Greater Understandings Part 4

February 10, 2023

As a 9 or 10 year old child in Sunday School at Bendale Bible Chapel, I shocked my teacher, and proudly announced that Moses was talking to space people when he received the Ten Commandments. This revelation had come to me while I was reading my children’s bible. I am not exactly sure how this came to me, but the image of a flying saucer imposed itself onto the picture in the Bible. Too this image contained piles of white powder, the biblical Manna, what we have come to learn is gold in it’s single atom state, MFKZT.

Needless to say, the teacher was most unimpressed, and I was actually accused of heresy by her. This obviously created something of a stir in the congregation, my parents were mortified by my seeming “bad” behaviour. It upset me deeply that no one was even trying to see it from my perspective, I had seen what I saw, and it seemed to make a whole lot more sense than what Ihad been taught. Thus began my life long quest to understand what I saw, and why it was so controversial.

The ferocity of the teacher’s response, and really the church’s said that I had really struck a nerve, but why? My behaviour brought my father to the attention of a man that I knew as Mr Capon, who as it turned out, was a Freemason of some rank. My association with him led to some interesting discussions, and some books that were far too advanced in concept for a 10 year old, namely “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”, and it’s Egyptian counterpart, “The Egyptian Book of the Dead”, and something called, “The Cosmic Code”. This was all numbers and math, that I would much later learn was based in sexigesimal math, base 60.

Base 60 math, what was that and why would someone use it? Our system is base 10 or 12, and 60 just seemed unwieldy, that is until I discovered why and who used it. Having a system based on 60 actually allows for better control, and understanding of astronomically large numbers than using exponents and symbols. This as it turns out, is vital when it comes to understanding time, distance, and well, the Universe itself. Both the Tibetan and Egyptian books of the dead are wonders of allegorical wisdom about our spiritual journeys, and should be read with great care and attention. As a 10 year old boy though, being thoroughly indoctrinated into the Judaea Christian tradition of religious education, and only having the vaguest understanding that other religions existed, these books were utterly meaningless to me.

I was saddened that my father destroyed his relationship with Capon because of his addiction, and  because of that, he went against the Masonic entry requirement that initiates be of good character, and of sound mind and body. I had hoped to continue my relationship with Capon but, was forbidden to do so, and I guess in some ways, both families would have seen it as being in bad form. As difficult as I found this to be, it also provided hope during the next 17 years as I floundered around while searching for a sense of spiritualism. Capon had introduced me to the Holy Grail, and the Grail, like all great teachers, had patiently waited for me to learn enough to be in it’s class.

As I have said many times before, the Grail is not itself a religion, it has no priests, no bishops, or popes. Instead it is a personal journey of discovery, and has no limits as to what you want/need to learn. The revelations provided us are stunning, they stretch from the formation of our solar system,

 to sperm and egg recognizing one another in the womb! What’s more pertinent to this discussion though is, Moses. As a child I was given the idea that what he was about space people. My interpretation of the overlaid image was that of a child’s, very much overly simplified. His story as told by Exodus is a fable, complete and utter nonsense. Exodus tells us that he was a foundling.

 Nope, he was related to Pharaoh. Exodus tells us too that he was a trained military leader, that is true, he was. Exodus tells us too that he was a traitor, that he switched allegiance from being a loyal supporter of his Egyptian Pharaoh to being a follower of El Shaddai and became some sort of magician.  The biblical story of Moses is strange, when he spoke to God while at Mount Choreb prior to the Israelite exodus from Egypt, he did know how to identify him to them. Moses asked God kind of an odd question, “What shall I say unto them?” (Exodus 3:13) God replies in Exodus (3:14-15) “And God said unto Moses, “I am that I am…Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you… The Lord God of your fathers the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God Jacob, hath sent me unto you This is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations”.

It’s at this point that Moses learns that he is speaking to El Elyon, the god of Abraham, who is now to be called “I AM”; Abraham had called him El Shaddai – Lord of the Mountain because he did not know the divine name YHWH – I AM THAT I AM. El Shaddai has been mistranslated in English to mean God Almighty, Enlil in his proper Sumerian title is Ilu Kur-gal, Great Mountain Lord. It was extremely vindicating for me to discover who YHWH was, because as we have learned, Enlil was the man in charge of the Annunaki’s mission Earth. And the Annunaki are of course from another planet – Nibiru, which is the twelfth planet of our solar system, so indeed Moses was dealing with space people! Mt Choreb is located in the Sinai, it is somewhat inaccessible as it is located in the middle of nowhere, the facility located atop the mountain is relatively small, and was used in the manufacturing of MFKZT, which Moses in both capacities as a gold smith would have known about, and as a military leader.

Basically from the time of Moses forward, Hebrew and our resulting culture changed, YHWH became rationalized as the one and only God, and all physical connection to humanity was lost. Before this, it was believed that the Earth and Heavens were a reflection of the majesty of nature of which all of us including the Annunaki were part of. But thanks to the emergent Hebrew culture, and the amalgamation of all the gods into one omni- potent one, it was now YHWH who was said to have created everything, and all became a servant to him.  (psalm 19: 1) “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handiwork”.

Unfortunately for all of us, what the Hebrews had learned was fear, fear of Enlil. He was known to have nearly wiped us out during the Great Flood, to have been the root cause of the invasion and subsequent destruction of civilized Sumer. He was known to show no mercy for those who did not comply with his dictatorial authority, Abraham had experienced his wrath with the fall of Ur, and was so scared of him that he was prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac to appease the ass. (Genesis 32:9) Abraham and his descendants saw that the power of Enlil was so great that it was to be feared beyond all else. They no longer saw god existing within nature, they saw that god’s power was so great that he created nature.

Over the centuries, the original character of Enlil was forgotten as the newly created YHWH became ever more obscure and impersonal. YHWH has no identifiable personality, he is faceless and became completely one of a kind., so that whatever values of significance are attributed to him alone, as a result the inherent rectitude of humankind was substantially degraded, so that we are perceived by ourselves to be quite valueless before god. “We are all an unclean things, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6)

“Can a mortal be righteous before God, or a man be made pure against his maker? Even in his servants he does not trust , and his angels he charges with error. How much less them that dwell in houses of clay, whose foundation is in the dust”. (Job 4:17-19) That Sunday school teacher was a fool, if it had been during the 15 or 1600s, her accusing me of heresy could have condemned me to death and my parents, grand- parents, and children to death or to life- long dispossession and poverty.

 Her accusation though was based in fear, perhaps fear for my immortal soul, Christianity is serious work, at least according to her. Her fear though was likely far more selfish in nature, fear of being ridiculed as a teacher, fear for her own immortal soul, and fear of what you feel as instinctive truth. Enlil is scary, if you do not believe in him, he will send you to his invented hell.     

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