The Gush

January 22, 2023 Some of the most fundamental questions that we experience are, why are we here? What is our purpose in life? And after being here awhile, we ask, why does it have to be so hard? These two latter questions are really one and the same, because our purpose here is hard, we […]

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The High Price of Fuel

January 1, 2023 My maternal Grandmother, my Nana, for most of us our memories of our grandparents are quite special. My maternal Grandfather died when I was quite young, I was 2 or 3 when that happened. To this day I can still remember the smell of his pipe and the tobacco blend he mixed […]

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December 12, 2022 I was sat at my customer this morning in Montreal, Quebec waiting for dispatch to figure out where I was away to next, and I was reading my last article “Clueless”. I made something of a discovery, something that in all the almost 20 years between the events, I had never thought […]

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December 5, 2022 February of 2003 saw me down in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I had just picked up a load of fabric, 24 skids of it that weighed about 3,000 lbs. I was unhappy about that, I was too light considering that they were forecasting a nasty winter storm that I would run in to as […]

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The Journey

November 23, 2022 Well here I am, sat in Wyoming, On, at a little mickey mouse Flying J truck stop. The only thing here that FJ actually runs is the fuel pumps, the store and restaurant are independently owned. I was always surprised that a proper truck stop was never built here, it’s only about […]

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The Role

November 19, 2022 ***Warning this essay contains a frank discussion about suicide.*** If you find this triggering please call 833 456 4566 In our last article, “The Damned Question”, we established that this realm is essentially a prison, or as some will have it, hell on earth. The evidence that we are serving time in […]

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The Damned Question

November 8, 2022 A couple of weeks ago the Nanny and I were talking, and as is her way, she took our talk to a whole different level. We had started somewhere around how hard life is, you know, money, inflation, and how people suffer. Then soaring past where my head was just then, she […]

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When Ya Gotta Pee

November 2, 2022 I had arrived home earlier that afternoon, I had been on the road for my typical 21 day tour and getting home, I was tired. I had made myself something to eat, and had had a wave of sleepiness come over me and had almost done a face plant in to my […]

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Shapes The First Sign

October 29, 2022 I was startled awake by some dumb fuck pounding on my truck’s door, sleepily I clambered out of the bunk and found the driver of the truck beside me telling me that the shipper wanted me. Right, the shipper, where was I? I had got there about at around 6 in the […]

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Spring 1982

October 22, 2022 It was one of those glorious early spring days, the sun was warm but, the wind was sharp and reminded you in no uncertain terms that winter was not done with you yet. My best friend and I were walking home from school, and we had stopped in the lee of the […]

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August 1993

October 15, 2022 I am sat in a rest area 10 miles or so out of Fairbanks I have the hood open, I am stood on the engine with my spray bottle of glass cleaner and am hurriedly squigying my windshield while trying not to get eaten alive by the Jurassic sized insects. I was […]

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October 7, 2022 It was a really shitty year, it was the tail end of a relationship that was a dead, bloated, drowned rotten corpse, this thing that I had called a relationship with the leprechaun. I had really come to despise her, for the previous several years, she had returned to alcoholism, and while […]

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Lost In Delusion

September 21, 2022 Most find this subject uncomfortable, and I guess from a historical perspective, you should. From the dearth of information that over the last thousand years that has come to light, none of which comes from the Bible itself, all of which is doctrine invented by the church, we do not have much […]

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September 10, 2022 This business about duality is strange, how do we really know that we are two things at once? That we are both flesh and blood and ethereal spiritual beings at the same time? How do we better understand that vibration and frequency is the key to all? And where does our flesh […]

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