September 10, 2022

This business about duality is strange, how do we really know that we are two things at once? That we are both flesh and blood and ethereal spiritual beings at the same time? How do we better understand that vibration and frequency is the key to all? And where does our flesh and blood fit in? Seemingly, we can only know what our fleshly senses tell us, except that is not quite true. For the last 1,696 years we have been programmed to misunderstand our heritage by an extremely negative fear based low energy entity called the Christian Church.

When the Annunaki arrived here on Earth, they had spent billions of years on Nibiru harvesting their planet’s natural energy, by using Nibiru’s Ley Lines. Their actions were the same here, all of their installations were located on or very near Earth’s own Ley Lines, These lines are naturally occurring high energy conduits, and high energy of course means high vibrational activity. Sure that is great, rocky planets emit natural energy, but what does that have to do with us? What these energy lines tell us is that the universe has secrets that we do not yet appreciate.  It was under the rule of King James VI and 1(19 June 1566 – 27 March 1625) as the Scottish Stuarts shepherded us out of the dark ages that the discovery was made that there were invisible forces on Earth that were not due to supernatural nonsense. In 1600 William Gilbert, an English Physicist discovered the relationship between magnets and the Earth’s magnetic field. Since then there have been monumental discoveries in science, most of them high on the scale of vibrational energy, and one of those discoveries affect us directly, that we possess auras, energy fields that surround us 24/7/365.

The Stuarts of course were sponsors of the Rosicrucian movement, which was the descendant order of the Knight Templar, who every Master of that wondrous order had the blood of the Grail in their veins. The Templars amassed their knowledge through several different means, some of their family tradition could have come from Druidic tradition, which as we know was based in Essene teachings; much of their behavior would have been taught at the schools of Cordoba, the onetime north western extent of Islam.

Islam at the time and to some extent still is today, was filled with Grail related poetry and romance which heavily influenced those early Templar’s like Hugues De Payens, Payens De Montdidier, and seven others towards chivalric activity. They too amassed great wealth and knowledge by both excavating under the Temple Of Jerusalem and discovering a great treasure of gold and incredibly esoteric knowledge and the like by forming close relationships with the Islamic Order of Assassins. The root of the word assassin is assas, it means knowledge. They too rediscovered the secrets of MFKZT, which we know that Jesus Christ and family were well aware of.

As we have learned Christ was a Hellenistic – or westernized Jew, and he was an Essene, the sect was heavily influenced by Egyptian esoteric teachings. The church would have us believe that Christ taught Christianity, what he really taught was Hermetics, and this we know is all about vibration and frequency.

What becomes clear is that beginning on Nibiru, the Annunaki brought us their spiritual teachings through Thothmes, Enki’s second born son, the younger brother of the sun God Ra. Those teachings were common, and well understood up until the time of Christ, where they were corrupted by Saul’s failure to understand their basic principles. Christ’s message was that he was the way to the light, a guide, not the light himself. Much of the nonsense about him being the Son of the God and his calling out for his father while on the cross is because of the church’s suppression of Jesus’s connection to the Essenes and their totally misunderstood priestly/angelic structure. At no time did Christ ever claim to be the Son of God, those words were levied against him by the Sanhedrin.

Here then with the supposed “death” of Christ, and the suppression of his true teachings, is where we lost our connection to our sacred selves. For the next 600 years there was religious chaos in the middle east, 300 years after the death of Christ we have the creation of the Holy Roman Catholic Church which Joseph of Arimathea’s Church of Jerusalem called an abomination was formed, 300 years after that we have the creation of Islam, which was created to try to sanitize the chaos. Neither of these newly created religions taught Hermetics, and both venerate Enlil/El Shaddai/Allah as the same God. Both religions demand that their adherents live lives of attempted purity to please God, Both religions too have beings of light or dark, though the Islamic Iblis is capable of both god and bad, whereas the Christian Devil is all evil all the time.

There is certainly nothing wrong with living a healthy lifestyle, however, the denial of some pleasures can be detrimental to our overall growth in that it may prevent us from attaining higher states of vibration. This then is the problem with organized religion; we are limited by our belief in an imaginary figurehead. For tens of thousands of years now, at no time has God ever shown up when we are in crises and said to us, “here now, let me move these chess pieces around so that your life will be better”. In the days of Lot he may have sent a messenger to get you out of the way of something, but he never told you why.

 Hermetics, on the other hand teaches self- reliance and manifestation. This manifestation comes from our higher selves, our sacred self knows what we need when we need it, and exists in a realm of endless renewable energy and empowers us as we listen to its council. Reintegrating with our sacred selves gives our lives purpose, a far warmer and more important one than trying to convince ourselves that God wants us to work in a factory for poverty wages.

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