Original Sin

October 28, 2021

One of the absurdities of the Christian tradition is that Eve had something
to do with the Fall of Man; the term original sin apparently has to do with
Eve’s sexuality while in the Garden of Eden. However, this is church promoted
nonsense, because the Book of Genesis 2:24 explains that Eve is the wife of
Adam, and instructs that man “shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall
be as one flesh”. Genesis further relates that all of their offspring were
born after they had left the Garden of Eden.

If Eve did sin, it could only have been about her eating from the forbidden
tree of knowledge, but too so did Adam. This incident is strange, why would
God, who clearly had a personal one on one relationship with both Adam and Eve,
tell them not to eat of the tree of knowledge, and then a little while later
appearing as a serpent, tell them to?

The church tells us that the serpent is the devil, but he will not be created until the second century A.D., so there is definitely a continuity problem here. The identity of the serpent is really Enki, our creator, who was extremely keen on educating us. It was his brother Enlil El Shaddai, who warned against eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Here in the first people story of the bible, we get a hint of the conflict that exists in the Annage royal family. It is my personal opinion that Enlil was likely very happy that Adam’s first wife Lilith, who was pure Annunaki, would not lay with him. See our article “Who She Really Was”.

Lilith the temptress

The unfortunate thing about this strange story of expulsion is, it sets
women up as being temptresses, and after this, male dominance seeps into all of
the following patriarchal scripture. For Eve’s misbehavior with the tree and
for influencing Adam against El Shaddai’s will, god made it clear to her that
from then on “they husband shall rule over thee”. It is interesting
that the mistranslated word serpent, actually NHSH in Hebrew actually means to
decipher or to find out; a perfect word play to describe Enki, who was Mission
Earth’s lead scientist. As is the problem with all translations, can the
translator convey the mood and subtlety that the speaker is using? Clearly,
Enlil is angry with Enki when Enlil says “now they shall become as one of

Another odd thing about this story is, El Shaddai refers to the tree of
life, referencing immortality. Ninkharsag switched off the part of our genes
that control our aging. However, we know from our investigation in to MFKZT
that it has a profound effect on our overall health. But too we know that Adam
and Eve and the next several generations received the menstrual hormonal
extract directly from the 14 original Annunaki birth mothers therefore they had
no need of the additional benefit of the Shem – an – na, the Ben Ben stone.

The Ben Ben stone, the incredible exotic mysterious metal that is created in
the final few seconds before a star goes nova after the star has burned its way
through all the other periodic elements. The bible tells us that god said that
all the silver and gold is his, this statement confused me as a child, what did
He need it for? Trinkets and decorations? No, he had a much more practical and
mysterious purpose for it, and they arrogantly created Adam and Eve to obtain
it for them.

We were created to be slaves to them and, one of the most important reasons
we were forbidden to eat of the tree of knowledge was, we were never to know
that we were slaves. This may have been possible while our population was still
small enough so that it was possible for the Annage to have one on one
relationships with us, but as our population grew, they needed to up their game
and appear far more powerful and godlike, thus we are not being oppressed, but
instead, we are only doing the bidding of the almighty and so we take pride and
joy in our labor.

Still though, what is up with the gold, why is it so important to them? The
bible does an extremely poor job of answering this and many more questions, to
find those answers we must turn to sources that predate the bible and are the
source material for the bible. Sumer, the first real civilization that popped
into existence from 6,000 years ago, it records both ours and the Annage’s
history to 300,000 years B.C. and well beyond. That history shows us who Adam
and Eve really were, and who Cain really was, as well as the Levites of Moses’s
time; not to mention Hiram Abif of Masonic lore.

Eve though not well represented as a Mother goddess of earth, her role
representing both fertility and, duality cannot be dismissed. Her son Cain was a
king and gold smith, a gold smith in his time knowing the secrets of MFKZT, how
it transmutes from mineral to powder, how it has anti-gravity properties, how
it can levitate both itself and anything placed upon it. This particular
property giving the Levite priests of Moses’s time their name. Hiram Abif too
knew these things and is why he was murdered.

Eve, how do you envision her, in your mind’s eye what does she look like? Unfortunately,
there are no known provable images of her, though it is possible that she is
anyone of the thousands of statues and figurines that have been found
throughout the mid-east. Though these are usually attributed to Ninkharsag or,


 It may be possible that the original 14 Adams and Eves were dark skinned Neanderthals of who we have learned were capable of sophisticated speech, not just guttural sounds.

Adam as a Neanderthal educated as Enki desired

Ninkharsag, the Lady Of Life, she is the original mother goddess, without
her skills as both a nurse, and clinical scientist, Enki could not have
completed his work in creating us, the Adama the workman. Eve’s story is
tragic, she has been vilified by the church, her undoing coming from a man and
his colleagues who lived 250,000 years after she did. Yes that would be Paul of
Christ’s time and the development of the Pauline church , her fate was sealed
by Emperor Constantine’s stamp of approval after 325 A.D when he approved the
rewritten bible of that time, which has continued to be reinterpreted by
differing factions of the splintered Christian church until the 21st century

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