Diabolical Silliness

July 14, 2022

This may seem an uncomfortable topic, but it is one that out of necessity we must explore. As our Grail quest continues, we will continue to disavow the church and find the truth, no matter how obscured it is. We have learned quite a bit about some of the bible’s main characters, Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, and, Jesus and his apostles. All of these people actually existed and walked on this Earth, however, each of their purposes were very different from what we were taught that they were. What we have been taught is a fairy tale that is designed to comfort you, and, scare you so much that it curdles your blood, and makes you submit to your fear. The fairy tale is about a loving god who protects you from bad stuff, and who will let you live with him for eternity, as long as you believe in him. The scary part is if you do not believe in him and, do thing that are not god fearing, which apparently are caused by us being influenced by someone called the Devil.

As our quest continues, we will learn about this evil son of a bitch, and many of the atrocities that have been committed in his name by the church.  We will learn about the insanely simple reasoning used to justify the devil’s existence, we will learn about the silliness of the stories that were made up about him as he took form, he did not always have horns and a tail. We will learn about the panic he caused at the beginning of the first millennium (1,000) AD, because people had been told he would come for them then. It’s actually very ironic how that worked out, the church had spent the previous 700 years suppressing and twisting anything Grail related into something evil; then along comes the Knight Templar, who dragged Europe out of ignorance and poverty, creating greater good for more people than the church has ever.

A great crime against humanity was committed by King Phillip and his puppet Pope.

 Yet this incredible organization was brought down by accusations of devil worship! An imaginary figure, and its idea is capable of doing immense harm, look at the trouble that trump has caused with the concept of fake news.  This of course is seen as a hallmark of the devil, deceit and falsehood.

Deceit and falsehood, it would seem that the Catholic church more than any other organization is guilty of that. It has created the myth of Christ, perpetuating a lie, it has appropriated (stole) many of the Essenes customs and disfigured all of them. It has given itself the power to sit in judgment of you; by appropriating (stealing) power that Jesus gave Peter. The church cheated when they took Peter’s power, Jesus never told Peter to give it to blind men. So what we have so far is an organization that lies, cheats, and steals, all evil tendencies. It looks as if the church is evil, maybe even the pope could be the devil or at least the anti-Christ. As likely as this possibility is the deeper you get into the reasoning, it’s incorrect. But why? you may ask, the devil can attack anyone and possess them. That may be true if you believe in such crap, but we are here to disprove his existence.    

An example of how the church has twisted Grail related knowledge is, Simon Zelotes, the Essene Magi. As we know the Essenes knew all about Hermetics, which is all about vibration and frequency – energy. As we know from Hinduism, they have developed the skills and mastery to be able to levitate, walk on hot coals, and other types of incredible feats of energy control. Zelotes too had this type of mastery as is evidenced by Acts 8:9-24 where he levitated himself over the Roman Forum.

Jesus’s saviour

 As the early church developed, magic was twisted to be seen as a device of the devil, but that only applied to ordinary magic. When it came to miracles performed by Christ that was something else. In a 2nd century treatise called Didache, it describes murder, rape, and adultery as being evil, and accursed and says that magic arts as well as witchcraft as being devilish arts that, sincere Christians should seek deliverance from.

The church of the Middle Ages too was very aware of  what the Old Testament says about magic, Deuteronomy 18:11, Exodus 22:18, Leviticus 20:27, and the New Testament has Galatians 5:20, Revelation 21:8 all of which tell us that the belief in sorcery was not an idle superstition. The Council of Alvira in 306 AD refused the last rites to anyone who killed a man by way of a spell, because such a thing must be done only with the Devil’s help! In 385 AD a prosecution for sorcery took place under Roman civil law. This individual was a Gnostic preacher called Priscillian of Avila Spain, he was a deeply ascetic spiritual Christian who was inclined towards the Nazarene philosophies of Old Judaea. He was prosecuted because the true teachings of Christ were deemed to be occult and sinful because they had been superseded by the new church doctrine of Pauline worship! Priscillian’s death had been a torturous painful thing as all civil church prosecutions were, in 866 Pope Nicholas I, prohibited the use of torture, but was okay with suspected witches having their arms and legs being tied together and subjected to trial by immersion – drowning.

As time passed and the hysteria around witchcraft grew, some clerics endeavoured to slow the panic. In 906 the Benedictine abbot Regino of Prὒm wrote in his De Ecclesiasticis Disciplinis:

It is not to be passed over that certain abandoned women, turning aside to follow Satan, being seduced by the illusions and phantasms of demons, believe and openly profess that, in the dead of night, they ride upon certain beasts along with the pagan goddess Diana and a countless horde of women. And that in these silent hours they fly over vast tracts of country and obey her as their mistress, while on other nights they are summoned to pay her homage.

Regino then further remarked,

If it were only the women themselves who were deluded, it would be a matter of little consequence, but unfortunately an immense number of people believe these things to be true. It is the duty of priests earnestly to instruct the people that these things are absolutely untrue, and that such imaginings are planted in the minds of misbelieving folk not by a divine spirit but by the spirit of evil.

From 1020 came the Decretum of Burchard, the Bishop of Worms, it was widely circulated and used extensively as a confessors guide, he believed in witchcraft and magic potions that would bring on impairment and infirmity. He thought that belief in such things constituted a sin in itself. It was thanks to writers like, Burchard and Regino, that Pope Gregory VII forbade witches to be put to death for causing storms, crop failures, and pestilence; however the reprieve was short lived with the brutal catholic inquisition of the 13th century about to take place.  

So if god is all powerful and supposedly all good, why does evil exist? Why does god allow it? Is it possible that he allows it to happen for some reason known only to himself? We have asked these types of questions before; let us now discover some of the self-serving nonsense that the church feeds itself about the devil. The 2nd century Church Father Clement of Alexandria asserted that the Devil was created good because it was impossible that god would hate anything he creates; so somehow it becomes clear that the Devil then turned to evil of his own accord, then having done so, he does everything in his considerable power to alienate people from god. Clement says further that, since people have free will, the Devil’s licence to tempt is not an ability to compel anyone into sin.

His seniority in the ranks of fallen angels is ascertained from Clément’s contemporary, Origen of Alexandria, who says that the Devil in the Hebrew language is named Satan, and he was the first to fall from grace and lose his wings. A writer from the 3rd century, the Christian apologist Lactantius a professor of rhetoric in Nicomedia in Asia Minor said because god exists, so too must the devil because it is impossible for people to understand good without evil, god wishes it to be so. He went on to say that, if god were to exclude evil, then he would at the same time eliminate virtue, for in a world without alternatives, freedom of choice would not be possible. And so because evil cannot possibly proceed from god, he necessarily created the devil. Thus god incites the devil to evil but does not do evil himself.

4 thoughts on “Diabolical Silliness

    1. Hi, let’s look at your thought from a different perspective. The Book of Revelation as written by Christ and his Essenes was written as a battle plan against their oppressors the Romans. It was only after the church created the idea of the Devil in about 1,000 AD that the scary bits about the tribulations and so on were written into revelations.


      1. The topic of religion is contentious and folks hold to their beliefs tightly. Herein these pages is an alternative view of the Judean/ Christian tradition. We have traced human history from near 450,000 years ago through to the present, and discovered why the Bible was written as is. I encourage you to visit our essay Original Sin and discover who that serpent in Genesis really was. We too invite you to visit all our essays and perhaps find a different perspective that changes what you think you know.


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