Dark Imaginings

July 6, 2022

This biblical stuff, it’s a tough nut to crack and find the truth inside of it. As we have discovered in our recent series on Jesus, and his Essenes, we have found that the truth is very different from that which we have been taught. Many people will not accept the truths found within, as any sort of truth mainly for three reasons: 1. because the mainstream does not mention any of it. 2. If someone does take an interest in it, they go to the clergy who will tell them that it’s all lies and not to be deceived. 3. The idea of hell and damnation has been so ingrained into Christian culture, that the automatic response is for people to reject these truths out of plain fear.  The funny part of this though is, the folks who take an interest in it, their higher beings – sacred selves

It sickens me how our true spirituality has been concealed from us through lies and vested interest.

 recognize the truth and want to know more. In wanting to know more, they seemingly make the right decision to go to their clergy for answers because they are the ones who are supposed to be the ones in the know when it comes to biblical stuff. The problem here is twofold, the church has a vested interest in protecting itself and propagating its lie about Christ, and, it has always used fear to control its flock. The result of this of course is that, the truth becomes impossible to find because of the above data loop.

So how is it that they have us so spooked? When we look at the real historical record, there is no one or thing mentioned until the 3rd century A.D. that is inherently evil. `But wait you say, what about the snake thing and Adam and Eve, and the apple? Is that not the devil showing up from the start?’  No it is not, that incident was all about Enki and Enlil, and a clever play on words as Enlil calls his brother rather dismissively, the lead scientist of Mission Earth. See our article “Original Sin” to better understand this.

So how complicated do we want to make this? Do we need to go all the way back to the big bang? A hard line Christian to over simplify it, will say that god created the universe and everything in it, including us, in seven days. That individual too will say, that god had a number of helper angels, one of whom was too big for his britches, and fell from heaven taking a number of other angels with him, and was known at first as Beelzebub. Whose name morphed into Satan. The name Beelzebub was kept around apparently because, Satan needs hordes of demon helpers, plus Beelzebub is kind of fun to say. Beel-zebub or Beelze-bub. The source for the name Beelzebub, we find in the biblical book of 2 Kings 1:2-3, 6, 16, it is written as Ba’al-zabûb, he is a deity worshipped by the Philistines, there known as the Lord of Dung or Flies.

The original Satan

 The names of the seven chief demons are, Lucifer-pride, Mammon-avarice, Asmodeus-lechery, Satan-anger, Beelzebub-gluttony, Leviathan-envy, and Belphegor-sloth. Notice something here, all of these demons who guard the seven gates of hell, all are or have very human traits, things that us humans can and do struggle with. All of which are traits exhibited by donald trump as an example.

Obviously these traits are incredibly negative, and should not be taken out and displayed in public, nor should they be held in an individual’s heart. The question is, are these traits truly evil, or just incredibly selfish? Selfishness is an incredibly negative thing in an individual, but it is not evil unto itself. And that is the thing with the devil, he is supposed to be evil incarnate, all of the traits ascribed to him are human, and speak to an extreme lack of morals and ethics. Ethics are taught to us at home, and in the schoolyard, it is through ambition that shades of grey creep in to them.

When Emperor Constantine appointed the first pope, Sylvester I on 31 January 314 A.D., Christendom took a long step into darkness. At that time, there was a lot going on in the world of religiosity. Pauline Christians were sometimes, or sometimes not, being persecuted, Joseph of Arimathea’s Church of Jerusalem was struggling to assert itself, different empires were rolling through the mid-east, so there was basically religious chaos and it was this chaos, that results in the creation of Islam As Pope Sylvester was appointed,

This man is an abomination and shit on everything the Essenes believed about Christ.

the church of Jerusalem was disgusted by it, saying that this new church was an abomination, and that it was essentially pissing in the face of everything that Jesus had believed in. As true as that statement is, this brand new Pauline styled Catholic church was beside itself with glee, now instead of having to hold services and ceremonies in back alley hovels, and live in fear of death or imprisonment, they could now flaunt themselves in the corridors of power, because Constantine converted to their brand of Christianity, albeit on his deathbed. It is here, and from then that the church has learned its lust for power, and has sought ways to control the masses to maintain its power. Am I saying that the Pope is Satan? No, it is silly to think that.

What we really have here is, from the church’s inception it has to this day continued to tweak what books and persons it takes from, or adds to the bible. From 314 to 1215, just before the Lateran Council, priests and bishops were essentially allowed to teach whatever they wanted. Yes you read that right, up until 1215 there was no traditional form of the devil.

Beelzebub morphed into Satan.

 It was at this council, that it was decided that the Holy Trinity needed some form of opposition. They set themselves a herculean task, writing Satan in. So who was this guy and where did he come from? Now, what about our former overlords, the Annunaki who from heaven to Earth came? They have been around longer than us; do they have the same devil? According to standard Christian belief, they should because god created everything and one in the universe. Except that there is a problem with that, and it’s a big one. The Bible tells the story of God who is an Annunaki named Enlil/El Shaddai, and the Annage are not and have never been, Christians. Realizing this makes Satan’s first appearance in the Bible, with Adam and Eve all the more sketchier.

But wait though, could Satan’s identity be disguised the same way Enlil’s’ was? It’s a good thought, I mean look at some of their behaviour towards us; we were created to be slaves, we were used as sex slaves, used as fodder in their wars with each other, we were drowned in our millions when no notice was given to us during the Great Flood, and worst of all, nuclear weapons were used on an unsuspecting population at Sodom and Gomorrah. These events speak to their arrogance, but fail to mention why they took place. Satan is said to have no remorse, and that he serves only himself, although they wronged us, these events took place as they struggled to serve the people of their home world, Nibiru. The fact that Enlil regretted drowning us, and the fact that Inanna loved Thoth, but was capable of sealing her great uncle Marduk  in the Great Pyramid at Giza, tells us that they are not evil incarnate. It seems far more likely that their problem is, hormonal, like they are missing part, or all of either the thyroid, or pituitary glands, these produce hormones that help regulate our behaviour.  

Enki and Enlil, after the nuking of Sodom spent quite some time discussing fate/destiny, both realized that there had been some type of higher power involved in the entire tragic affair. Neither could quite admit that what had taken place was supposed to; they could see no purpose to it. Here we could say that Satan had infiltrated the situation and had influenced all the events to make them so tragic, but we will not because he had not been created yet, and it would be tens of thousands of years until he would be. What they had experienced was life lessons on an unprecedented scale. Lessons that had been extraordinarily harsh, designed to break through the emotional blocks caused by their hormonal short coming. In no way am I suggesting that the universe is evil, because it is not. Our soul’s goal is to ascend whether we realize it or not. Negative experiences can be seen as being caused by evil, this is simply not the case. A negative experience is designed to bring you forward, to show you how to for instance, drive around something in the middle of the road, instead of crashing in to it and fucking up your life.

Evil is a manmade construct and has absolutely no bearing on your immortal sacred self. The fact that there are souls of darkness like my ex-wife, the whore. Yes the one with the turn style and caving expeditions, means only that they have not yet come into the light. The fact that they do evil shitty things to us means only that they need the light that we are. A starving man or woman who shoves another starving man or woman out of his way to get to the food on an aid truck is not evil, he is simply trying to save his/her own life. That starving man or woman should have tempered his/her actions, and behaved morally for the benefit of all, just as the nascent Catholic Church should have at its inception in 314 A.D.

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