April 23, 2023

Back in the mid 1990s while I was floundering around trying to find a reentry point for my Grail journey, I was reading a lot of different material. Most of it was interesting, and was specific to whatever subject, as one would expect from a book. A lot of it was about Egyptian pyramids,

 or ill understood Meso American ruins, all of which were burials for kings or, were blanket described as “religious” centres. I found these blanket descriptions to be incredibly frustrating because, if all these many peoples from around the world were so religious, where was the proof of it? And what god were they worshipping?

The proof of it was in the pudding it seemed, as I delved deeper in to it, all of these “religious” centres were either pyramids or other types of megalithic buildings, and a term kept popping up, prediluvial. Which meant pre- Great Flood. That was interesting because the Great Flood was a biblical story that gave the impression that it was a world wide cataclysmic event. So here was at least a type of circumstantial proof that that particular biblical event took place. But there was a problem with the bible, sure it talked about Moses, and Israelis being in Egypt and Pharaohs, but there was no mention of giant pyramids in Egypt or anywhere else for that matter. Why? If these megalithic buildings were religious centres, should they not have been mentioned in the bible? The only major construction project in the bible is the building, then rebuilding of Solomon’s temple in the City of Peace.

There too is the Babylonian Captivity, there though we are given to understand that the entire effort there was about general economics, as opposed to a singular effort.

Clearly these megalithic building were important because they were all over the place, and they were much larger than Solomon’s temple. There is two things of importance here, 1. that they were all located on or near the 30º North line of latitude, and 2. almost nothing is known about their religion/culture. It did not take long to figure out why we know almost nothing about their history, the Catholic church went in and burned what written records were available. The zealotry involved here is almost impossible to comprehend, and is yet another example of the church’s crimes against humanity with the creation of their Satan. The Aztec Codices were seen as Devil worship, because none of the available information mentioned Jesus Christ, God, or the Holy Spirit. Although exactly how a created deity was supposed to have been worshipped by a culture in a different hemisphere 1,400 years later is a bit difficult to figure out, I mean no where in the Bible is it mentioned that JC went to Mexico to spread the Gospel!

So as you can see, neither the Bible, or Christianity was providing any type of answers, in fact, all either was doing was creating chaos. I was back at square one, who or what had created these megalithic buildings? As I continued to fumble my way backwards in time, it became apparent that two events were of critical importance, 1. the last Ice Age, and 2. Climate Change. What may not be apparent to some is, that many of the droughts, rains, insect infestations in the Old Testament is indicative of life during the last Ice Age, and that the Great Flood was the result of Earth’s miles high glaciers melting resulting in sea level rise caused by climate change. If we were to take the Bible’s version of the Great Flood seriously, God decided to murder millions of us

because were were having too much sex, and we were too noisy while having it, I guess all the oooing and ahhhhing got to him. Logistically the Bible story does not make a whole lot of sense, it took Noah about 52 years to build the thing, it was 300 cubits long, which translates to about 510 feet, making it 410 feet shorter than the British Aircraft Carrier Ark Royal. So in 510 feet he was supposed to have squeezed in the Earth’s entire population of animals x 2, and food for all, plus he and his family for 371 days, plus whatever time was needed until crops could be resown then harvested, or surviving natural food sources could be found.

It is an interesting story about cataclysmic climate change, and proves that we can survive it, providing that we do things very differently from what Noah did! Science too has proven that we were here during the last ice age, and as the Bible says, times were hard for all throughout it. The last ice age lasted from about 2.6 million years ago through to just 12,000 years ago. Both the flood and ice age left clear evidence of their taking place that we have measured and said yup, that was when. We have a somewhat more difficult problem with prediluvial time. We have structures like the pyramids. The Great Sphinx, the Ziggurats of Sumer. Then we have real anomalies like the London Hammer

which is said to be over 400 million years old. And even more perplexing is, the supposed human footprints found at the Paluxy River along side dinosaur tracks.

The dinosaurs of course went extinct over 65 million years ago after first appearing 230 million years before that. Then too we have a Stegosaurus carved in to  the wall of the Cambodian temple Ta Prohm. The Khmer Empire flourished from about 800 AD through to about 1450 AD. It is generally accepted, that the first scientific account about dinosaurs, was published in 1677, in Europe, by an Englishman called Robert Plot.

So did humans walk and talk with dinosaurs? Conventional wisdom says emphatically, no. Human recorded history goes back 300,000 years to our creation by the Annunaki. They arrived here in force 132,000 years before that in 432,000 BC.  We also know that their home world called Nibiru, is/was in severe environmental crises. They have left us records telling us that political instability caused a usurped king to steal a spaceship, and land on Earth. Upon his arrival, he did some prospecting to see if Earth’s bountiful resource Gold, could be located, and extracted at reasonable cost. They actually spared no expense to finance their efforts. That is something we should be learning from them. Instead we are being complete fuck heads squabbling about who is going to pay for what to fix our climate. Who the fuck cares who pays for it? We can work those details out later, it is a lot easier to pay for something when you know its cost!

It is here that time becomes almost meaningless. We have no real idea of when, or how long that usurped king was alone on Earth. How long would an individual facing certain death, remain alone on an alien planet, relatively safe before guilt, and duty persuaded him to call home and say, “I have found it, this place has Gold, we can save Nibiru”? If we were to lump both that hammer, and foot prints, together as belonging to the same individual, that usurped Nibiruian King, he could have been on Earth for 400 million earth years or 111,111 Nibiruian years. These numbers seem impossible, but remember, Nibiru is known to them as the planet of, millions of years. This term as I understand it, refers to their life spans, and to some fair extent, it makes sense. Nibiru’s orbital period is, 3,600 earth years to every one year on Nibiru.

It seems too easy an explanation, but the reason I believe that there is a Stegosaurus carved into a Cambodian temple is because those Annunaki Great Grand kids of that long dead usurped Nibiruian King Allalu, knew of dinosaurs because he took pictures of them, and like our kids today, they were fascinated by them. If Allalu was sharing the planet with dinosaurs, one may wonder how he remained safe, I mean we have all seen at least one Jurassic Park movie, the things are scary. In answer, we either have the character of them all wrong, or, he was in an area without many of them. As it happens, this may have indeed been the case. The Annunaki’s primary base of operations was present day Iraq, and eastern Saudi Arabia. During the time of the Dinosaurs, much of Arabia was covered by sea. So the only critters that he really needed to worry about was something called a Ichthyosaur, a dolphin like creature.

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