The Damned Question

November 8, 2022 A couple of weeks ago the Nanny and I were talking, and as is her way, she took our talk to a whole different level. We had started somewhere around how hard life is, you know, money, inflation, and how people suffer. Then soaring past where my head was just then, she […]

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When Ya Gotta Pee

November 2, 2022 I had arrived home earlier that afternoon, I had been on the road for my typical 21 day tour and getting home, I was tired. I had made myself something to eat, and had had a wave of sleepiness come over me and had almost done a face plant in to my […]

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Shapes The First Sign

October 29, 2022 I was startled awake by some dumb fuck pounding on my truck’s door, sleepily I clambered out of the bunk and found the driver of the truck beside me telling me that the shipper wanted me. Right, the shipper, where was I? I had got there about at around 6 in the […]

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Spring 1982

October 22, 2022 It was one of those glorious early spring days, the sun was warm but, the wind was sharp and reminded you in no uncertain terms that winter was not done with you yet. My best friend and I were walking home from school, and we had stopped in the lee of the […]

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August 1993

October 15, 2022 I am sat in a rest area 10 miles or so out of Fairbanks I have the hood open, I am stood on the engine with my spray bottle of glass cleaner and am hurriedly squigying my windshield while trying not to get eaten alive by the Jurassic sized insects. I was […]

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October 7, 2022 It was a really shitty year, it was the tail end of a relationship that was a dead, bloated, drowned rotten corpse, this thing that I had called a relationship with the leprechaun. I had really come to despise her, for the previous several years, she had returned to alcoholism, and while […]

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Lost In Delusion

September 21, 2022 Most find this subject uncomfortable, and I guess from a historical perspective, you should. From the dearth of information that over the last thousand years that has come to light, none of which comes from the Bible itself, all of which is doctrine invented by the church, we do not have much […]

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September 10, 2022 This business about duality is strange, how do we really know that we are two things at once? That we are both flesh and blood and ethereal spiritual beings at the same time? How do we better understand that vibration and frequency is the key to all? And where does our flesh […]

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Sexy Devil

July 27, 2022 As we have learned, the Bible is about an alien race called the Annunaki, they came to Earth to mine our PGMs to save their world. The effort they made was extensive in that at their height of operations, there were about 600 of them on Earth. Between their large scale construction […]

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Diablo, Searching For The Look

July 17, 2022 It is fascinating that for more than 900 years the Devil had no uniform description. It was thought that since witches and sorcerers were slaves to him, they must know what he looked like. The Bishops of the medieval period excused their own lack of knowledge about this by saying, that they […]

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Diabolical Silliness

July 14, 2022 This may seem an uncomfortable topic, but it is one that out of necessity we must explore. As our Grail quest continues, we will continue to disavow the church and find the truth, no matter how obscured it is. We have learned quite a bit about some of the bible’s main characters, […]

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Dark Imaginings

July 6, 2022 This biblical stuff, it’s a tough nut to crack and find the truth inside of it. As we have discovered in our recent series on Jesus, and his Essenes, we have found that the truth is very different from that which we have been taught. Many people will not accept the truths […]

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Recap Forward

July 3, 2022 I have really wanted this Blog to be a celebration of life, my life. In many ways it is, we have explored in some depth some of the horrific events that were part of my journey, and how those events allowed for a far greater understanding of what was truly happening to […]

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Saturday The Sabbath

June 29, 2022 Have you ever looked at the Gospels and just said, Why in fuck’s name, do they have to be so god-damned uninformative? And have you ever then gone to your clergyman/woman and asked? Their answer was probably something along the lines of, keep coming to church, and studying the bible at home, […]

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Consider This

June 25, 2022 Friday, June 24, 2022; a sad and unfortunate day for the the whole of the United States of America. Roe vs. Wade was reversed by the Supreme Court. A woman’s right to abortion and really, her health was taken from her with the stroke of a pen. Quite frankly I am disgusted […]

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