October 7, 2022

It was a really shitty year, it was the tail end of a relationship that was a dead, bloated, drowned rotten corpse, this thing that I had called a relationship with the leprechaun. I had really come to despise her, for the previous several years, she had returned to alcoholism, and while in a black out state had allowed my beloved Siberian Husky to die.

Here, he is 7 years old and we are at London’s Rib Fest. He’s hoping that I’ll share my ribs with him.

She had been too inebriated to get him to the vet, where he could have got an anti-venom shot. This truth only coming to light in the 24 hour before she walked out out of my life, helped by my boot. Throughout most of that year, the number 26 had kept popping up, I had no idea of its significance, and too, references to Instagram. No one that I knew was on that platform, so why I was thinking about it I did not know.

The Instagram I found out about during that July, the 26 would wait until that October. It was of course all wrapped up in the Nanny. When I met her that incredible night, at a Keg in Brampton On, I was stunned at the changes in her. When I had known her as a twenty something, 26 years earlier, her eyes had been full of life, hope, and expectation. That night at the Keg, the first time that she had seen me in 26 years, her eyes had been frighteningly lifeless, with zero expectation. I understood that the look was not about me, and as likely as not, I was probably wearing a similar look. We had both understood that each of us had been terribly wounded during the previous decades, and we both knew that, if this was to work between us now, we would both need a lot of love and patience.

As we sat there that night and talked, I sat  there and spied on her, monitoring her aura, interested and terrified at the black river of poisonous shit that flowed out of her left shoulder. When I asked her about it, she blatantly lied, obviously trying to make light of it. I got it, just then was not the time to tell that horrendous story. I also understood that, whatever had happened, played a role in why we were sat there 26 years later, saying things that we should have said those many years earlier. It would be some months yet before she told me the whole story, it was incredibly hard to listen to. For me it caused an awful type of time warp, for me the incident happened now because I was discovering it now. But for her, it had happened 26 years earlier, and had found ways of numbing it, and when she came home to me, had run out of anaesthesia. For those responsible, I have a simple promise, I will spend eternity fucking each of you so hard that you will wish you were never conceived as an idea. It is unfortunate for these individuals that I now know where each now resides, and what they do for a living. Tic Toc ass-holes. Run!

As she came home to me, she plugged into me hard daily, for months on end, desperately trying to recharge her energy. I gave her that energy freely, easily, even though my own energies were low, though I was able to charge from a very conveniently located tree. It sat not two feet from the south east corner of the porch that I loved to sit out on. However, as much as I appreciated the tree’s life force, it may not have appreciated my taking huge infusions of it from it, I inadvertently killed it’s two lower branches.

This though is a telling sign of how depleted I was. Life with the alcoholic narcissist leprechaun had not been easy. She had been an energy vampire, and had only known how to take, selfishly, I had never been able to plug into her and receive energy back. As the years had passed, for both of us, those demands on my energy had increased exponentially. She had been some years older than myself, it was fascinating to watch as she aged noticeably on a daily basis as I withdrew the  Etheric cords that connect everyone, especially those who are involved in long term relationships. The last time that I saw her, about six months after we separated, she looked like hell, it was not long after that she actually died. It kind of makes me wonder how much borrowed time she had stolen by stealing energy from me. And yes, you’re right, I do not much care that she is gone. She left deep abiding wounds that are still healing. 

The Nanny though, an entirely different picture, from the day of the Instagram reveal, she has been more than willing to share what slender resources she had. And there were times when I plugged into her hard, it was/is interesting to see her response when I did/do. It puts her to sleep almost instantaneously. This though is a telling sign that she too is still healing, personally I am convinced that, as far as she has come, she will greatly benefit from further submersion into the Grail. Her introduction to it began that night at the Keg, see her lone contribution her article “The Nanny’s Story” from back November 1, 2020.

During her initial awakening she asked interesting, insightful, well thought out questions, that were truly fun to talk through. Some nights as we talked about things at three or four in the morning, you could see the serotonin running through her, as she would have these revelatory instants where she clearly just had her mind blown, and it was joyous to watch. To date those awesome discussions have become fewer, this saddens me because I miss the talks themselves, but I know too that because of the very nature of the Grail, some will take only what they need from it. The funny thing there is, that is exactly when the Grail turns to you and says, think so do ya? Once your awakening has begun, there is truly nothing you can do to stop it. You can try to stop it, distract yourself with work, sex, music, other forms of spirituality, but your awakening will nibble at you, and will keep doing so until you acknowledge it and begin learning again.

This then is what the Grail is, its not a church, nor is it a belief system, it has no churches, no priests, no popes, no shamans, and certainly no devils. What it provides is a way to your truth, it helps us to understand where and how we have taken missteps. It gives clear concise instructions as to how to open your third eye, how to eat properly, how to understand your health, and most importantly, it shows us how history’s most misunderstood Grail King, had it so right, even if it went so wrong for him. The concept of service.

This Grail journey for everyone of us is personal, there is no one size fits all, read this and believe. The revelations found herein mean whatever they do to you, where and why you are in your journey. Back in  the late 1990s, when my journey truly began, I was a train wreck of epic proportion, and I found that the independent nature of the Grail to be really frustrating. What did it all mean, and why was there not someone to tell me which way to go and believe? All that I could do was take in what I was learning and let nature take its course.

For a long time I was kind of hung up on the idea that there was two ways to the Grail, 1, through the Annunaki, and 2, through Christ. When I stopped separating those ideas, and realized that one was just a continuation of the other, Jesus’s decent from royalty all of a sudden made a whole lot more sense. It was an interesting time, my inner energies were depleted from my efforts against my ex, yeah the one with the caving expeditions,  and they needed an extreme boost, discovering that 1. Jesus had children and 2. That he was descended from space aliens provided those boosts of energy. It was like watching a boulder tumble down a hill with a 10% grade, then the hill steepens to 18%, now watch that fucker go! It was still a frustrating period though, I had all of this excitement but I was not sure what it meant.

Sure it was fascinating that Christ had kids, and the descendants of those children are the European royal families of today, except for Britain’s House of Windsor, there is not a drop of Grail blood in their entire lineage. And as a Scot, its pride worthy that our Kings and Queens are of the Grail bloodline, and how those genetics became particularly concentrated in our Royal House of Stuart.

 Most European nobility will tacitly admit descent from Christ, but do not make anything of it, why should they? They know he was royalty and not God. Most of the Grail’s history seems to only have import when we look back 432,000 years ago through to 2,000 years ago. It has an equally important and bloody history from 2,000 years ago, through to the time of the Templars. The Templars have a harrowing story to tell about their run in with the power of the church, and how that story brings us to events that took place no longer than 20 years ago.

Make no mistake, the Grail continues to play as an active role in our lives today as it ever did. It is both real and ethereal.

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