The Akasha

February 8, 2022

This whole subject of the Holy Grail really upsets people, I guess we should not be overly surprised by that. I mean after all, we are slowly chipping away at people’s fundamental belief systems. The problem with the grail is, with one hand it shows us the truth of our real history, and with the other, this truth clashes with the doctrine that the church has force fed humanity for the last 2022 years. The church has used an invented concept called hell to whip us in to line, it softens that by saying, if you believe in me (Jesus Christ) you will go to heaven regardless of your sins, but if do not believe in me, you are going straight to hell. By contrast the grail offers nor does it need such trickery, the proof of it’s reality is shown to us daily by particle physics, archaeology, and, those incredible feelly feels that tell you you are on the right path. The only trickery about the grail is, discerning it’s truth from the labyrinth of lies told by the church.

The grail is about fundamental energy, that is what in Sanskrit, the word Akashic means. So what is fundamental energy? Well so far science has not caught up to that, but we know it is not kinetic energy, nor chemical; it is likely not nuclear either. There is a strong likelihood that it not dis-similar to the energy that is released/realized, when gold transmutes from it’s molten liquid gaseous state to it’s white powder mono-atomic (single atom) state. In that instant, there is a brilliant flash of white light. Both the masons of the Knight Templar, and it’s Arabic sister order the Assassins, knew how to harness the energy of that flash of light and imbue that brilliance in to the stained glass windows of European cathedrals. It is extremely unfortunate that every example of said stained glass was destroyed during WW11. There are countless descriptions from long before the war, of how even at night, the church lit by candle light of how the stained glass would glow. As you will remember, gold is created in the final few seconds just before a star goes supernova, one of the most powerful explosions in the known universe. We believe that there is a whole brand new branch of physics that must be investigated in that field of MFKZT.

Both MFKZT and Akashic energy are healing energies, gold being more limited in it’s scope of abilities. By that I mean that it has life extending potential but, only at the cellular level. It has the capability to alter and repair cellular mutations that cause diseases such as cancer, HIV/Aids, and some neurological conditions such as Parkinsons and possibly Alzeimers. Akashic energy on the other hand, is far more powerful and can/does heal both our physical and sacred selves. All of us have faced trauma in one form or another, most of us are deeply scarred by these experiences. Some of these traumas extend back in time for many lifetimes, and leave us helpless to deal with them in any meaningful way. When you heal trauma, you heal the nervous system. When you heal the nervous system, you heal the emotional body. When you heal the emotional body, you heal the psychic (empathetic) body. When you heal the psychic body, you are now healthy enough for changes to begin to take place. Those changes enable your personal vibrational frequencies to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies.

We make these choices while in the Kundalini, so that we may learn and teach. It may at times feel that we are victims, we are not, we are teachers as well!

The healthier that you are are when it is your time to investigate your Akashic record, the easier it is to trust in what you learn from your experiences with them. What this enables is the awakening of your Kundalini energy, some of what you may experience during this is:

1) Tingling , itching, skin crawling, stinging sensations.

  1. Hot or cold flashes on your skin or inside your body.
  2. Muscle twitching.
  3. Sensations of a type of electricity inside you body, you may begin to interfere with lights, fuses, you may begin to break finely made nick knacks.
  4. You will experience differences in you sleep patterns, loss of or changes in appetite.
  5. Excesses of energy or periods of extreme fatigue.
  6. Intensified or diminished sexual activity.
  7. Racing heartbeat, pains in your chest – do not treat these lightly, seek medical attention.
  8. Numbness or pain in your extremities – again seek medical attention.
  9. You will experience rapid mood shifts, and likely will exhibit emotional outbursts.

Kundalini energy is powerful, and the experience of your sacred self awakening can make you feel as if you are losing your mind, you are not going crazy, you are merely reconnecting with your true self, the person you were in the period before you were born, the real you, not the one that that the Judaeo christian tradition has forced you to be. Some additional things that you may experience are as follows:

  1. Hearing internal music, ringing in your ears.
  2. Mental confusion, difficulty concentrating.
  3. Altered states of consciousness, out of body experiences, astral projection, past life memories.
  4. Increased creativity, new interests.
  5. Intuitive instinctual understanding of deeper spiritual truths.
  6. Seeing flashing white lights in the periphery of your vision during day or nighttime.
  7. A sense of bliss and unity with all.
  8. A sense of receiving the “Holy Spirit” as Jesus’s disciples did at Pentecost as described in the bible. This can result in new healing abilities, perhaps even speaking in tongues, which as stated above, are actual memories of previous incarnations.

The energies of the Kundalini and the Akasha are different, the Kundalini is where we come from, the Akasha is the primary energy, the source of all. On Nibiru, the Annage are aware of this, and it is what they taught us, and it is what we worked towards during our development. It is clear from Jesus’s parable in Mathew 7:24-27 that it is well understood just how difficult it is to attain higher vibrational frequencies. His parables in their original language without their bastardized meanings well explain how to increase your personal vibratory rates. You may have read that a Freemason now has eyes and ears with which to see and hear, indeed he does because he can now see the truth in the bible and read it for the truth with which it holds. And that is why it is recommended that a mason attend a church of his/her choosing, so that they do not become contemptuous of spiritualism.

The Knight Templar, from which Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian stemmed, at the peak of their power in 1312 were at the point where they were capable of challenging the Catholic church both militarily and financially. It boggles my mind that they did not when King Phillip IV of France, and his puppet Pope, Clement V desperately tried to disband the order at the council of Vienne in 1314. In every historic instance the Grail has shown itself to be more forgiving than the church, to show more “christian humanity” than that which purports itself as the purveyor of Christ’s teachings. And as we

know Christ taught Hermetics, not the drivel that the church doles out. Hermetics is about the positive use of personal energy, and higher vibratory frequencies.

So there are two ways of seeing the problem that confronts us here. One is to see the church as a criminal organization in that it has committed horrendous crimes against humanity by cutting us off from our true spiritual selves. The second being that somewhere somehow someone thought that it was a good idea to have a monster social experiment and see what would happen if untold billions were cut off from source. This I do not see as a viable possibility in any way whatsoever. In twenty years of study the one thing that has come through clearly, is that followers of the christian faith lack spiritual fulfillment, and always search for meaningful information. This their clergy is aware of and tell their flocks to have faith and that understanding will come; for most it does not. The thing here is the church is built entirely on negative energy, when Emperor Constantine made himself the first pope in 708, those early “Christians” knew that what was being done to their belief system was entirely opposite as to what Christ had taught and considered it a crime against the true church of Jerusalem. Since the church’s inception, they have continued to refine the lie of the deified Christ and teach material that is not even in any of the published books in the bible. They therefore continue to increase the negative energy of the church and continue to lead their flocks further from their true spirituality.

The bible claims that if you study it long enough, there is no answer to earthly problems it will not answer. That’s fair because it was written about earthly things done by beings who came to earth to do earthly things with attitudes that are, well…earthly. In studying those beings who came to earth, we find that they have/had questions about what is fate and what is destiny. On pursuing those questions, they have provided a way for both themselves and us, their creation, to answer those questions. The bible will never be able to answer those types of inquiries. The best we will get is have faith, and Saint Peter will explain all before you get the thumbs up or down. In understanding our true history and the gift of understanding given us, we can know what our fates are, why some things-events were our destinies. In being able to access the Akashic record we can break free of the pandemic of depression and fear, that has been our lot since the church has bullied it’s way in to being our spiritual advisor. A better term for that is, our spiritual assassin.

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