April 18, 2022 It was not long after Jesus began his mission that John the Baptist was arrested because he had pissed of Herod-Antipas, the Governor of Galilee. Antipas had married Herodias the divorced wife of his half brother Phillip – Thomas, and John the Zadok repeatedly condemned the marriage in public declaring that it […]

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March 7, 2022 We began this fantastic grail journey by learning about the chaos that was my early years. We spent quite a bit of time there because it taught us about how the universe works, the whys and hows of the shit we go through. As we continued our quest we further learned about […]

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Guardians of the Grail

March 30, 2022 We left our last article just scratching the surface of our look at angels, let us now delve a little deeper. We know the difference between a regular angel and an archangel, and we know that either could arrive by what can only be mechanical means. Some call Cherubim angels, you know, […]

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JC and the Wise Guys

March 21, 2022 The sons of Zebedee, the sons of thunder, this is but one example of the code that the Essene used, Thunder and Lightening were the titles of two high ranking ministers of the sanctuary. The symbolic titles came from the events at Mt Sinai, as described in Exodus 19:16 when thunder and […]

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Eighty Two

March 9, 2022 Jesus’s descent from the blood royal of the Annunaki really messed him up. It led to all kinds of questions, the major two being, was he the son of man, or the son of god? These questions were sort of moot because he was both. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans 1:3-4 says […]

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March 1, 2022 There is more than 300 years between when the Old Testament ends, and the New Testament begins. This period is vital because it set the scene in which the King du jour of Jerusalem makes his entrance. This period begins with Alexander the Great, who in 333 B.C. defeated the Persian Emperor […]

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The Political Jesus

February 25, 2022 As we discovered in our article “Mary and Old Joe”, there is some controversy regarding Jesus’s date of birth, besides the whole Christmas thing. Because his Father Joe was of the Davidic messianic bloodline, there were certain restrictions as to when a messianic child should be born. Jesus was born in March, […]

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Hunter Gatherer

February 20, 2022 Human history, boy is it a mess. On the one hand, we have people like myself promoting the idea that we have an intelligent beginning starting 350,000 years ago. Then on the other hand, we are said to have evolved from volcanic mud puddles and chains of enzymes combining to form eventual […]

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January 26, 2022 Yesterday was fucked up, I took my truck in to the shop to have them replace the windshield washer fluid pump, 6 hours later having had to switch trucks and move all my kit in to a new truck I finally got out of there. Then because of that delay, my load […]

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Learning from the Akasha CBC Listen – Searching for Solace: Michael Ignatieff

This podcast has echoes of meaning that work with our article The Akasha. If you don’t understand immediately worry not, understanding will come. Now check out this episode from CBC’s Ideas: – Shared from the CBC Listen App for Android

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The Akasha

February 8, 2022 This whole subject of the Holy Grail really upsets people, I guess we should not be overly surprised by that. I mean after all, we are slowly chipping away at people’s fundamental belief systems. The problem with the grail is, with one hand it shows us the truth of our real history, […]

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The Way Of It

January 17, 2022 This spiritual awakening, it never went the way that I thought it would. It has been full of waves and troughs and sometimes just weird shit happening. After my father’s relationship with Capon fell apart, he explored transcendental philosophies, which often involved him dragging my 11 year old self to some lodge […]

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Unholy Zeal

January 13, 2022 How it was just before the Spanish arrived. The Mexica, I wish that I had a better understanding of their history, from what I know they began their journey to the central highlands of Mexico from the or what would become, the present American states of Utah, Arizona, Nevada. I am not […]

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Where Does It Begin?

December 19, 2021 For most of us, we go through life accepting the daily cycle of sleep, waking, eating, going to school/work, returning home for a few hours of recreational time then sleeping again. And repeat. As we grow older, we are introduced to our spiritual selves either by our parents or, by our individual […]

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Scientific Looniness

January 15,2022 I do not necessarily proscribe to the theory below, however I do trust in the fact that science and spirituality are two peas in the same pod and that they must learn how to communicate. Plus String Theory says anything is possible. What Happens When We Die? Scientists Say the Soul Returns to […]

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The Great Flood Again…

December 25, 2021 Nibiru is a pain in the ass, when the Annage arrived here 450,000 – 432,000 years ago, the earth was in the midst of a ice age. They set up shop in ancient Shumer on what is now the floor of the Persian Gulf. The end of the last ice age came […]

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It’s Not What You Think

December 31, 2021 Scientists Have Found An Incredible Secret Below The Ice of Antarctica The southernmost continent in the world, Antarctica, continues to be a source of fascination and mystery for people around the globe. Our knowledge of this frozen continent began on January 17, 1773, when famed explorer James Cook became the first to […]

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