Protection Methods For Empaths

September 11, 2021

Empaths are emotional sponges who absorb other peoples’ emotions into their own bodies. They have an ability to completely submerge into someone else’s mind, perspective and emotions. At the same time, that means that they also take on their stress, and negativity and end up feeling exhausted.

Empaths have little to no boundaries between themselves and others. As a result, this excessive stimulation and sensory overload often overwhelm them. Being aware of empathetic abilities is not enough. Empaths need to also shield themselves with protection methods to keep their balance.

Visualize a shield

This method is for empaths and sensitive people who need a quick way to block out toxic energy. Whenever a feeling of discomfort, guilt, in a frustrating situation, or around an emotional vampire, simply start to visualize a shield. Picture a white or other comforting color shining through from that shield and completely taking over your body. Picture it as expands from the shield unto you, as the moment it touches you, it protects you from any toxic or intrusive energy. Behind this shield, you are safe, you are centered and you are loving. Breathe In And Repeat This Mantra.

Focus on your breath. Slowly and deeply, inhale and exhale. Think of yourself as exhaling negative energy. Pay attention to your breath as you release it by holding it and breathing it out slowly. Once you steady your breath, repeat this mantra with confidence and authority: ” Return to sender, return to sender, and return to sender.” By commanding yourself, you take control of your mind. You remind yourself, that the negativity is part of someone else’s journey and you use your breath to send it back into the universe.

Set Energetic Boundaries

As Empaths are sponges that absorb all the stimulation of their environment, they tend to let in a lot of noise. To protect their energy from overstimulation, they need to set the intention to protect their environment. That means for example at work, knowing when to question authority, when to say no to a favour, and when to step out. On a physical level, that also means putting up plants, or photos that provide emotional support and reminders in stressful situations. Certain sacred objects like crystals, protective stones, and the statue of Quan Yin (the goddess of compassion), might also be useful.

Step Out In Nature, the earth is a powerful natural energy source.

Earthing can be a really powerful method and it is all about connecting back with nature. Nature has a grounding effect, as by literally stepping on it, especially barefoot, you feel closer to the earth. Even looking at the green and blue shades of the earth can psychologically release happy chemicals to clear out any negative energy you have taken on. Noticing the clouds pass by and the flowers blooming is an anchoring reminder of the big picture. In addition, it allows you to step away from what is disturbing you.

Detox With Water. Long hot baths or showers are necessary, you can envision washing away the toxicity of this realm from your aura.

An easy way to dissolve stress and purify the mind is to completely immerse yourself in water. The water represents the Earth’s energy as it flows through you and washes off all negative energy. You can take a bath with baths salts or simply shower with intention. Lavender essential oils are also great of providing a calming energy. You can also picture yourself standing under a waterfall with water streaming down on you. This waterfall is releasing all the negative energy down and away from you as it flows.

Take Your Alone Time, this is an absolute must, otherwise you will become emotionally saturated and this can lead to other serious mental and physical health concerns.

The easiest way to reenergize is to take time away from any place and any person that may affect your energy. Use your alone to recharge and connect back with your power. Empty your cup from unwanted energy and fill it back with the space and the activities that make you feel full again. Planning for emotional overloads, such as the night in after a big work meeting, will center you back. Think of it as a recovery plan. Use this time to journal, meditate and stay away from your device(s).

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