Greater Understanding – Part Two

April 10, 2022

This thing called the Holy Grail, how do we best understand it? From where do we enter into the subject and make it our own? Is it just a single thing? Does it only cover a single subject or person? There are purists out there that insist it is just a legend about a cup. Others think that it is about a select group of royalty, while there are those still who think it about a code of service, more confuse it with religion. Speaking for myself, I believe that it is about a vast array of subjects that are tied together in a bewildering array of seemingly disconnected far flung ways.

This is the problem with our society though, this disconnect. If we look at homelessness for instance, it is not just about addiction issues or money. The problem is about those things yes, absolutely. However the problem is exasperated by so many other issues that include the working poor, housing availability, the price of rent, food, utilities, domestic violence, mental health, to name just a few. Our governments, regardless of what level, see homelessness split into all of those different classifications instead of one complete whole that would truly see real on the ground fixes if approached together as a single problem. As we talked about in our article “Why Me”, we were not physically designed to have our soul’s needs separated and compartmentalized.

Put another way, when a military Special Forces unit does a CTR (Close Target Reconnaissance), they collect information down to the smallest detail on the enemy force that they are observing. During the 1970s, a British intelligence unit called The Det, used this method against the IRA to great effect. And the SAS (Special Air Service) continue to use this method to this day. During this period of observation, they were searching for patterns of cyclical movement that are notable, and could then be exploited to their advantage. This cycle has a twofold advantage. It firstly is supposed to supply the entrenched force with a tightly secured area. Secondly, it provides the attacking force with information about the gaps in that defence and plans could then be made to use that information to keep the attackers covert for a longer period of time. In other words, cycles allow for better information gathering and use. It is because of this, that I have chosen to try to gather as much information about as many different aspects of the Grail as I can.

It is fascinating though that the Grail seems to have so many different entry points. When I was a 10 year old child my introduction to it was, through my Dad’s friend Capon, and it was about Christ. Then years later, my reintroduction came by learning about space aliens called Annunaki. Then it got really exciting because of Jesus’s royal descent from these Annunaki. Then it became mind blowing because Jesus was not a Christian but was a Jew who worshipped a space alien called El Shaddai/Enlil. For some years I was kind of stuck on trying to figure out what or who, the Annunaki worshipped. During my early investigations it seemed that Thothmes, and his Hermetics was kind of a new thing. It took some time to figure out that what Enki and Enlil called the concept of God was a thing called All. This All was what Thothmes calls the Universe, which I call Kundalini energy.

But before I could even begin to understand any of that, I had to continue to pull apart the church’s indoctrination, and that is a tough job. In universal time the church is but an eye blink old, just a little over 1700 years, but in that time they have managed to cement such a load of absolute bullshit into the human spiritual psyche, that it is extremely difficult to separate their lies from the truth. The truth though is attainable, it exists in the form of baked clay tablets that have the written Sumerian cuneiform script all over them, through documents like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Codices. It’s even possible that there are confirming truths in the Vatican secret archives. Though I sometimes wonder about that, does a smart and dangerous criminal keep incriminating evidence in his home? The Mafia doesn’t. Though back in the late 15th and early 16th centuries the Catholic Church gave us the House of Borgia as two Popes, and we might as well call them a Mafia family. And yes the Borgias were real, and one of their descendants became president of Ecuador in 1988. It is a shame that the church keeps showing itself to be a shit house, but this is what happens when you try to build on sand, the foundation keeps giving way and the structure above collapses, usually catastrophically, and despite the church’s best efforts, this will yet happen.

As I have said, in order to understand our true spirituality, we must disavow the institutional dogmatism that we have been force fed for the last 1700 years. In doing so, we learn things about Christ, and his people that at first seems very unlikely, but we must remember that their customs were around for a very long time, much longer than the institution that replaced them. The Grail is not a church, it has no popes, no bishops, no priests, or shamans. It is a personal journey regarding our own growth. The priestly structures explained in previous articles show us that their functions were very different from those that we are familiar with in our time. They were devoted to a different kind of God, yes some of it was about El Shaddai/Enlil, but much more of it was about knowledge. When we look at the priest of Levi

The bearers of the Ark were specially trained priests who understood it’s operation

the word Levi stems from the word levite, which in turn is a shortened term for the word levitation.

Yes levitation, one of the properties of MFKZT is that it has anti-gravity properties. Not only can the mono-atomic white powder weigh less than nothing, while in that state, it also causes whatever type of vessel it is being weighed in to also weigh less than nothing. This principle of gold was well understood by the Levite priests of Jesus’s day, just as it was in the time of Moses and extending backwards to King Alalu’s arrival on earth. The bible has almost nothing to do with religion and has everything to do with this incredibly complex awe inspiring exotic material mono-atomic gold.

Monoatomic gold in it’s single atom state.

The church tries to tell us that Jesus was a simple carpenter, afraid not, he was a master craftsmen who worked the secrets of MFKZT, see our article “MFKZT The Jesus Connection”.

So what the hell does this have to do with the kingly code of service that Christ and every monarch since is supposed to follow?! We were created to be slaves, to wear the yoke of Enlil. It was one of our jobs to procure the gold for our creators, this we did for about 150,000 years. Then Noah’s flood

happened and things changed for the better. After the flood kingship was lowered from heaven, meaning that human kings were chosen by the Annunaki who had close bloodline connections to Enki, so that these men were real royalty. In the beginning these kings simply interceded between us the Annunaki, as time passed and trust grew these kings were able to deflect some of the harshness of the Annunaki away from us. It was this behaviour plus lessons learned from the Annage that eventually lead to the creation of the Grail Code of Service.

Much has been made of Jesus washing the feet of his apostles, unquestionably this is a true humble act of service, but he was not the first grail king to do so.

Think about this picture, none of the men in it are dressed as peasants. All of them are in rich robes of nobility.

This simple act was done from the start, just imagine, you have been at it the whole day long, hard physically gruelling work and all you have had on your feet the day long is sandals. Your feet are tired, sore, and very dirty. Imagine the pleasure and honour you feel as your king shows up to wash your feet, so you do not get sand, and dirt, and rocks and things in your bed.

The church would have us believe that Jesus did this out of some sense of higher purpose love, but let us remember who Jesus was, he was the Messiah, the Supreme Military Commander of Israel. Just as is the case with his angels, here is another case where there are double meanings. Yes Jesus washed the feet of his apostles out of a sense of service, too he did it to garner loyalty. If we look at it in a more modern way, sports recruiters and military generals have always used sex, access to illicit drugs, even homosexuality to garner loyalty. In the case of Christ and his Essenes, he could not use sex as it was a semi celibate community, so other means had to be found.

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