December 12, 2022

I was sat at my customer this morning in Montreal, Quebec waiting for dispatch to figure out where I was away to next, and I was reading my last article “Clueless”. I made something of a discovery, something that in all the almost 20 years between the events, I had never thought about. So there I am finishing my morning coffee, and I am scanning the essay, and the word February jumps out at me. At first I could not make hide nor hair out of it, February, so what, it’s the name of a month. Then I re-scan the essay, and it occurs to me that there are a bunch of February’s in it, three to be precise, so again, what of it? So I re-read the essay again, then the pattern leapt out at me, all the earth shattering events in my adult life took place in February. Two major MVAs (Motor Vehicle Accidents) and a complete shit show with the Leprechaun.

At first I was a bit hung up on the numbers, 2 of 2003, then 2 of 2008, then 2 of 2015, the numbers themselves are meaningless to me, but I have a friend of whom is into numerology, I am going to give them to him and see what if anything can be made of them. So at this point it was getting on in the day and dispatch was being less than useful. So I called home to talk to the Nanny.  I was not exactly freaked out by the above realization, but I did feel like I needed grounding, and bless her, she is really very good at doing that for me. She at first was in the same place as I was, February, it’s the name of a month, the second one of the year, so what? Then she gets smart and does what I had not thought to do, she googles the meaning of the word February. This is precisely what Google had to say about it, “festival of purification Since other months like January are named after Roman Gods, you’d be forgiven for thinking February was named after the Roman god Februus. But, the word February comes from the Roman festival of purification called Februa, during which people were ritually washed”.

Ritually washed, that has all kinds of interesting possible meanings to it. Everything from basic hygiene, to baptisms of fire. The Romans saw it as a time to clean, they took this month to cleanse their homes, their spirit, their energy. Clearly the Universe had something in mind for me, and what that was is, a profound transformation. During this 13 year period I was still awakening, yes my 3rd eye had been open since 1997, and that too had taken place during February, on a bitterly cold snowy night in Black River Falls Wisconsin U.S.A. The thing had pried itself open without help from any type of spiritual practice because, it was simply sick of the suffering. It eventually led me kicking and screaming towards a better life.

But in 2016, I was still in the process of being broken, the Universe was still busy taking the last bits and pieces of my ego apart. It was in fact, cleansing me, readying me to become something else. I could be overly dramatic and say that I had been through literal baptisms of fire, that the Universe had burned away layers of me that were useless to both it, and me. This last period had been just as, if not more difficult than learning at 16 years of age, that your mother had never wanted you. This period had been about utter rejection, and cruelty. The Universe having set me up for this, then gave me no other option except to walk into the blast furnace, and leave me there to burn until the July of 2018. As you may have already guessed, 2018 was all about the reunification of the Nanny and myself.

It truly is fascinating how some people have multiple roles to play in our lives. When we were children, she 14 and I just 15, neither of us could have guessed how things eventually turned out. Then all either of us knew was, she had this unbelievable need to be with me, and I, only knew that there was this phenomenal sense of familiarity about her. These feelings alone should have caused us to bond, so that we became inseparable, an example of the idealized high school sweethearts who marry and have kids, and live happily together until one dies, then the other dies shortly thereafter from a broken heart. That should have been us, instead what neither of knew, was that both of us were warriors of light, and, together yet very separately, we would work together to take apart four different targets. Four beings who come from such realms of darkness that they are all but dead, and can only steal light. These though were chosen tasks, and too played important roles in the ultimate purpose/lessons of both of our lives.

What is crucial to understand yet is incredibly hard to get, is that in everything that happens in our lives, we are never completely one thing or the other. We are never completely victims nor winners. When we become capable of understanding this, is when we become capable of our greatest growth. These events that kept happening to me in February, I had no idea of their ultimate purpose, nor really that they kept happening in February, if I noticed at all, I likely saw it as, it’s winter, and accidents are far more likely because of that. But what was really happening was, the Universe was saying yes Christopher, you can work your chosen task, but, too, together we are going to work our purpose, both are important but because the one is about you, it’s gonna sting something awful. It would have been nice to have had a heads up, like how in elementary school and you are learning to count to ten, so you learn how to do that then the teacher says that there are more numbers, like ten more. Then all of a sudden you can count to 100 and numbers are not as scary as you once thought. But the problem there is, now you can cheat, 100 comes in groups, and the Universe does not like it when you cheat, so that is why there are no heads up; and it really does not help if you try to by seeing psychics or seers of any description.

I advocate for using the Akashic Records, here we are given a truly balanced look at why and how things have come to be, the things we come to understand may be unpleasant in the now, but, those things in the not so distant future may help mitigate some of the pain. We are never given more information than we need or are ready for, because the Keepers of the Records know that we are yet children and that we should not be overwhelmed. Many people use seers searching for truths, then live in fear of whatever is revealed to them. My advise is, do not live in fear, allow the foretold thing to happen. It will anyway because it is a fixed point in time for you, it is a necessary part of whatever lesson you are either teaching or learning. If the thing is overwhelming to you, there may be now, or perhaps years from now, easily understood and comforting explanations in the Records, things that would have been meaningless to you now, but with hindsight and gained wisdom, provide real answers and comfort for your sacred self.

This then is what the Universe was trying to tell me, when it caused me to pry my 3rd eye open back in February of 1997, it needed me to begin to clarify my vision, so that I could begin to raise my vibrational frequencies. When it caused me to almost get squished to death, and live with incredible physical discomfort, again in February it was forcing me to clean house, and develop different thinking patterns, namely compassion. Five Februarys later, when I was diagnosed with PTSD, I was forced to learn what compassion and respect truly meant. The following years 2008 – 2017, here I learned what love and trust was not, and what betrayal truly is, the hardest hit coming in February of 2015. None of this requires wisdom from the Akashic Record to figure out. By the time 2017 rolled around I well understood who I had been, what I could not envision was who I was to become. Growth between 2015 – 2017 seemed impossible, I was served daily a diet of disrespect

 and utter rejection from all that I had held closest to me. This though was still the closing chapter on my life lesson, it was only putting the finishing touches on the dismantling of my ego. Those responsible were but only blunt instruments, without the finely crafted tooling that is needed to put me back together properly.  

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