The Church And The Devil’s Work

September 28, 2022

When I was a child, I wanted my God to be a God of love, warmth, perfection, safety. What I found instead was a god who was pretty scary. He kicked his creation out of the Garden of Eden because they liked sex. He destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because they were places of learning, and people there too had sex.  He played favourites. He played nasty head games in asking for a father to sacrifice his son on a fiery alter, and then if that was not enough, He then goes ahead and drowns us because we were having too much and too noisy sex! Then to top it all off, He murders his own son on a cross! And then, He fucks off into the ether, and gives us the impossible task of being forced to believe in Him, through the boy that He murdered, or go to hell!

When we look at his behaviour, I can not help but think that the guy is a psychopath, who has some really unhealthy hangups. All of the above behaviour can be attributed to the Annunaki God Enlil/El Shaddai, who was known to be too tightly wound, especially after having in his youth, not long after arriving on Earth, raped a young nurse, so I guess it kinda makes sense that he was hung up on sex. That aside, when we look at these stories individually we find that, there are multiple layers and personalities involved. Before the Jewish captivity in Babylon it was understood that these stories were about separate gods, but while there, while assembling the Torah, these different gods were amalgamated into one, and it could only be Enlil because it was his area of control that they lived in.

This seemingly has little to do with Christ and his Essenes. The people of the Old Testament experienced these stories as the real thing, the same way you experience getting up everyday and going to work or school. Enlil was not some supernatural entity. When the Lord’s Prayer was recited, it was said in much the same way as you might say to yourself before walking into the board room with a presentation and say, “Please God, Don’t Let Me Fuck This Up”. Enlil did not give a rat’s ass on how you practised your spirituality. He understood the principle of Hermetics and duality. What he did not want you to do was give your loyalty to other gods, namely his brother Enki and his nephew Marduk/Ra, who had been terribly troublesome and had caused the nuking of Sodom and Gomorrah.

This because of a woman’s broken heart.

And this is where we find Christ and his Essenes, they gave loyalty to Enlil, and practised Hermetics.

There was nothing in the Torah that expressly forbade the Essene’s way of practising their spirituality, and the two Jewish belief systems had existed together in relative harmony for about 1600 years, we are given to understand that the Essene way had existed before Moses came along. As with everything else, it seems that the trouble starts with Jesus. As we have learned in our recent series on Jesus, and his Essenes, JC was very different from what we have been taught he was. As Israel’s Messiah, he was the Supreme Military Commander, as such recruitment fell to him, and he took it seriously, sending out 70 of his 82 apostles to gather men to participate in the fight against Rome. As part of the recruitment strategy, it only made great sense to talk about Jesus’s belief system, Hermetics.

War back then was very up close and personal, fought hand to hand, only an arms length from your enemy, death was an almost certainty. How did these incredibly brave men do it? Christianity did not yet exist, so the thought of heavenly family reunions was not a motivating factor. Jesus claimed that he was the way to the light, and indeed, Hermetics is about light, the eternal light of self, yourself. Walking into a situation where you have the almost certainty of dying physically, means little when you have the utter confidence of  being immortal, that your light, your immortal sacred soul

will live forever, and reincarnate in a place different from what we suffer here, likely made walking into battle a whole lot easier.

Right, so Jesus is trying to raise an army, he’s got recruiters working throughout the Roman empire, these men are being somewhat successful in their work, and they are being noticed by Rome, and Rome decides to investigate. Enter Saul, the Roman spy, the Turkish Jew, who would screw everything up for everyone. Now, whether or not Paul’s inability to understand the Essene’s way was a deliberate act of sabotage, or was a result of plain laziness, is unknown, but the main point of contention is. The Essenes espoused the reincarnation of the sacred self, Saul pushed the reincarnation of the body. For the next 300 years there would be chaos around these differing points, many Pauline Christians would be put to death by Rome, James’s Church of Jerusalem  loses ground, then in February of 313 AD Emperor Constantine issues the Edict of Milan, and Pauline Christianity is safe and on its awful way.

As an adherent of the Grail, I believe in omens. It seems to me that Christianity was created in toxicity, Paul was an admitted liar, Constantine was a cynic, at the battle of Milvian Bridge he and his army purportedly saw a cross in the sky accompanied by the words, In hoc signo vinces – In this sign conquer.

Corruption started it all.

 It was after this that his Edict of Milan was issued, when he created the church’s first Pope, Pope Miltiades in 313. This was done with great pomp and ceremony, great wealth too was given to this newly born religion, many of its own adherents as well as every other Christian sect said that this was an abomination, and that it spit in the face of what Christ himself had believed. Since then, the consolidation of power, and the gathering of wealth has been the church’s primary goal.

As we have seen throughout our series on the Devil, the church is now guilty of two crimes. One, the deification of a man, and two, the creation of Satan, a creature that has enabled the church to commit horrific crimes against humanity with impunity. The church for centuries now has told us to guard against anything that might be construed as having evil overtones, because that might invite Satan into our lives. Well if you ask me, that is complete bullshit, if there is one organization on this planet more guilty of inviting Satanic activity into people’s lives, that would be the Catholic Church. In our article “Lost in Delusion” we are introduced to a peaceful group of enlightened people called the Cathars, over the course of 30 years, the church slaughtered tens of thousands of them, most accused of devil worship, heresy, witchcraft.

In more recent years, we have the church’s role in the Canadian Residential School controversy, where young indigenous children were taken from their homes and placed in these institutions where they suffered from malnutrition, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and were told, that because they were Indians, they could not become Catholics! This spiritual crime is weird, the individual is taken from his/her land, the connection to its energy is severed, then a piss poor replacement energy is denied them, leaving them spiritually helpless. But the good thing here is, they do not have to be deprogrammed from Christianity, and the connection to earth’s vital energy can be reestablished at any time.

Then there too is the ongoing sexual assault scandals, women and children are raped with impunity, charges are laid, the church is ordered to pay out huge settlements. They do not pay out, and they prove time after time that they are honour-less and liars. Here it seems that they follow the lead of the church’s founders, lie, cheat, and steal, maintain the fear factor so as to control the masses. How it must rankle the church’s faithful, that the income they tithe (have stolen) to the church is used to pay these settlements, thereby drawing innocents into the Devil’s influence.

Is the Devil real? No, of course he is not, what he is though, is an idea brought about by masses of negative energy. He was created to control us, so that never again would the church be put in a position where it would be persecuted. He was created to protect the institution, and only the institution, you as a believer in that institution will be thrown to the Devil whenever the church deems it necessary. If you truly want to protect yourself from the Devil, walk away from the church and return to Christ.

This 2,000 year old Grail King has been dishonoured, insulted, and deified. Give His truth back to him.

Do the incredibly hard work of deprogramming from Christianity, do the equally hard work of discovering your sacred self, learn to understand Christ’s true lessons, learn from him as he wanted you to.

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