There are two things about that though, firstly the Annage have almost no respect for us so denying us access to a moon or its environs is perfectly normal behavior for them. Secondly, even if the incident was a pure chance accident where the probe got in the way of a scheduled Annage launch, there was no way of us knowing that the launch was in progress. Moreover, the Annage were not going to cancel/delay their activities on account of an insignificant probe from earth, so either way the probe was a goner.

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