Sexy Devil

July 27, 2022

As we have learned, the Bible is about an alien race called the Annunaki, they came to Earth to mine our PGMs to save their world. The effort they made was extensive in that at their height of operations, there were about 600 of them on Earth. Between their large scale construction efforts, and the pressing need for Gold, their crew of who they call heroes, became exhausted. This exhaustion was shared by their leadership on both Nibiru and Earth, and with some desperation we were created as a result. We were created to be slave labour for them, to do the millions of tasks that are part of everyday life, plus we were needed to alleviate their loneliness and sexual needs.

When we were first created, we were as mules are, unable to procreate. This was a problem, and Enki and Ninkharsag soon rectified it because they desperately needed us as part of their labour force. The ability to procreate is doubtlessly the number one issue throughout our combined history. We see it in them as they vied for the throne; we see it when Enlil/El Shaddai raped a young nurse in the early days of Mission Earth. We see it as both Enlil and Enki pursued their half-sister Ninkharsag; we see more of it as Enki pursued his daughters in an incestuous frenzy. In an interesting display of a woman’s right to self-determination regarding consensual sex, Lilith, Adam’s first wife, refused to lay with him.

Lilith who has been demonized or is seen as a Succubus

 Here too we also see an instance of racism, she was pure Annunaki and Adam of course was human. After Enlil/El Shaddai raped the nurse who became his wife, and was named Ninlil, he was banished temporarily from their operations until he agreed to marry her. Their children were Nergal, Nanna, Ninurta, Pablisag, and Ninazu. So now we know who the brides of both God and Jesus were, and they were not snow white virginal nuns in black habits. Though Italian porn seems to have fun poking fun at the Catholic Church and priests and nuns having sex.

In an odd twist, we find that sex is an absolutely necessary thing because they needed us to procreate, yet the Bible tells us that God got mad at us because we made love too much and then drowned us. Yet God knew how vital we were to his efforts to save his home world. So what is really happening there? It is true that Enlil was never 100% behind the effort to create us, or maintain us, but nonetheless was anxious to have us labour for them. The fact of the matter was he thought we were vermin, and only changed his opinion after the flood. The fact that we had sex had nothing to do with his dislike of us that had more to do with them as a whole playing GOD, and creating a hybrid species and what their responsibilities were and would be. So really, a matter of ethics, which makes sense coming from him because, he was noted for being somewhat tightly wound. This we see from the very start as Enki begins to educate Adam and eve.

What becomes frighteningly obvious is that women from after the days of Eve become vilified by the church. Before the creation of the Pauline church women were seen as equals, Jesus insisted that his wife, the Magdalene

 was more than equal to any of his apostles, and many carried great responsibilities such as surveying the grounds for the construction of the pyramids at Giza, which took place hundreds of thousands of years before Christ got here. What becomes obvious is that the church is/was infected by the evil it itself created. Many think that Paul is the source of the problem for women. Sure his attitude towards them was/is bad, and in no way helps them, but it was the creation of the Devil that really screwed things up for women. And in order to do a complete job of it, they started at the beginning with poor Eve.

Overall, women can thank Tertullian, who said that, when the fallen angels came to earth and mated with women, they imbued women with carnal lust and desire. He went on to say, “Do you know that you are each an Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age; the guilt must of necessity live in you too. You are the Devil’s gateway; you are the unsealer of that forbidden tree; you are the first deserter of the divine law; you are she who persuaded him whom the Devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God’s image, man. On account of your desertion, even the Son of God had to die”. So girls, because of that honey pot between your legs, you killed God! For Shame! Cyprian of Carthage followed that statement by saying that, women dress to corrupt men and seduce them against the express wish of God.

It was not long after this that women were precluded from performing any duties for the church, and unfortunately this is still the case today for women in the Catholic Church. Regardless of my personal feelings about the Catholic faith, this is simply a ridiculous state of affairs. Up until Tertullian’s stupidity women had acted as Deacons in the church, the Bishop of Alexandria, Origen of Alexandria, and even Pliny the Younger had written about women Deacons, and the tremendous work they did as such. Tertullian led the way for women being seen as instruments of the Devil, and the Church of Rome came down on the position of, “These heretical women; how audacious they are. They have no modesty. They are bold enough to teach, to engage in argument. It is not permitted for a woman to speak in church, nor is it permitted for her to baptize, nor to offer, nor to claim to herself a lot in any manly function, nor to have say in any sacred office”.

About a thousand years later, at the Synod of Toulouse in 1229, it got worse for women as you were seen as the instigators of sorcery and diabolical behaviours. The 13th century Summa Theologica explains that the Catholic patron Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote, “The Devil’s greatest sin is his impossible aspiration to be like God. It was for this reason that he envied Adam, who was created in God’s image, which necessarily determines that the Devil does not have the likeness of a man. But the Devil was not alone, there was another creature who was different from man, and therefore also not like God. This was the creature who had seduced Adam and caused him to sin, and she was called woman. Thus it is claimed that women are the daughters of darkness, the seductive emissaries of the Devil. 

In 1993 Pope John Paul II pronounced his the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it states,” Evil indicates the person of Satan who opposes God and is the deceiver of the whole world. Victory over the Devil has already been won by Christ. We pray however, that the human family be freed from Satan and his works. We also ask for the precious gift of peace, and the grace of perseverance, as we wait for the coming of Christ, who will free us definitively from the Evil One”. This kind of nonsense really pisses me off because it is a control mechanism. If Christ had really defeated Satan, what could possibly be his motive for continuing to allow his creation to continue to suffer the evil bugger? Christ will not be coming back, his resurrection has already taken place, Simon Zelotes handled that. What we need is grace and perseverance, to continue to put up with nonsense statements from any type of clergy regarding the Devil. The Devil is a church constructed control mechanism, his creation has led to human suffering on an unimaginable scale.

As all of us are, now in the 21st century, we are still suffering influences from the developing character of Satan from 800 years ago.  Because of the superstitious nonsense from the church, we at least 800 years behind where we should be. As we go forward, we will learn about what true service is, the Grail Code, we will learn what was suppressed and what the difference would be to our lives today. This church is guilty of crimes against humanity, not just because of the suffering of the past, but because it taught a doctrine that allowed cruelty to exist beside people’s spiritual life.

Yes there is separation of church and state, and thank Christ that there is, and yes laws must be made to keep order. However those laws must be just, not just for some, but for all, regardless of where, when, or what colour your skin is. And those who enforce those laws, must know and have the courage to challenge those laws where and when they conflict with what is ethically correct.

Were the Annunaki ethically correct in creating us? I am on the fence with that, but I do know that most of the things they tried to teach us were good things to know, like the Ten Commandments. Reading and writing, numbers, and very importantly, a way to see the universe that makes sense and is not warped by superstition and fear.

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