Lost In Delusion

September 21, 2022

Most find this subject uncomfortable, and I guess from a historical perspective, you should. From the dearth of information that over the last thousand years that has come to light, none of which comes from the Bible itself, all of which is doctrine invented by the church, we do not have much of a choice except to be scared. This dude, the Devil, of whom is supposedly Jesus Christ’s brother is a bad guy, so bad in fact, that according to the church, God can not manage or defeat by his all powerful self. This in itself creates a huge question mark about what God is to the church. I mean they want us to believe that El Shaddai is all powerful, all proficient, all knowing, as such, he should be able to squash the Devil without thinking about it because, he will already know who, what, where, when, and why the Devil does stuff, and be able to plan ahead to the nth degree to outwit any and all of the Devil’s wiles. But according to the church, God can not do that, and only the church, with the help of the Devil’s brother Jesus, can. Imagine the arrogance, God needs the church’s help.

When seen in this light, the church’s claims are outrageous, so how did they manage to manipulate us into believing this, giving them that type of power over us? During the dark ages as the church was organizing, forming its belief system, the Devil was not really a thing, he was kind of a dark shadow found in different books of the Bible. Some of those books would be removed, more would be heavily redacted, others rewritten then added back into the Bible. All of this being foisted on a population that lived in morbid poverty, spewn to them in a language that they could neither read nor write – Latin. As if this was not bad enough, much of their culture was being forcefully changed, their pagan celebrations and Gods were being  criticized, being told that this new eastern god thought that dancing around the May Pole was evil. Then because this soft sell approach was not working, and the church was gaining little ground, the church created an environment of such terror, that the people had no choice except to submit to the church.

The Catholic Church having rather arbitrarily decided that it would be the world’s only true religion, decided that all other belief systems were evil. Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and yes you guessed it, Paganism most especially were evil. Paganism and its rituals were based in Grail practices, as such and considering that they had hijacked Jesus’s teachings, for the church’s own survival they thought that they must eliminate any type of Grail related knowledge. The church then commenced on a policy of killing Grail Kings in Europe, once these leaders had been deposed, the church then installed their own puppet Kings. Once the Church had control of the leadership, through kingly decree they could force the church on the unwitting populations. This was a political masterstroke, in itself it was as important to the church’s growth as had been Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity!

The church now being in a position of strength, where they did not need fear political/military interference, did not let up its pressure on the European populations. What it feared was large scale unofficial groups organizing against it, and when they found them, they were quickly, brutally put down. Possibly the first example of this was, the Waldensians who first appeared as the Poor Men of Lyons in about 1173. The group’s founder was Pierre Valdes, a merchant who gave away his wealth and property and began to preach about poverty being the way to perfection in life. He was unable to obtain permission to preach from the Archbishop of Lyons, so he then went to Rome to seek permission from Pope Alexander III, unsurprisingly poverty was of course the last idea on the pope’s agenda and he was forbidden to preach such. Valdes ignored the Pope’s directive and continued to preach, which eventually led to Pope Lucius III proclaiming them to be heretics because of their contempt for ecclesiastical power. Another charge levied against them was that they dared translate the Latin Vulgate Bible into french, which was forbidden, the problem there being that people just might figure out that much of what the church was preaching could not be found in the Gospels at all. Valdes himself somehow escaped apprehension but, 304 of his followers were accused of devil worship and were either staked and burned, or were thrown into a communal fire and burned alive.

Another example were the Cathars, they too translated the Bible into their own language, langue d’oc. The Cathars were entirely celibate, and to their credit, they upheld the equality of the sexes in ways that we do not even today. Speaking to that, the Americans are shamefully going backwards in that regard and really need to sort their shit out.  Getting back to the Cathars, they were extraordinarily tolerant of both the Jewish and Muslim faiths, even to such a degree that the nobility that governed the region faced censure from the church because Jews were given positions of public office. Remember that the church called Jews devil worshippers, and that antisemitism was rife during the middle ages. The Cathars ran an exemplary society, they had a welfare system, schools, hospitals, even though a great many people benefited from the Cathar way, typically the Roman Church saw them as a bigger threat than the Waldensians. I mean really, why should a church want to see people being helped when they could be controlled? The Cathars had emerged from Italian and German beginnings, they believed similarly to the Templars that our sacred selves were of light and goodness, whereas our corporeal  bodies were full of sin, and that a battle is being waged between light and darkness

A book was found in Cathar possession by the Catholic Inquisition, its believed that it originated with the Bogomils, its entitled The Secret Book of John, it came to be known as the Liber Secretum – secret book. The book’s title was altered by the church to say, The Secret Book of the Heretics, the title was of course altered to plant evidence. The book is purportedly about a supposed conversation between St John and Jesus Christ, during the course of this talk John asks Jesus, “Lord, before Satan fell, in what glory abode he with thy Father?’ Jesus supposedly responded by saying, “In such glory was he that he commanded the powers of the heavens… And he saw the glory of him that moveth the heavens, and he thought to set his seat above the clouds of heaven, and desired to be like unto the Most High.” John further asked Jesus, “When Satan fell, in what place dwelt he?” Jesus’s response was, “My Father changed the Devil’s appearance because of his pride, and the light was taken from him. His face became like unto heated iron, his face became wholly like that of a man. The Most High drew to him a tail, with which the Devil took fully a third of the Angels of God from the stewardship of the Heavens. Satan was sent down to this firmament, where he could find no rest for himself, or for those that were with him”.

Now, presuming that there is even a single kernel of truth to this conversation, and that God and Jesus are really God,  this right from the horse’s own mouth, the devil was sent to this firmament, not under it, not to a place called hell.

With the Church’s invention of such a place, we can clearly see the creative licence that they have taken with their delusion. The idea then becomes, that the Devil himself created Hell because they could not find a place to live on earth. This though can not be right because we know that God forbade the Devil the ability to create, he can only destroy. So here then is the crux of the debate, does/will the devil obey God  and create nothing, or, does the Devil disobey God, and creates the conditions to form temptation/sin? In either event, the point is moot because we debating the characteristics of a fictional created character. Just as importantly, the debate goes to show how that character has influenced us, a thousand years after being introduced to it, and how we as a whole have been pulled into their delusion.

Even in recent years the church continues to change the narrative of the Devil. An article published in Newsweek on 04/10/2018, claims that Pope Francis wrote in a new article entitled Gaudete et Exsultate which is 98 pages long, in this he mentions the Devil 14 times. In this document he warns readers to “not think of the devil as a myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech, or an idea”. He went on to caution followers to guard against the Devil’s temptations. He further continued to say that at times, people ignore the 8th commandment, which forbids bearing false witness or lying, and ruthlessly vilifying others, and how the unguarded tongue set on fire by hell, sets all things ablaze. Francis also committed a major gaffe, he stated that there was no such thing as hell, there is only the disappearance of sinful souls!

Francis’s statement I guess frees up all the Waldensians, Cathars, Templars, the peoples of Provence France, Cistercians, Freemasons,and all the thousands of countless innocents condemned to hell by the church for devil worship. The problem with perpetuating a lie is, you tend to forget what lies you have told to keep the narrative strong and meaningful, to the people around you.

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