He Didn’t Go Viral

May 11, 2022

When the Shaw of Iran fled the country back in 1979, Iran was in the midst of a revolution. Of all the people who made that happen, the most noteworthy personality was the Ayatollah Khomeini. It was odd how he affected the people of his homeland, considering that he was in exile in France. He was noted for giving long somewhat rambling speeches about how he thought his country should be run. At that time there was of course no internet, the only source of mass information dispersion was either radio, or TV. In Iran both of these mediums were tightly controlled by the Shaw’s government. The technology that allowed for the tapping of telephones was coming along, but fortunately for the Ayatollah, in Iran, it had not yet hit it’s stride. What the Ayatollah was doing is, he would call a select bunch of numbers in Iran from France, and the individual on the other end would record the Ayatollah’s words on a portable tape cassette player, and then make copies of that cassette, and then disperse those cassettes around the country. Those cassettes became very popular and can be said to have gone viral. This was probably history’s first instance of violent revolution being induced by wired telephone and those crappy useless tape cassettes. You younguns have no idea of the struggle. It did not matter how much you spent on a cassette player, the damn things would never play back at the same speed and, they always sounded like shit. Eight tracks though, we have to work on bringing them back, their sound was real.

We learned in our article “Eighty-Two” that Jesus had 82 apostles, and that he sent 70 of them out in to the world to tell everyone about him. We know that their true purpose was to recruit people, and to bring them back to Israel to be part of Jesus’s army. It may be possible that they were somewhat successful in that endeaver. Rome needed to throw great resources, at least five legions, one of which suffered catastrophic losses in to the quelling of that rebellion and the subsequent destruction of Israel. The point here being is that Jesus and his apostles, did not have telephones or tape cassettes to record messages and reports on.

As we saw in our article “Lazarus”, Jesus suffered from a lack of recognition, when he entered Jerusalem no one knew who he was. This was a fundamental flaw in his strategic planning. Yes he toured around Israel and talked his head off, and had knocked a few tables over in the city of peace. Still no one knew who he was. It seems that in many ways our human god was a bit of an idiot. Yes his intentions had been good, but he acted far too rashly. He fell into the same trap as today’s Israel struggles with, orthodox Jewry failing to act in a cohesive manner. He had needed the full support of all of Israel’s people, all of the political factions, everyone. Instead with his arrogance and rash behaviour, he had alienated the Sanhedrin, the Sadducees, and Pharisees. He had needed those people, he needed swords in their hands, and he had needed their political power to help cover their activities from the Romans.

After his disastrous failure to enter Jerusalem as Israel’s Messiah, he was at least smart enough to realize that all of his ambitions had failed. A great deal of effort and thought went into the events at Golgotha. That half day, and the following weekend would change the world, and leave us 2,000 years later scratching our heads and saying, “what the fuck”? Sadly Christianity has been so manipulated that it is hard to tell what is real.

Now let us figure out where Golgotha really was. The church’s first pope was Emperor Constantine, he had a wife named Helena, who toured the holy land and was the one who name/placed most of the “holy” sites in Israel. Most these places were so named because she had a “feeling”, not because they were historically accurate. Remember that this took place as long as 350 years after JC’s “demise”. The present day Golgotha is not where his crucifixion took place, plus that hill does not really look like a skull. The church leads us to believe that the event was fairly well attended, but in reality, the crowds were kept well away because the event took place on private land at the cemetery at Qumran! The Romans themselves had no issue with Jesus because he had not done anything, his attempt at rebellion had fizzled and come to nothing. To the Romans, Jesus was just some idiot who talked too much.

The Gospels make no mention of a hill, John 19:41 in fact says that the event took place in a garden where there was a private sepulchre owned by Joseph of Arimathea – Mathew 27:59-60. Deuteronomy 23:10-14 says “without the camp”, which describes areas set aside as unclean, meaning cesspits, latrines, and graveyards, this is important because such areas were identified with the sign of the skull.

The universal sign of a toxic environment

Further the Book of Revelation 11:8 says that Jesus was crucified in the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt. We know that regardless of what the church says, Sodom was a centre of great learning, the Egypt reference is from the Ascetic Order of the Egyptian Therapeutate – medicine.

Jesus even though he had been an idiot and burned most of his bridges with the Sanhedrin and other powerful Jewish sects, he was not to be put to death as a common criminal. And if the Essenes had anything to with it, he was not going to die at all, this thanks to Joseph of Arimathea. So who was this guy? The Gospels describe him as an Honorable counsellor of the Sanhedrin, he was also a disciple of Jesus but secretly so. This was known to Pontius Pilate who accepted this without question. Neither Mary – mother or wife questioned this either. Some confuse the name to relate to the town of Arimeh on the plain of Gennesareth but no, as we are finding with the New Testament, this title too has more than one meaning. Arimathea is in fact a descriptive title, it represents high status and is derived from the Hebrew ram or Rama- height, and the Greek theo- of God together meaning divine Highness. Jesus’s father was Joseph, and Jesus was the heir to the Davidic line and had been the Joseph while his father was alive. The patriarchal title of Joseph was applied to the next in line to the succession to the Davidic line. Because of this, Jesus as the David, made his brother James the crown prince or Joseph of Arimathea, at least until Jesus and and Mary had kids and the succession was assured. But that child would not be born until after Mary fled to the south of France, bringing the Grail to Europe.

The Magdelene arrives in France carrying mankinds hope.

Understanding who the Divine Highness is allows us to see why the women in Jesus’s life accepted the arrangements to save his life without question. It also gives us clarity as to why the Romans washed their hands of what the Jews were going to do about the “death” of their Messiah. It also allows us to understand why the tightly controlled events of that awful Friday worked, Jesus lived and was able to on the third day begin to make his escape to Srinagar Kashmir, essentially right under the noses of supposedly pissed off Romans.

As we continue our study of the Grail, we will continue our disavowing of the church and it’s fiction of Christ. We will soon discuss the actual crucifixion and see how it was that he lived through it.

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