March 7, 2022

We began this fantastic grail journey by learning about the chaos that was my early years. We spent quite a bit of time there because it taught us about how the universe works, the whys and hows of the shit we go through. As we continued our quest we further learned about a wandering exoplanet that joined our solar system and seeded our earth with life, then it’s lifeforms from there, jump started our evolution. We have since learned something about their character, the arrogance they displayed when dealing with us, and treating us as fodder in their wars with each other. We too, have learned that our creation and the reasons for it are very different from those that we have been taught. And it’s those learned explanations that have caused no end of trouble, because they disappoint, and fail to answer question honestly or completely.

As I have related numerous times, there was a fundamental change in how we were taught about the universe and how it works. This took place about 300 years after the “death” of Jesus Christ. With the hijacking of Jesus’s, then James’s Church of Jerusalem, our then-known concepts of spiritualism and astronomy, and just about everything else took a long frightening trip into darkness. If you want to split hairs, some say the dark ages only lasted about 400 years. Technically this is correct but, if you want to include the backwardness, and ignorance of the church, the dark ages lasted well into the reformation and well into the 1500s A.D. when it became possible to separate the church and science.

After the Christian church’s creation when Emperor Constantine appointed himself the first pope, the church has spent the last 1700 years tweaking what it believes, how it should be taught, and who is worthy for it to be taught to. This became most problematic because it caused the church to splinter into Protestants, Presbyterians, Baptists, Lutherans, and god only knows how many other sects. Each of these denominations teach the bible a little differently, a comma here instead of there, this word could mean this but we prefer it to mean that instead. And what we end up with is, a mish-mash of belief systems that does not please anyone.

As I have said elsewhere, throughout my teens, and well into my twenties, I struggled hard to find something to believe in as a higher power. Because of the chaos that I found in the bible, most sermons to me were no God thing but white noise. It was not just that it was a case of this book chapter and verse went with that book, chapter and verse, it was the stories, parables and meanings assigned to them that did not make sense. Then there was the basic question of numbers. The bible was about god, why was it that after 1300 years of our 5005 year history does He disappear out of the book, then reappear as himself as a fucked up trilogy with an entirely different character? In the Old Testament, is mean, cruel even, the New Testament has Him all about love and turning the other cheek, something his old self would never have done. This thing called the Bible was some piece of messed up work, and for a long time that is where I left it.

So, what does all of this have to do with serenity? In a word, everything, because it left me in a position where I was open-minded enough to consider other possibilities. The bible tells us that god is a jealous god, all that really says is that He does not want us worshipping idols. In no way does that say that we can not, or should not try to find out more about him. In our article “El Shaddai Is Enlil” we found out who god is, but what about the other god, the lovey dovey god? For 1,645 years crucial information about Jesus was hidden in earthen jars, the Dead Sea Scrolls

Some of these scrolls were up to twenty metres long.

and the Nag Hammadi codices.

It’s amazing how the dry desert air helped preserve them.

With their discovery, analyses, and translation they throw an entirely different light on the life of Jesus and it turns out he was not so lovey dovey after all. In fact, we find out that instead of being some hapless sap who gets murdered, he was the Supreme Military Commander of Israel’s armed insurrection against Rome! This information all of a sudden clarifies why his descent from the Royal House of David is so important, and why he was of such interest to the politicos of both Israel and Rome. It also sheds light on this “new” god doctrine of love.

Sure it is good advise to love thy neighbour, and to turn the other cheek, and Jesus seriously meant it because he needed his countrymen to unite, to forget their petty squabbles and truly come together as one so they could defeat Rome. In practice this is what we are seeing in Ukraine today. In learning about what Christ really was, we get context, which enables us to dive deeper into exactly what he thought and believed. The church does not give us that option. I mean, they were so unimaginative that they did not even include a single cute little story about Christ as a child god getting mad at mom or dad and say … levitating them. Something that a child would find endearing and would help a child feel closer to this created deity. Instead for most of us, what a child learns in Sunday School is about fear, David and Goliath, Moses and Pharaoh, Job, and scariest of all, child sacrifice. Speaking for myself, as a child none of that provided any kind of sense of serenity.

Learning to see and understand the New Testament’s double speak, the Essene code, it becomes clear that Jesus was no push over, and his parables are real lessons meant to teach us Lepers a whole new way of seeing the universe and coming to their way and light. The Essenes were well versed in medicine, and in other articles, we will learn how they used those skills to save Christ’s life during the crucifixion. Those skills were brought from Egypt which was Enki’s realm, and Thoth, who was Enki’s second born son, taught Hermetics. As we have discovered, Hermetics is about vibration and frequency, about auras-the light, Jesus’s teaching were indeed about him showing us the way to the light.

As you can imagine, and it may be what you are experiencing now, but initially this information was mind blowing, and I was literally jumping up and down in both excitement and fear. Fear – you know, the whole going to hell thing. But that soon subsided to be replaced by a type of quiet confidence An inner surety that I understood something most profound, something that the church, and all of it’s followers would be incapable of seeing no matter what evidence was placed before them. And at first realizing this, it made me both angry and sad. As my understanding of what the Catholic Church was increased, I would often go into long anti-catholic tirades while out in public, and I undoubtedly offended more than a few Catholics while I was at it. In many ways it was unfair of me to do so, however, I believed then, as I do now, that the church must be held to account for it’s crimes against humanity. However, as our article “Pontific Arrogance” says, this is very unlikely to ever happen.

The one thing that gives me a measure of peace about it all is this, if and when the Annunaki ever return and actually make meaningful contact with us, and the Pope asks them who their God is, I will die from laughter when the Annage representative says to the Pope, we are your god you idiot! That will be a tough day for believers and non believers alike. I would think that the unbelievers would benefit from such an encounter, because then they may find some spiritual hope, that hope may come from what the Annage themselves believe. That took me an awfully long time to figure out, between the church’s nonsense about heaven and hell, Egyptian mummies, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the weirder question, do our primates have an afterlife? About that particular question, I do not know if it’s answerable, about heaven and hell, well that is relatively easy to answer. Hell is an invented thing that was only introduced to us in second century A.D. The concept of heaven is a borrowed thing, it came from Jame’s Church of Jerusalem which was based in Hermetics. So what about mummies, and books of the dead, and coins to pay to get over the River Styx?

Gilgamesh who was a Demi God, (half human and half Annunaki) was obsessed with the Annunaki’s seeming immortality, he set himself on a quest to achieve it. What he got instead was a series of mis-adventures that resulted in him living a very long life, but to his great disappointment, he did not achieve immortality. I believe that there was something similar going on with the Pharaohs, as with most men, great power corrupts. Pharaoh wanted the seeming immortality of his god(s), yes he understood the principles of Hermetics, but that was the realm of his priests, he wanted something he could see, smell ,touch and taste. Mummification was a process, and it took quite some time to perfect, making it clear that this was an added thing, an appeasement. If you read “The Egyptian Book of the Dead”, it is an odd mixture of both mumbo jumbo, and principles of Hermetics, equally an added thing.

Serenity, it came with the answers to these mysteries and so many more. This incredible journey allowed my mind to slow, to distract itself from the hell of always being in survival mode. To offer respite from the horrible burning of my resurrection, my rebirth, the one that Jesus taught, not the silliness of what the church teaches where he comes back as some kind of zombie. His teachings do indeed heal the Lepers.

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