Recap Forward

July 3, 2022

I have really wanted this Blog to be a celebration of life, my life. In many ways it is, we have explored in some depth some of the horrific events that were part of my journey, and how those events allowed for a far greater understanding of what was truly happening to me, and why. It has taken me from a very human based angry lost soul to where now, I see the beauty in how the Universe operates. I am not always grateful for the seeming harshness of some of the lessons that I have been taught, but I am human, and continue to strive for it.

For most of us, we live in a world that we do not know encompasses so much more than the fabric under our butts, as we binge watch whatever television show, and feel the concrete under our feet as visiting whatever Tim Horton’s, or Starbucks. As we drive down our city streets, or freeways, we fail to understand that the greenery around us is infused with life force that we can not see or feel. That is not quite accurate though, for those of us who are able to, some get away into nature either as a day hike, or perhaps a family vacation at a cottage or tropical resort. Once there, most do not notice immediately, but over the period of time that we are there, most feel reinvigorated by the time we return to our city lives. What happens to us while in nature is, that life energy force infuses us with their natural powerful healing qualities. We may have heard an indigenous person say something about the healing properties of the land, but with our secular lives, we have never tried to really understand just what they mean by that. That energy, not only can we absorb it passively as is what happens to us at a cottage, we can also actively plug ourselves into it at will. This energy is also visible in a different wavelength, that it is possible to raise your own vibrational frequencies to visibly see, this energy not only surrounds all living matter, it surrounds us as well. We generate auras, these auras are our physical connection to our higher being, our sacred selves.

It was in learning about our sacred selves, and auras, that my Grail quest turned from secular interest to actively wanting to experience the effect. The problem there was, My soul was so battered, had been so abused, that my energy was so depleted that I had almost no hope of being able to change my vibrational frequencies. There though, the Universe had my back and I did not know it. It had taken someone away from me, who handed me a box of blackness, and did not tell me it was really a gift beyond value. Yes, the Nanny, through her loss I found AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, there was the program that enabled the initial stages of healing that I so desperately needed. It too opened the door to a better understanding of my spiritual needs. The program does not operate as any kind of spiritual thing, it advises you to find a higher power that suits you.

There I found to almost no surprise that I was my own higher power, and that conflicted with part two of the Universe’s program for me. Enter the leprechaun, and ego deconstruction began from day one with her. The years 2015-2018 were extraordinarily tough, she was a narcissistic energy vampire and I nearly died, it got as far as my having my bare left foot stuck in the frigid February cold waters of Lake Erie ready to take my final swim. The only thing that stopped me was the grim determination that I was not going out the same way as my parents had. My recovery was long, slow, and I did not plug into that universal energy; instead I reached deep into me, and found my sacred self, and found that, we are indeed gods unto ourselves.

Those twenty years with the leprechaun were confusing as hell. Yes this period had enabled me to study the Grail, and it’s many facets with little interference from the leprechaun, and at the same time, she was a huge detractor as well, she was always criticizing what it had to do with spirituality. Even though the Grail is about disproving everything that the church is, and taking away all the supernatural supports that the thing was supposed to provide, what we get in return is, a clean slate. A way of understanding our world, and universe in a clear concise manner.

It’s in cleaning up the mess that the church has made is where it gets messy. We have 1700 years of suppressed truth to find, share, and live. At least now we have the opportunity to fix our lives, to come away from that unconscious sadness, and depression that we all feel whether we admit it or not. This mental health issue, is not really a mental heath thing at all, we feel the way we do because, we have spent so long cut off from source. We have the church to thank for that, and right now, I am not feeling very forgiving about that.

In the course of our studies here, we have learned about a wandering exo-planet that crashed into Tiamat,

Nibiru, the wandering exo – planet that seeded our Earth with life. This is how it happened.

 our earth as named in the Bible, we learned that wandering planet’s name is Nibiru and it seeded our Earth with life. We have learned that life on Nibiru developed several hundreds of millions of years before life on earth, and reached the stage of development where they had space shuttle like technology, while we were still semi-intelligent bi-pedal hominids. As our studies deepened, we found that these Nibiruians came to Earth to mine our PGMs to save their planet from environmental disaster. During the effort to mine those PGMS, we were created by them, to ease their burden, to bear the Yoke of Enlil, the second born son of King Anu, the supreme ruler of Nibiru.

