Where Does It Begin?

December 19, 2021

For most of us, we go through life accepting the daily cycle of sleep, waking, eating, going to school/work, returning home for a few hours of recreational time then sleeping again. And repeat. As we grow older, we are introduced to our spiritual selves either by our parents or, by our individual needs. Some never acknowledge that spiritual need, either because of they have never been introduced to it, or because they have had a very negative experience with it, or are simply too self-absorbed to consider it. Yet, despite our belief system or lack thereof, we are flung in to it from the day that we are born.

And no, I am not referring to christenings, baptisms, or bar mitzvahs. I am talking about our true spiritual journeys. In our articles “It’s Not Looney But Only Barely” and “Understanding Looniness” I reference having memories of an existence of before this one. In the article, I briefly describe the chain of events that led to my incarceration in this realm. While in that “other” realm, I experienced what I describe as a “briefing” which partially illustrated what would take place in this present place. I was stood around a table where I was studying the layout of Earth and its geography. The map was extremely detailed; it displayed population and its forecast growth, as well as areas of interest, which included war zones, and areas of future conflict and fascinatingly, highlighted in gold, the Grail’s vine beginning in ancient Shumer and extending to Scotland. This map had many other interactive features as well.

Here we see the Magdalene surrounded by the vine of time. I love the demure confidence she displays in who she is and where she comes from.

I took note of this feature and asked about it, I was told only that, “some things and people are special”. This then, was where my Grail quest truly began, and, my spiritual journey continued from. As I have related elsewhere, a child younger than 7 years of age can and does recall previous lifetimes, after that age, ego and “education” interferes with our ability to recall these previous lifetimes. These things are all interconnected. From as early as 3 years of age I could recall these things. I of course, did not have the vocabulary to share these questions, but as I got older, age, ego, and “education” lured me further from my spiritual purpose; which had been to some extent communicated to me at that briefing.

They came together in strange and varied ways, the first being, telling my church Sunday school teacher that Moses and the burning bush was really a UFO (I was 7 years old). The second was in two parts taking place in grade 5 where I discovered plate tectonics and wondered why Earth was a cracked egg; see our article “The Cracked Egg”. Part B to that was Dad’s introduction to a Guy called Capon, who introduced us/him to The Holy Grail. Even at that tender age of 10, the information conveyed by Capon transmitted an absolute truth that had been completely absent from any church narrated material. Unfortunately, my Grail quest was delayed there, and for the next 17 years, I rather floundered around trying to find a new entry point.

For much of that period I was as lost as its possible for a soul to be. Little did I realize, nor could I have known that while being in that terrible mental, emotional, and spiritual state I was still executing my duties as explained in that “briefing”. The Templars who too often are mistakenly portrayed as “Catholic warrior protectors of the Holy Land” actually believed something quite different. In essence, they believed that humankind was/is fighting a battle between light and darkness, and every one of us is either light or dark. Krsna too, tells us that during our immortality we will experience lives of light and darkness.

I believe that while in my previous incarnation, I was in a realm of darkness as a being of light. I also believe that what I experienced during my first17 years was training me to deal with an individual who comes from a realm of such darkness that I can barely describe. (My first wife of whom I refer to as either the cow, or the whore) Even though in many ways I descended to her level, being there and my subsequent recovery tells a positive story that I am still a warrior for light because at no time has my nature ever changed.

I believe that I have always been and will continue to be, a defender of the light.

So what is the Holy Grail? Is it just a cup? A women’s womb? Maybe just a concept? It is all of that and more, it is a path to the truth, a way back to our true spirituality. The Annunaki concept of god is something that encompasses all, Enki’s boy Thoth shortened that down to what we call the universe-some call that god. Hermetics with its simple system of disciplined truth is what Jesus taught, the Pauline church hijacked Jesus’s teachings, the Grail strives to bring the truth of its hijacking to the people who continue to accept the Pauline lie. But not only that, it seeks to bring balance to our fractured world.

Science and technology make our world easier to manage, and Hermetics teach us about pure love and service to each other without being walked on. The grail allows us to know who we are by giving us access to the Akashic record, and with such access, we are given the opportunity for healing. Real healing that enables not just ours but also generational as well. You and I are here to teach and learn from each other, those lessons will break generations of bullshit that has held us back from attaining higher vibrational frequencies and higher plains of existence.

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