When Ya Gotta Pee

November 2, 2022

I had arrived home earlier that afternoon, I had been on the road for my typical 21 day tour and getting home, I was tired. I had made myself something to eat, and had had a wave of sleepiness come over me and had almost done a face plant in to my dinner. Forgoing the rest of my meal, I went to bed. At around 2:00 in the morning I had got up to pee. As I am coming out of the bathroom there was a rather loud and insistent knock on my apartment’s door. I almost ignored it to go back to bed, I mean no one knew I was home so who would be knocking on my door, especially at that hour? Whoever it was must have seen the bathroom light go off because then the screen door opened, and they began to bang on the weather door in earnest. Swearing to myself I grabbed my robe off the corner of the bedroom door and grumpily went to the door.

Snapping on the outdoor light, I unlocked the door and yanked it open; hoping that whoever it was would trip and fall over the threshold trim. No such comedic drama took place; instead, it was a female shape that looked a lot like my friend’s girlfriend. Good rational questions began to form in my head, like, what the fuck are you doing here? And why are you here? And as I took in her appearance, she was dressed in an outfit that showed off just a bit too much of all of her, why was she dressed like that? Waking fully now from surprise, I noticed that she looked scared, relieved too. A bit uncomfortable with the idea of actually inviting her in, because firstly, she was my friend’s girl and she had never been here before without him, secondly because I was in the raw under that robe, and thirdly, women were just shapes to me now, and even though I thought of her as a friend, she was still a female shape and I was different now.

Relenting I finally gestured for her to come in, before she could say anything I told that I had to get dressed, this elicited a gasp and a quick look away. While I was doing that, she helped herself to my coffee maker and my cigarettes, taking our coffees and my smokes outside; we sat at my landlord’s picnic table

 and there I learned why she was here. Some time ago she had made plans with a bunch of girls at work for a girl’s night out. They had agreed to meet up after going home and getting all dolled up, a bit odd I thought but so far OK. They then had had a nice evening drinking, eating, and dancing among themselves, no one being interested in fucking around on their better halves. Especially not her, the last few times that I had seen them together, she had been making marrying noises, which had the effect on me of shutting me down and out, and I would soon leave. Anyway, according to her, as the night went on this creep in smelly construction clothes had tried to hit on her, numerous times it seems. That statement seemed a bit strange to me, considering what she was barely wearing, the place must have had some kind of dress code. Each time she was polite, nice, but firm and told this creep that she had a boyfriend, she was not interested in seeing anyone else, and please leave her alone.

The problem was that this creep kept at her until finally all the girls ganged up on him, and humiliated him quite badly apparently. That bit concerned me, angry drunk creepy guy, uh oh. The girls had been smart when they had left the bar, they walked each other to their individual cars, checking back seats and so on, then had left the parking lot together in a crush of traffic hoping to lose the creep who they had spotted sat in his car in a darker corner of the lot. Fuck! I said. That little ruse had not worked, she had spotted him not far behind her while at a stop light, between the streetlight and his lighting a cigarette, she thankfully spotted him and realized that he was following her. She was very scared, but had not panicked and done something very stupid, like made a beeline for home.

Cell phones were not yet a thing so she could not call for help, she was also in an area of the city that she really did not know, so that made stopping and trying to find help a very sketchy idea. Her family was no help to her then either, I believe they were all up around Owen Sound somewhere, about a three hour drive from Toronto. So with her non-existent set of options (her words not mine) available to her, she had decided on me. Apparently she had talked to her boyfriend that afternoon; he had been in Long Lac, Ontario about to go to bed, about 13 hours out of Toronto. I had talked to him while in Edmonton, Alberta, I had left for Toronto about 24 hours in front of him. So according to him and the math, I should have been home when I was, this was important because he and I had made tentative plans for a BBQ sat around that very picnic table. None of the math had mattered to her; her only concern was that I was home.