Our history and theirs became almost indistinguishable from then until around the time of the Israeli captivity in Babylon, around 570 B.C.  It was in Babylon that the Torah first began to be put together. That the writers and the people were familiar with history as a whole, is apparent by the fact that the book of Genesis is none too specific when it comes to dates, and it was here that the multitude of gods that were worshipped by the Jews, were amalgamated into one, Enlil/El Shaddai. From then all was reasonably okay, except that El Shaddai failed to keep his promise to his chosen people. This is likely a result of the non-interference pact that the Annunaki signed among themselves, after they destroyed Sodom in the land of Gomorrah with nuclear weapons.

This was the result of a woman’s broken heart. A niece’s fury against her uncle, who inadvertantly caused the death of his brother Thothmes.

This effort on Earth was headed by the two royal sons of Anu, Enlil and Enki. Enki was the chief scientist on Earth, while his brother Enlil was in over all charge of Mission Earth, and made sure that the scheduled flights to and from Nibiru took place as smoothly as possible. Enki’s domain was Africa, Egypt in particular, given to him by his father Anu. He had two sons, Marduk, better known as the Egyptian god Ra, and Thothmes, who brought us the practice of Hermetics. He too had five daughters of whom he pursued in an incestuous fury trying to assert the next generation’s right to the throne, in their own Game of Thrones. But it is Enki’s and Thoth’s role as scientist philosophers, that interest us here. Both taught the Earth Sciences, knowledge that the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th centuries would try to recover before the English Hanovers would fuck it up with their brand of conservative freemasonry in the 18th century. This knowledge can be traced back thru time to the Knight Templar, then the Druids, who had received it from the Magdalene, and what was left of the Essenes when she got to France.

You can identify her as being an Essene by the moon symbol on the sail. The moon is one of many symbols that identify Enki.

This period of history, the Dark Ages, were dark indeed, they can be said to have lasted from about 300 A.D. to about the time of the first crusade. Many get the purpose of the Knight Templar quite wrong, they are confused with a sect of catholic knights, who defended the roads of the Holy Land from banditry. Their purpose was quite different, they had intended to rebuild King Solomon’s Empire.

The masking of the Templar’s true history, is yet another example of the church appropriating history, and events that were never theirs.

They were neither catholic nor christian, they believed that we are beings of light and energy, locked into an eternal struggle between light and darkness, good and evil. Evil, oh scary, BOO! Let us now figure out why this completely imaginary construct was put together.

As an 18 year old boy, after my parent’s had died, and being an agnostic searching for some kind of spiritual grounding, I took an interest in psychic phenomenon, poltergeists to be exact. I had seen the film, and had thought it was stupid, too ghosty gobliny and predictable. The only part of the film that resonated with me was when, little Carol-Anne was told to go into the light. Doing so, the little girl ended up safe back in our realm.  It was a happy emotional scene as the little girl and her parent’s were reunited and the bad guy was denied his spiritual prey. His spiritual prey, was that not what the devil was all about? Did the church not teach that he would use all his wiles to catch us, and trap us, his  human spiritual prey? It was a scary thought, that something like what takes place in the movie, The Exorcist, or Rosemary’s Baby could actually happen. That our immortal souls could, or would be damned to hell for eternity.

For many years, right up until my divorce from the whore, yes, the one with the turn style and caving tours, I was convinced that she was indeed THE DEVIL’S SPAWN. And I was convinced that some people are, genuinely evil, like serial killers, guys like the Soviet leader Stalin, or the Cambodian Pol Pot. Then I began to be educated and realized that, A) we live in a multi-verse  where anything can and does happen, which means by necessity, we will meet people who come from realms of darkness. And B), as bad as some are, they are not actually sinister. Yes they can hurt/kill our physical bodies, inflict enormous mental/emotional damage, but they can not actually escort us to hell’s gate and say, “here Master, I got one for you”. Upon further study, this guy Lucifer, and his place in the bible is just too constructed, the few mentions of him in the book and his deeds are, too human. They are things that one asshole human would do to another because they can.

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