So This Happened

March 11,2023

It has been a few weeks since my last post, no I was not abducted by aliens, nor because of the content found here, has the church or government threatened me. Instead I have been somewhat distracted by a health concern, no not Covid, nor any other major concern. I will not go into great detail, it involves a childhood affliction that has again reared it’s messy head. It is a condition called Encopresis, a digestive tract issue that generally develops in childhood and is caused by trauma, millions of adults worldwide suffer from the condition. I first developed the condition as a four year old, it being brought about from the severity of the child abuse I was exposed to. This present has been an unpleasant reminder of how severe the abuse was at that very young age.

So what do we truly know of something or someone named the Mothman? This being was popularized by the Hollywood film, The Mothman Prophesy, where it was seen to be responsible for the failure of the Silver  Bridge over the Ohio River where 84 people died. One of the major if most misunderstood aspects of the film, is time dilation. This being as presented in the film is creepy, many see it as demonic, but since as we have learned, Satan is not real and is only a figment of the church’s imagination. Therefore anything demonic is only a furtherance of the church’s imaginary horde of bad guys. So what does that make the Mothman?

As we have learned, our understanding of our reality as taught by our present educational system(s) is deeply flawed. Our universe is made of energy, and our existence here is no more or less than a classroom. Each and everyone of us is here to teach or learn either a single lesson or multiple lessons. Our time here is measured by the span of our lives, I consider said spans to be the length of our incarceration. While here, our ability to see our reality is fettered by both the lenses of our eyes, and how we are educated. The blinders on our eyes while seemingly cruel, are meant to keep us focused on the matters at hand, and those matters are those that the church has chose for us. The Universe too needs us to closely attend our lessons.

The Church has for the last 2,023 years worked incredibly hard to suppress any and all Grail related knowledge, a lot of that knowledge regards how we can learn to see past the blinders on our eyes and see the Universe in it’s true glory, and by doing so, allows us to more easily comprehend the lessons we are supposed to teach or learn. The Mothman while creepy and scary, is no more than a gate keeper and facilitator. It is his/her job to manipulate our reality to further our lessons, and coordinate situations so that events take place in a timely fashion so that our lessons take place when, how, and where they are supposed to. It’s other role, that of a gatekeeper means that he is the one that meets us when we die in this realm, in our state of pure energy, he/she/it attains far more natural form. With our filtered eye as humans he is a creepy looking critter,

 but as pure energy, he is likely to appear far more normal, perhaps angelic. This is why people who have died insist that they met or talked with Jesus, their knowledge of our lives is incredibly intimate. There are likely to be swarms of them here, one or two would not be able to manage all of Earth’s population of 8 billion as of November 15, 2022. They are likely to be run ragged though, and quite possibly employ a phenomenon seen in particle physics – the ability to be in two places at once. Remember that they too, just like us, are made of light and energy, and if you are made of energy, you are a particle of some type and can be in two places at once. As a human it is possible to be in two places at once, it is called Astral Projection.

You may question this, the films main character, John Klein (Richard Gere) had direct vocal contact with a Mothman, while Will Patton’s character, Gordon Smallwood, experienced only the Mothman’s influence. It is likely that Smallwood was experiencing his Mothman through Astral Projection, I have been told by those that can do it, that you experience time dilation while in that state. The film gives you the idea that once you become aware of them, your life is in danger. This is of course because of the way that we are educated, that anything Grail related is evil. After having watched the film over 100 times since it’s release in 2002, and spent countless hours contemplating their purpose, these critters are anything but evil. The hardest part has been learning how to discern their influence from everyday life.

Knowingly I have been affected by their influence five times. The most recent being 5 weeks ago while in Brockville, On. See our essay, “The Mothman” for some of these encounters, this last was very much like the first, a life saving event. The first encounter involved a lit cigarette and a leaking 100,000 litre propane storage tank, and miraculously not getting blown to smithereens when I was 17 years old. And no, I was not the one who was smoking. There was no reason in the world as to why there should not have been a disaster that night at work, that drivers carelessly tossed smoke was smouldering inside a cloud of propane gas. It was put out by an oddly shaped shadow, a shadow with wings. Yeah, I was  apparently just a few feet away from a physically present Mothman. This last encounter in Brockville was odd, I had gotten empty in Ottawa, my pick up was in Brockville, the drive itself was easy enough, I arrived at 3M, did my trailer switch, got my paperwork, and left the customer, nothing weird about it. I turned right out of the gate, got down to the light to go left, that’s where it began to get weird. There was a line of 6 cars to go left, they all made the turn, I had to wait for the next green. The green got there, and turned red not 10 seconds later, I made the turn anyway. There were four lights between me and the entrance to the 401 westbound, each of those lights was letting 1 car through before cycling to red, causing much horn blowing and confusion.

I finally arrived at the fourth light, it cycled from green to red instantly, then twice more, traffic was now treating this malfunctioning light like a four way stop, so we took turns getting through it, first person on the right was next and had the right of way, I took my turn then proceeded the 300 or so meters to the entry ramp, then as I made the turn and began to accelerate to highway speed, the most unexpected thing occurred. As I was accelerating, my brakes came on, and my red trailer brake button  popped out, which meant one of two things, 1. I had a major mechanical problem or 2. my emergency red airline from my tractor to the trailer had somehow come undone. It was option 2, and the question became what the fuck and why? Both glad hands were in good shape,

 nothing broken or warped, none of the lines had been tangled, none of the lines were long enough to have gotten caught on something and ripped off, not to mention the anti chaffing tape that wound around all 3 lines would have caused all the lines to come away from the trailer if that were the case, so again, what the fuck? And how? It takes some considerable effort to pull the glad hands apart, so this was something very strange.

So there I was stood on the shoulder of the on ramp, watching the 401 come to a grinding halt beside me, I was soon to learn why, there had been a serious accident between 4 trucks not 2 kilometres from where I was standing, if I had been able to get on the highway unimpeded by the “malfunctioning” lights, and not have had this very strange “breakdown”, it’s very likely that I would have been involved and perhaps have been the fatality. I do not claim to understand why, but this seems to me that it is the second time that I am aware of, that one of these critters have saved my life. For this they of course have my gratitude, and I mean it when I say, if there ever comes a time when I can return the favour, I will.

This of course may have had absolutely nothing to do with me, and I really hope that is the way it is, I have no real desire to be part of any major lessons. For my foreseeable future the only thing I want is to continue life as is. The Nanny and I are happy, it’s not perfect but it’s far more than good enough. Our desire is to continue to learn and grow together, we spent far too much time apart. As far as we are concerned, whatever time we have left to us, is ours and ours alone.

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