It was now very late. The first birds were chirping and telling the world horror stories about bats having sex while eating mosquitoes, or something. I was very tired, my limbs felt heavy and uncoordinated, I was tempted for about 1 nano second to offer her my sofa for a few hours, then I realized that I did not want to wake up to a female shape, even if it was a friend. Instead I escorted her home to her apartment building which was about 10 minutes from me, on route I took some basic counter surveillance measures, which with the volume of traffic at that time were completely unnecessary; however I wanted her to be safe. I even went upstairs with her and checked behind doors, her shower, even the balcony. It was all good. I found myself being really uncomfortable with the idea that she had been to my place alone, I really did not want my friend getting into his head and thinking that there was something going on behind his back. I determined that this happenstance would be the first thing I said to him when I saw him, which I did. From his reaction, drawing me in and shoulder bumping me in a half hug, and saying thanks for looking after her, I knew it was all good between us. Plus she had evidently told him all about it.

My Landlord, whose bedroom was right over my basement apartment, had been woken up by all the noise she had made while knocking my door down. While we were tucking into our food, he came out to softly complain about it, his complaint being softened by his telling her, that if she ever found herself in that situation again, she could knock on his door. Evidently he had overheard most of our conversation by standing by his cracked open bedroom window, I was not happy about the seeming invasion of our privacy, but in all honesty, we had been outside, and outside was not private and had different rules. He and his family were of East Indian extraction, both he and the Missus spoke good if moderately accented English, and they both too had that red dot in the centre of their foreheads. My father, while not overtly racist, still was because of his generation and Eugenics, he had called that dot, their start/stop button, and people with turbans, their pull starts.

Up until that point, I had doubtlessly cracked a few jokes about it as well, teasingly among my friends. On the most part though, I had seen it as a cultural difference that I just did not understand, and had left it there. Living amongst those good people for nearly 6 years though, we on many occasions had talked about those dots, and the many ways that how they worshipped differed from Christianity. Most of those talks went right over my head, there had just seemed to be too many gods and goddesses, and little structure as to how each was worshipped, and who if anyone was actually in charge of it all. In the course of these discussions, there were actually three things happening, one was meaningless to me, the other two, would take years longer to understand.

I was actually being introduced to fundamental pieces of the Grail, but then, at that time, all my mental,  emotional, and spiritual energies were devoted to protecting myself from further harm. There had been no room for growth. Those red dots, sometimes seen in differing colours, I was made to understand that it represented differing stages of someone’s 3rd eye being closed, partially opened, or completely open. (Someone please inform me if I am wrong about that)The only thing I knew about eyes was a bunch of gobbly gook surrounding American currency,

which as it turns out is nowhere near as spooky as most people think. The eye is indeed a Masonic symbol; its only real importance is only to a Masonic initiate into the order, who must admit to his brethren that he seeks the light – enlightenment. For more on this see our article “Machbenah”. MFKZT

acts with your Pineal Gland, which is the seat of your 3rd eye. The second thing was, all those gods and goddesses, are actually Earth’s first royal family, yup, the Annunaki. Unfortunately, then as now, the language barrier in the way of names remains a major issue thereby making it extremely difficult to provide a side by side comparison of events as told by both the Sumerian record and the Hindu Vedas. The information conveyed to me then in anecdotal form, strongly indicated that these gods were not from Earth.

At the time too, it did not help that I was extremely skeptical about the idea of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Here though is the third thing, and I was doing exactly what the church wants us all to do. Even though as a twenty something at the time, I had long since given up on the idea of believing in God, I had spent a lifetime being influenced by the Church’s teaching, and what they taught amounted to, God created a whole universe for us to be alone in because he thought we were special, which is weird. This then, is one of my biggest regrets, the Universe had handed to me on a silver platter a way back to the Grail, and I had fumbled it. That it intended for me to learn from it became obvious in hindsight because, it kept throwing things at me that were directly related. Our terminal manager in Los Angeles California had grown up in the village near the lake in Bolivia where Tiahuanacu is located

 and had spent quite a bit of time talking to me about it, and I had not listened. Too there was a driver who I trained, he was all about energy and vibration and how it affects all of us, I had thought that just too bizarre and had left him to it. But that is the thing with energy and vibration; mine were so depleted by the celestial battles fought with my mother, and the whore with the turnstile and caving expeditions that it had proven impossible to plug into something far more powerful. 

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