Unholy Zeal

January 13, 2022

How it was just before the Spanish arrived.

The Mexica, I wish that I had a better understanding of their history, from what I know they began their journey to the central highlands of Mexico from the or what would become, the present American states of Utah, Arizona, Nevada. I am not sure why they migrated south, if I were to guess I would hazard that it was a combination of things that may have included climate change, food scarcity, and interference from the “Gods”. This last only because we know that the Annage were in the Americas during the initial migratory period.

We are reasonably confident that as they moved south, they were met with suspicion and hostility, and where accepted, were made slaves. Not that slavery gave them any rights or status and being one they probably never dreamt that any of them would become a High King such as Itzcoatl (Eetz CO wat). Yet still this was what happened, through many long years and great effort. Unfortunately for this to happen, a nasty precedent was set, and this would play a major role in how it all unravelled.

Up until recently, I had been under the misconception that the Mayan/Aztec world was far more organized than it truly was. I had thought that it looked a lot like ancient Rome, where there was a central government, then the provinces under governors. Apparently this was not so. Their world was broken down in to city states, just as in ancient Shumer or more recently, Greece. And that meant there was warfare. It was through warfare that the Mexica gained ascendancy .over their former overlords. Historically speaking, this in itself is fascinating because slave revolts rarely if ever worked out in favour of the slaves.

Part of this involved a great deal of subterfuge. As captives/slaves, they were forbidden to take part in celebrations, or other important ceremonies, but were expected to make sure that their owners weapons, and ceremonial dress was in excellent condition. As slaves they were also forbidden anything that could be used as a weapon. The Mexica were creative as they overcame this obstacle, they would make two copies of the particular weapon, one flimsy and useless in case they were caught, the other as true as the original.

Itzcoatl’s father Acamapichtli (A cahma peech tli) had died during a period of violence, he had married a Culua woman of rank. The Mexica had wanted Itzcoatl as king seeing who his mother was, this would help his people stay loyal to Culhuacan. In their world, with politics being so volatile and fluid, there was no concept of primogeniture, the people needed strong leadership, not just the first born son of a leader. Itzcoatl taking the throne is an indication of how fluid things were.

Though not unheard of, Regicide – the killing of a king or queen, was rare. Noble families tended to stay and work closely together knowing that they would be suitably rewarded with a high military rank, or in the priesthood. Interestingly, if a king was deposed, he was not put to death as was the case for King Alalu, when King Anu usurped him. Often the deposed leader would attempt to stay loyal, and persuade his supporters to be loyal to the new king, oftentimes vainly.

Itzcoatl had not been groomed for the throne, it had been his half brother Huitzilihuitl – Huizi li huitl who had. They were the sons of a slave girl from a neighbouring village called Azcapotzalco, where it is said she was a vegetable seller before being turned over to Acamapichtli. It is likely that she was either gambled, or given away to settle a debt, or even presented to the king to curry favour, she apparently was quite attractive. When it came to the nobility, the children of slaves were not in turn, slaves.

Unfortunately for the Aztec, scholars have labelled them as “cannibalistic savages” who killed indiscriminately. and thought mistakenly, that Aztec slaves were only prisoners of war who should be sacrificed to the Gods. Indeed many prisoners of war were sacrificed, mostly men., but not all slaves were equal, this household slave was a bit different. Just as in the Mediterranean, slaves came from every walk of life up to and including, former royalty. Itzcoatl ‘s mother had been a former princess.

In later articles we will return to the world of the Aztecs, but for now, our Grail quest continues. During our quest for spirituality, we have learned that the western world ‘s primary source to find spirituality has been seriously corrupted. When the Aztecs, Mayans, Inca, Toltec, and Olmecs speak about their gods, they speak of The Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl, an Annunaki. The bible too talks about an Annunaki named El Shaddai. The biblical story gives us some archaeological evidence (See our article Is Israel Really The Land Of The Bible) that it really took place, as does the pyramids in Mesoamerica.

Now, our Grail bloodline heritage began with Enki and an unknown hominid and then there’s a long list of begats that culminates with the birth of Jesus Christ and then, after the failed Jewish rebellion, JC goes to India and his wife and children go to Europe; where the bloodline eventually becomes the royal houses of Europe, becoming particularly concentrated in the Royal House of Stewart.

Thanks to the unholy zeal of the Catholic church and a friar named Diego De Landa (See our article An Accomplishment), most of the history of the people of Mesoamerica was burned, lost to us forever. It is unknown and quite possibly unknowable, if that lost history contained information about Mesoamerican Grail bloodline heritage connections. Mesoamerican creation stories differ from what we find in the Ennuma Elish, however, they too have stories about the great flood.

Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha were the sons of Enki and El Shaddai, a younger generation, as seems the entire Mesoamerican world. At this particular moment, it seems unlikely that Itzcoatl or any member of his family were actual Grail kings, it is far more likely that they just as as the Coburg Saxe – Windsors of the UK, were nothing but warlords who made themselves in to wanna be royalty.

Part of our goal in this investigation is to determine if the Aztec understood the secrets of MFKZT.. The transmutation of gold in to the light.
Gold before it’s transformation.
The Egyptian symbol for light,

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