Consider This

June 25, 2022

Friday, June 24, 2022; a sad and unfortunate day for the the whole of the United States of America. Roe vs. Wade was reversed by the Supreme Court. A woman’s right to abortion and really, her health was taken from her with the stroke of a pen. Quite frankly I am disgusted by the court’s decision, and I blame two individuals for this travesty, donald trump and mitch mc connel, and their reprehensible actions of stuffing the Supreme Court with three republican judges in the final days of trump’s presidency. (And no, I can’t respect them enough to capitalize their names). I had never really understood why republicans and democrats had fought each other so hard when it came to supreme court appointments, whereas in Canada, our courts are nowhere near as politicized. In my opinion, it exposes the U.S. to the potential of non-ending trouble, like using the constitution to change the country from a democracy to a fascist state, it would seem that there is a real national security risk there. You Americans, really need to get to work to fix that. 

As I listened to the CBC’s noon show in Toronto yesterday, I was surprised at how many men were calling in to the program, and spouting off christian related rhetoric about the sanctity of life and general anti abortion nonsense. Then there was a woman that called into the program who was extremely emotional about how the rights of women had been taken back to the 19th century in the U.S. and cried for them. Then there were more men who called, and all were talking about the rights of the unborn child, and how that child should be born regardless of what circumstance it would be raised in. As I listened to the opinions expressed by these extraordinarily shallow people, I found myself outraged by their positions.

My position is simple, I am pro choice, and I have at least not knowingly ever met anyone who has had an abortion. Abortion was illegal in Canada until 1988, that said, my mother would have aborted me had she been able to back in 1967. This is where my outrage stems from, these idiots who say abortion is wrong, my mother did not want me for reasons known only to herself, and I suffered because of that. Whatever my mother’s problem was, it was not because she had been raped. Do you really believe that a young girl, or grown woman wants to carry to term, and raise the child of her rapist? My skin crawls at the thought that I had voluntary sex with the whore that I married, I can not imagine what a woman must feel like after being violently violated. Most people have trouble raising and bonding with step children, how capable would you really be in loving unconditionally the child of the monster who raped you, or your wife, or daughter? This here just speaks to the criminality of why a woman would seek an abortion, but what about her socio-ecconomic position?

I am by no means an expert on the welfare state of the U.S. However, over the course of 30 years while trucking thru the country, I have heard many stories about people growing up in extreme poverty. Particularly in republican states like Mississippi, and mc conell’s state of Kentucky, where welfare and assistance like food stamp programs are unavailable. And because of this, we will be condemning yet another generation of people to poor health outcomes, and lives of struggle if not poverty. We too are faced with larger issues such as global warming, and the sixth extinction. During such events in the past, species have experienced population explosions only to suffer extraordinary die back, if not complete extinction. To put added pressure on to a system that is struggling to support us now, is idiocy beyond measure.

So that’s a little bit about what mom might face, but what about the baby? When does it become a baby? When sperm meets egg? When there’s two cells? Maybe a heartbeat? How about when it pops out of mom and has a name? The legal definition of when life starts is unimportant here. Our lives begin the nano second that our sacred male and sacred female unite as one, so that would be the second that sperm penetrates egg. Abortion is all about the killing, or murder, depending on what extremist anti abortion person you listen to, of a tiny human. Undeniably some of the images they show us to sway our positions are horrid,

but what they fail to consider is this. Most, if not all, of their bullshit is based in the christian tradition, which we have shown here, is complete nonsense based in deliberate deception.

When we die either as an embryo, infant, child, teen, or as an adult, there is at times blood, pain, and general overall messiness, there is no getting away from that. What matters at the moment of death is, what we have accomplished to that moment. During our time of incarceration here in this realm, we are expected to learn and teach lessons to each other. The length of incarceration obviously varies greatly, from a few days or weeks inside mom’s womb, to some like my grandmother, who lived until the ripe old age of 99 years old. That aborted life, as part of it’s sacred life and plan for ultimate ascension, may have planned on that seeming very short period of time inside the womb before being aborted. It could be too, that there is something Karmic going on between mother and fetus. No one outside of that sacred relationship has the right to interfere with it. And unfortunately, as is too often the case, what the universe wants, it will take regardless of what we want.

I am pro choice, it has to be the woman’s decision. I have no desire to see a woman have an abortion, but if necessary, it’s scope should be fairly narrow, girls 12-18 granted automatic abortions, children can not raise children, victims of rape and incest should be granted automatic abortions, if and when it can be determined that the child will suffer from life long mental and physical disabilities, abortion should be granted. There too should be legislated by both federal and state law, that if you are a 12 year old boy all the way through to when you die, if you get your dicky sticky, and you get a girl pregnant, whether from a one night stand or by any other means, you are on the hook for paying child support commiserate with your income until that child is 18. You can not expect the girl/woman to bear the cost of completely fucking up her life. You stuck it in her, and poured seed into her, you bear 50% or more of the responsibility.

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